Be a Good Boy & Feed Mommy Your Cum - Peaches Cream

Be a Good Boy & Feed Mommy Your Cum – Peaches Cream

Hi there my beautiful boy. I need to tell you something… I found a pair my panties in your room. Now, if you want to rub your cock with them, it’s ok – but just ask Mommy first… You’ve become such a big boy, I want to take a look. Do you want to show Mommy how big you’ve got? Do you mind if Mommy takes her panties off? Maybe I can wrap my warm panties around your dick and stroke it for you. It’s ok… I know you like it. You make me feel so good. In fact, you make Mommy feel really, really good… Can you place your cock in my mouth…? Let your Mother taste you. I bet it will feel so good in my mouth. Mommy’s pussy is getting so wet. Will you be a good boy? Will you stroke your cock for me and feed me your cum? Maybe if you cum, Mommy will make herself cum too…? I want you to shoot your creamy, white load all over my mouth and tongue. Let me taste every drop. I know that’ll take me over the edge. Why don’t you be a good boy and feed Mommy your cum… xx

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POV: Solo necesitas a Mamá 4K - Leina Sex

POV: Solo necesitas a Mamá 4K – Leina Sex

Cariño ven con mamá, papá no tardará en llegar. Mami necesita sentirte dentro, necesita sentir tu polla. Eres mío y yo soy tuya. No necesitas a nadie más, solo me necesitas a mí. Mamá cuidará de ti y siempre te amará.¿Tú amas a mamá? Demuéstralo, fóllame y dime que me amas. Mami no quiere estar con papá ni con ningún otro hombre, mami solo ama a su chico. Cariño, hazme el amor, hazlo con mami y corrámonos juntos mientras nos decimos que nos amamos. //// [English: POV: You only need Mom] Honey come with mom, dad will be here soon. Mommy needs to feel you inside, she needs to feel your cock. You are mine and I am yours. You don’t need anyone else, you just need me. Mom will take care of you and always love you. Do you love mom? Show it, fuck me and tell me you love me. Mommy doesn’t want to be with dad or any other man, mommy just loves her boy. Honey, make love to me, make it with mommy and let’s cum together while we say we love each other.

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Slutty Mom + Sleepover =Train?! PART ONE - Kelly Payne

Slutty Mom + Sleepover =Train?! PART ONE – Kelly Payne

PART ONE You’ve invited your best friend Tyler & another friend over for a sleepover, your all hanging out when your mom comes home. You already know your mom has been fucking your best friend Tyler (Mom’s fucking your best friend PART 1&2) but she’s agreed to not fuck him at your sleepover. Agreeing to make the boys some popcorn, (POV Tyler) Tyler follows shortly behind to the kitchen and try’s to entice Kelly to play in the kitchen, not taking to much convincing Kelly agrees to let you fuck her (VS POV Tyler) in the kitchen. Stopping and sending Tyler back to hang out with the boys, Kelly turns on some TV. Sneaking away again, Tyler comes into the livingroom for some more, this time Kelly sucks your cock before sending you back to hang out with her son.

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Mommy Sex Ed pt2 - 1080pHD - Meana Wolf

Mommy Sex Ed pt2 – 1080pHD – Meana Wolf

Sweetie Im so proud of you. You’re so much more confident now. Mommy’s special lesson really had a positive effect on you. I’m so happy the boys aren’t teasing you anymore at School. Oh you want a girl to come over? Hmmm I dunno. I mean.. you know so little about girls. I know mommy showed you how to get a blowjob… but… well I could show you more things… but… well I’m sure you’ll just figure it out for yourself… unless… you really want mommy to show you… but it’s very naughty… If I do, maybe you’ll come back to being home schooled? Promise to mommy.

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Goth Mommy Panty Stuffing & Riding POV - Jessica Starling

Goth Mommy Panty Stuffing & Riding POV – Jessica Starling

You’ve been tossing and turning all night, you’re too restless to close your eyes. Mommy feels bad for you, and agrees to cuddle you in bed until you drift off. She pushes her body right up against yours. You’re only in your boxers, and can’t help but get hard as mommy pushes her ass against your cock. You start to rub against her. You’re too aroused to control yourself. Mommy is surprised, but delighted. She starts to mimic your movements, rubbing her ass against your erection. Mommy then turns around and tells you that she knows just the thing to help you drift off. Mommy puts her hand underneath your boxers and begins to stroke your cock. She undoes some of the buttons on her shirt, her breast is practically falling out of her bra. It feels so good to have your mommy stroke your cock like this. Mommy then takes off her bra, and you suck on her tits while she continues to jerk you off. She takes off her pants and panties and shows you her wet, pink pussy. You lick your mommy’s quivering pussy, making her drip. Mommy wants to make you cum to help you relax and close your eyes. She makes you spoon her, and then guides your cock into her wet pussy. Your mommy’s pussy is divine. She loves your cock. She loves fucking her baby boy. Mommy wants to help her baby boy every night like this. You then climb on top of her and pound her in missionary. You love watching your mommy’s tits bounce with each thrust. Mommy begs you to cum all over her, to cover her in your load. You fuck her pussy until you pull out and shoot cum all over her torso. You’re definitely ready for bed now. | Tags: brunette, long hair, big tits, big boobs, big natural tits, roleplay, role play, taboo, mommy, mom son, virtual sex, handjob, tit sucking, pov pussy eating, pov. point of view, virtual sex, spooning, missionary, dirty talking, cum shot, cumshot

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From oil rubbing to crazy fuck with your HOT MOM!!! Such a pervert day!!! ( FULL HD : 1920 - 1080 ) - MP4 - Kathia Nobili

From oil rubbing to crazy fuck with your HOT MOM!!! Such a pervert day!!! ( FULL HD : 1920 – 1080 ) – MP4 – Kathia Nobili

Baby…Finally!!! You shouldn’t be closed at your room and playing video games all the time! So I’m so happy you did come out from your cave! It’s so beautiful day!!! Join mommy at the pool! Get a little sun!
And now when you here, could you be a darling and rub some oil on my back?
Son?! I said on my back…do you know you rubbing my butt? Oh you do?… And what’s that? That swollen staff in your pants?!
Just kidding you!!! Love to play you! I know how much you desire to feel your mom! To touch me and feel ME! So come here…closer, closer…I want you to eat my pussy now! Licking it and it nice wet and stick your tongue deep inside my pussy to feel how delicious your mom’s juice is!
Oh my GOSH!!! Baby…you still growing…your cock is just…it’s just…so thick…so hard! I want you my baby boy…make mommy’s pussy full!
Yes…like that…slide your swollen cock inside me…ouchy!! You are so big…your cock make my pussy so full! No. no…just don’t stop…it feels amazing! I want you to go deeper and start to move your hips! Fuck your mom!!! Fuck me my son! Oh, yes…yes….yes!!! Make me feel your cock in me so deep! Fuck your mommy until my juice just squirt all over your cock!!! YES…make me cum baby…make your mother scream with huge orgasm by your cock!!! And now you my boy….your turn!!! Make mommy feel your sperm…your warm seed! Good boy!!!
I’ll let you rest a bit…and then mommy is waiting you inside for the second run!

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Sharing her Brother's Cock 720p - Primal's Taboo Sex - Paige Owens & Alex Coal

Sharing her Brother’s Cock 720p – Primal’s Taboo Sex – Paige Owens & Alex Coal

My sister Paige is having a sleep over with her smoking hot girlfriend Alex so I figure I won’t see her much until tomorrow which blows. Paige and I have had a special relationship for a long time. She LOVES coming into my room in the middle of the night and sucking my cock, and she is SO good at it. So good in fact that she actually brings her friend in to watch her do it. And it turns out Alex loves sucking cock too because she takes a turn.

My sister Paige told me she was going to be gone for my birthday, but instead she surprises me with her super hot slutty friend Alex.

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Mommy/Son Get Up for School - Ms Paris Rose

Mommy/Son Get Up for School – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy goes into her son’s room to wake him up for school and he wants to get a blowjob before he will get up. Mommy is fine with that and sucks his cock till he blows his load. She come back into the room later and he still isn’t getting ready and now wants Mommy to fuck him. So, she starts off in reverse cowgirl before turning around cowgirl, has two orgasm and he gives her a creampie.

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Zoey Taylor - Mom Makes Brother & Sister Get Along - Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV - HD 1080p

Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Zoey Taylor – Mom Makes Brother & Sister Get Along – Mom Forces Brother & Sister to Fuck, POV – HD 1080p

A brand new family member – meet the beautiful Zoey Taylor.
“Can you get out of my room?” your sister, Zoey, said irritated. “I’m so sick of you always being in here.” The two of you were always arguing and fighting – it didn’t matter what it was about. Just being within eyesight caused her to get frustrated, and she couldn’t stand the thought of you talking to her friends.
Mom was done with it. She couldn’t handle the screaming, whining, or arguments anymore, so she made it her mission to fix it. “Look what you did,” Zoey sighed,” you were so loud that Mom came in.”
“No, I’m not going to get along with him,” Zoey turned towards Mom. “He’s annoying, he’s in my room again. You can’t force us to get along. Can you just make him leave?” Mom wasn’t putting up with it. Instead, she told you and your sister to strip down in front of one another. “You want us to get naked? That’s weird,” Zoey’s eyes narrowed. “That’s not going to make us like each other any more. He can’t see me naked, he’s my brother.”
When Mom threatened to ground the two of you, you and your sister decided to cooperate. “I’ll get it over with, I guess,” Zoey rolled her eyes. “It’s embarrassing. I don’t wanna see him naked either.” She stripped down to her lingerie, then sat in front of you and Mom. But that wasn’t good enough – Mom wanted her completely naked and exposed.
“I just feel really uncomfortable with this,” Zoey whined. “He’s staring at me, he’s right there. I can’t believe you’re making us do this.” Now that the two of you were naked, Mom forced you to look at one another, which made things awkward.
“What? No…I’m not going to touch his cock,” Zoey said in disgust, “he’s my brother. I can’t stand him, let alone seeing him naked, it’s just gross.” Mom didn’t budge – she meant what she said, and eventually, your sister had her soft hand wrapped around your cock. “I don’t like stroking my brother’s cock, this is weird,” she sighed.
Mom then commanded her to suck your cock, and she obediently put it into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on it. “He has to lick my pussy now…?” her eyes widened. “Mom…I mean, at this point, when even bother arguing back, right? It won’t do any good.”
She lied back, spread her legs, and gave you an uneasy face. “It’s weird seeing my brother in-between my legs,” she said uncomfortably. “My skin is crawling. I guess this is it, right? You want him to fuck me next…? That’s really gross. Well, go ahead and fuck me like Mom says. I’m going to lie here like this.”
Your sister looked up at you, her arms crossed underneath her massive boobs. “And don’t enjoy this too much,” she told you sternly. You penetrated her and she tried to avoid looking at you. “This feels weird, Mom,” she said. “I don’t like watching my brother fuck me.”
Mom then told her to flip over. “I guess fuck me doggy,” she sighed. “Just hurry up and cum, I’m ready for this to be over.” You fucked her until you finally erupted inside her tight pussy. “I felt you cum,” she said awkwardly. “Ugh, it’s just wrong, having my brother cum inside me…”
“Have we bonded enough?” Zoey asked, her big butt in the air and her pussy exposed. “I guess I can stand him now…I don’t know.”

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