Pregnant Dirty Talk Son Impregnates Mom - Larkin Love

Pregnant Dirty Talk Son Impregnates Mom – Larkin Love

Here, Son. Mommy is feeling lonely. I miss how close you and I used to be. As much as I love seeing you so grown up and independent, I remember what it was like to be pregnant with you and carry you inside my body, feel you growing inside my belly. It’s impossible for two people to be closer than that. It’s the most intense intimacy on the planet, don’t you think? What was it like? I’ll happily tell you everything you want to know, son. I don’t keep secrets from my darling boy. It’s not weird to be interested in my pregnancy with you. After all, it was an important time in both our lives. Every detail is fascinating – from the sensation of your movements against my organs to the hormone flushes that kept me aching for orgasm 24 hours a day. When I was pregnant with you, my breasts were so sensitive, always full of milk with perky nipples begging to be sucked. It makes me wet and horny just thinking about it, having you deep inside my womb like that. It makes me want to have you inside me again. I can tell that you’re curious. You don’t have to be ashamed. Touch me, Son. Suck Mommy’s tits and get my milk. I want to feel your mouth so badly. Your throbbing cock can’t hide your intentions, no matter how you try. Slide it deep into my pussy and feel what it’s like to just let go and let Mommy take care of you. Fuck me as deep as you possibly can!


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Stepson Impregnates Stepmom - Sunny Zass

Stepson Impregnates Stepmom – Sunny Zass

I approach my stepson angrily after finding out i’m pregnant with his baby. But then I realize that he looks a lot like his dad so this could all work out! we celebrate by fucking with a big creampie.


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Stepmom seduces gamer Stepson - Sunny Zass

Stepmom seduces gamer Stepson – Sunny Zass

Stepmom comes home from a night out drinking and finds her stepson playing video games while husband is out of town. She challenges him to a game and then seduces him and encourages to blow his big fat load in her milf pussy. 2 weeks later… she tells him shes pregnant with his baby.


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