Make a Baby with Mommy - Taboo MILF Kristi

Make a Baby with Mommy – Taboo MILF Kristi

Kristi arrives home after work to find her son distraught. She asks him what is wrong and quickly finds out that her son’s girlfriend has just broke up with him. Kristi is a very loving mommy and would do anything for her son so she tries to comfort him. She probes a bit as to the reason for the break up but her son is reluctant to say why.
Finally he tells mommy Kristi that the reason for the break up was because he wanted to make a baby with his girlfriend and she was totally against it so she broke up with him on the spot! Mommy wants to make her boy feel better so she quickly thinks up a plan…
Why don’t you make a baby with me? She asks her son. It doesn’t take much contemplating before he agrees and they both hurry to bed. Kristi is so excited to make a baby with her son and she promises to be the best mommy ever!
She wants her son to put a baby in her belly… she wants to turn into a baby factory for him!

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Fuck Your Pregnant Step Mum - Wyoming Wynters

Fuck Your Pregnant Step Mum – Wyoming Wynters

Step Mum is now just about to give birth to her step sons baby and is hungry and horny all the time…she calls to her step son to come fuck her for the tenth time today and she takes his monster cock and cums hard…solo roleplay with my best english accent…tons of dirty taboo talk.

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Your Pregnant Mommy Masturbates For You - MoRina

Your Pregnant Mommy Masturbates For You – MoRina

Mommy made you this video because she misses you and her pregnancy hormones have made her very horny. She wanted to masturbate for you as she recounts the story of how you and she made this baby that night. She is wearing super sheer pantyhose under her skirt with a low cut top. Her big pregnant belly is on display. She spreads her legs wide so you can see the wet spot already in the crotch of the nylons. She rubs her clit through the pantyhose as she gets more and more turned on talking about the night she rode your big young cock and you filled up her pussy with your hot sticky goo. After she cums she shows you a close up view of the wet spot, just to prove what a good boy she thinks you are.

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It's Time - Tammie Madison

It’s Time – Tammie Madison

Hey sweety, I thought I would find you in here. How was your day? Mine has been wild. I had to leave work early today because I have been having some contractions. I think it is almost time for your little brother or sister to come out. And that is why I wanted to talk you. Since your father is out of town, you are the man of the house. One of the most important duties you have is take care of Mommy. Right now, that means helping me go into labor. Do you know the most effective way to make that happen? It’s sex. I need you to do this for me, honey. You need to fuck pregnant mommy.

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Taking Care of Pregnant Mom - Tammie Madison

Taking Care of Pregnant Mom – Tammie Madison

Since Mom is so far along in her pregnancy she is finding it difficult to do things. Her belly is so big and gets in her way a bit. One thing that she would really love for you to do is rub her feet and you are happy to oblige.
However, you find yourself deeply distracted while rubbing her feet because you can see right up her skirt and she is not wearing any panties! There she is, lying in front of you, pussy fully on show and moaning from the feel of your hands of her feet. Seeing her like this makes you hard. You want her. You want to be inside of your pregnant mom.
Lucky for you, Mom is horny for you too. Since your dad has been away so much, Mommy’s raging hormones have been unsatisfied. In this condition she is incredibly sensitive and amorous. She needs to be fucked and who better to take care of Mommy than her favorite son.

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Pregnant Mommy Needs Your Creampie - Penelope Peach

Pregnant Mommy Needs Your Creampie – Penelope Peach

One night you come home early to find your pregnant mom in lingerie waiting for your dad. At first you feel awkward but she makes sure you feel comfortable. She explains that shes been extra horny since shes been pregnant and she’s counting on getting fucked tonight or she might go crazy. Just the thought of how wet she must be is making your dick twitch. Just then her phone rings. Apparently your dad has to work late and won’t be home for hours. Mommy is visibly disappointed and tells you how much she needs cock tonight. She says she doesn’t want to waste her outfit… maybe she could just tease you a bit. She says shes seen you ogling her swollen tits and pregnant belly lately. You have a thing for pregnant women don’t you?? She opens her top and shows off her big breasts. Before you know whats happening you’re sucking her nipples and your cock is rock hard. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed of burying your dick deep inside your mother but you still need a bit of convincing. She’s absolutely dripping and aching for you. She’s willing to say anything to get you to blow your load deep in her pregnant pussy. She teases you by fingering herself and showing you just how wet she is for you. She urges you a few more times and your resolve crumbles. You plunge your cock inside her and its just as warm and tight as you’d long imagined. You’re stretching her so perfectly that she needs to cum right away. She grabs her vibrator and presses it to her clit while you continue to pound her tight little cunt. She cums hard and you feel her pussy clench and tighten around your throbbing dick. before long she’s begging you to full her with cum and you can’t hold out much longer. You bust deep inside her as you slowly pump in and out. When you finally pull out you can see your load drip out of Mommy’s pussy and your dick starts to harden again. Unfortunately, there’s no time for a round two. Dad can never find out you fucked Mommy… And will again…

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Getting Mom Pregnant - KimberleyJx

Getting Mom Pregnant – KimberleyJx

This video is a sequel to “Mom-in-Law Cum Whore” this takes a cum expansion pregnancy twist. Storyline: A few months after the last encounter, my daughter has mostly forgiven our bad behaviour and things have carried on as normal until today; she is going away for a business trip for the weekend leaving us alone again. Despite my promise, I simply cannot resist trying to seduce you again. However this time you’re more reluctant but with a little charm and teasing I manage to persuade you but this time I want more, using my expertise I entice you into having sex with me and in the heat of the moment we forget about the condom. Everything goes as normal until we both reach climax, I start to feel strange sensation in my stomach, a few seconds later it starts to feel painful until suddenly I feel myself slightly inflating with hot cum. While unfamiliar, the rush I get is addictive, I need more so I demand you to cum again which, after a while you do and I feel the same sensation only this time much more intense as I start inflating a lot this time, the pressure causing a few specks of cum to drip out of my pussy. But now I cannot stop, I need more so after admiring my new cum filled stomach for a few seconds I grab your cum covered cock and start to suck on it completely addicted, you’re so turned on it doesn’t take long for you to cum one last time and sure enough a few seconds later I’m already big, my cum filled belly starts to inflate even more, I am getting huge now…as the pressure builds, my stomach is getting more painful due to the strain of all the cum. Suddenly, I cannot take anymore pressure and your cock bursts out of my mouth. As I recover I begin to get flustered as I know we are going to be in deep trouble when my daughter comes home. *** This is a custom video – No names were used during this.

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Son Gets Mom Pregnant 1080p - Clubdinasky

Son Gets Mom Pregnant 1080p – Clubdinasky

This was a custom video, into two parts. The first part starts off with mom (me) calling you (my son) into my bedroom to talk about your father leaving us. I ask how you are taking it and explain to you, a bit emotional filled, I tried everything to keep him, I don’t know what more I could have done, he just walked up and abandoned us with no care, you cheer me up and tell me everything is going to be okay and you right everything will be okay, we don’t need your father, I tell you you always be my baby boy, and ill always luv you. A idea sorta whirls in my head and I decide to ask if you have thought of your mom more, have you ever fantasized about me, are you attracted to me…I mean like sexually son? You nod you head, and I decide that this would be perfectly opportunity for us to start our own family son, you could be the daddy, the man of the house, why don’t you get your mommy pregnant? I start to undress my clothes, revealing my big tits, my belly, and talking about wouldn’t it be nice seeing mommy all filled out, and pregnant? You don’t hesitate the mere thought of seeing mommy’s belly big and pregnant, the thought of cumming deep inside of mom’s pussy makes you so hard, you can’t control it. I tell you to come put your cock inside mommy and fill me up son, you fuck me pov virtual style missionary, making my big tits bounce, and the pleasure of hearing me moan with so much love for my son and his hard cock inside of me. I continue to encourage you fuck me good, I want to make you coat the walls of my pussy and plant your seed my son. I decide to climb on top of you after a bit and ride that load out of you, playing with my big tits, encouraging you to suck on them like you once did when you were younger, and telling you to explode deep inside of me, you blow and I feel you pulsing inside of me filling me up with a huge load of cum, climbing off, my pussy drips out some of your cum and quickly try to push it back in, I want to be pregnant. The second part picks up where I am 7-8 months pregnant, you have knocked me up, and my belly has grown so much, you walk in and I sit myself down on the couch rubbing my belly in my cute little dress, talking about how its finally happening, your going to by the new daddy in the family, but reminding you that you will always be my baby boy, and that can never be replaced. I am getting you all hard and horny looking at me, that I decide to take my dress off and show off my rounded belly, and my big tits, touching it, and letting you admire it and enjoy the view, before I get on my knees and start sucking your cock (pov) being pregnant makes me so horny, and I love the way you look at me son. I suck you some, and then lay back trying to maneuver around with my belly so you can get a beautiful view of it as you slide your hard cock back inside mommy, just like the time you fucked me and got my pregnant, You thrust yourself inside of me, I moan in pleasure, and smile, holding my belly, letting my big tits swings, and begging for more of your cum, you know you won’t pull out, and you know your going to fill me up so good, and you do just that, you blow deep inside of my pregnant pussy, and I am elated with the amount of cum dripping out of it, were going to be such a hot family together, I am so happy my son got me pregnant and replaced his father. This video includes impregnation fantasy, big tits, big bouncing boobs, rounded belly, tummy, bbw, curvy, pregnant, taboo, milf, blonde, long hair, mommy roleplay, encouragement, roleplay, creampies, nipple sucking, riding, missionary, pov, and some virtual sex, pov bj with toy, fetish, cum play. Note: I am not pregnant lol, this is a fantasy, and there was no prop used, I pushed/extended my belly out in angles to make It appear more rounded for the purpose of the custom. First part is roleplay/sex/creampie impregnantion fantasy- second part is pregnant/showing off/ bj/ missionary/ creampie. There are a few moments where lighting is a bit overexposed in second part, but doesn’t take away from the roleplay/video.

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