Step-Mom and Son Vacation with Coco Vandi - Knight Fetish

Step-Mom and Son Vacation with Coco Vandi – Knight Fetish

Mom has been talking about a vacation for awhile now so a few days ago she booked us a hotel in Florida. We get to the hotel and she goes to change in the bathroom so she can lay out by the pool. When she came out of the bathroom she asked if I would like to take a look at her bikini and took off her robe. I was kinda turned on by what I was seeing. I had never looked at my mom in this way but it was like I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I tried to hide it but I got so turned on my boner was showing and she noticed it. It had been awhile since my mom had sex and I could tell she was turned on too. She told me we could only do this once and we couldn’t tell anyone. She started to suck on my cock before stripping out of her bikini and the both of us moving towards the bed. She realized we didn’t have a condom and insisted I had to pull out because it was close to her ovulation time. We fucked doggy for a bit and then she climbed on top of me. She then soon realized I came inside of her and jumped of the bed, ran to the bathroom scolding me and reminding me she could get pregnant. The next day I walk into the hotel room and she is in a robe with nothing underneath on the bed. She ask me to come over and sit next to her. She apologized for over reacting the day before and told me she couldn’t get my cock out of her mind. She said having sex with her own son was amazing and wants to fuck again. After she takes her robe off I start to go down on her and eat her pussy before sliding my hard cock inside of her. I feel like I’m about to cum so I try to pull out but she stops me. She tells me to finish inside of her so I cum another load as she orgasms. She smiles afterwards and gives me a kiss telling me she wants to continue fucking when we get back home. Mom then rubs her belly and says we need to get ready for a baby.

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Violated 1080p - Katie71

Violated 1080p – Katie71

One day I came home and could tell something was wrong as the back gate was open and furniture was moved around. I was on the phone when I noticed it was the neighbor boys and they got in the house and were spying on me hoping to see me undress. So, I told them to get out of the closet and if they really wanted to see my body I will show them as they wouldn’t know what to do anyways. That’s when they through me down and started making me have sex with them. They fucked me in my ass and pussy and made me suck them until they shot there cum all over my face. I was so scared and finally they left after they were done and I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.

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Mother and Son's Secret 1080p - Katie71

Mother and Son’s Secret 1080p – Katie71

I was at home frustrated about getting stood up when my son walks in the door and was suppose to be going home that morning. I was so relived to have him stay another night and asked him to sit down with me in the living room. As we were talking I started to get so warm and passionate about my love for him that I felt my pussy getting wet. His cock was growing in his shorts and i started to feel on it and he was not trying to stop me. We continued to go further and further until my mouth was on his cock and I about made love to it with my tongue and mouth and then I removed my clothes and slid down his cock. It was amazing and we both came so hard together I couldn’t believe the passion between us.

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Mom's Business Trip 1080p - Katie71

Mom’s Business Trip 1080p – Katie71

Mom was going on a business trip and invited me to go with her. When we got to the hotel i quickly noticed there was only one bed and then she broke the news to me that not only we would be sharing a bed but she doesn’t wear clothes to bed. During the night I got horny and was rubbing on my mothers naked body when i got hard and had to stroke my cock which woke her up. I couldn’t believe her response, she seen me jacking off and asked if she could help me by sucking my cock. She sucked on my cock and then asked if I would fuck her. I fucked her for a few minutes but her pussy felt so good I cam real fast and gave her a cream pie. She got her bag and pulled out her toy and said to watch her masturbate and that it was her turn to get off. She had a massive orgasm and i asked her to look at me when she was cumming which she did and I had to bust another nut watching this.

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Mom Caught Son with Her Panties Taboo - Katie71

Mom Caught Son with Her Panties Taboo 1080p – Katie71

Mom walks into the laundry room and son is standing there with her creamy panties in his hand. She asks him why she keeps finding her panties with a wet crotch? Apparently your taking my panties and doing something with them? Son asks what the white stuff was and that it tastes real sweet and makes him cum harder than usual. Mom explains that her pussy makes that white stuff when she gets excited and horny. Son starts begging his mom to show him. She shows him her creamy pussy and tells him to come into her room and sit down and watch. Mom gets her dildo and inserts it into herself. He starts moaning and when mom looks up he is standing there in front of her holding his full erection. He asks if he can taste the cream straight out of her pussy and she tells him to fuck her and then clean her off. After only a couple of licks he explodes in and all over his moms pussy.

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Your Daughter Begs for Help - BJ 1080p - Astrid Jolie

Your Daughter Begs for Help – BJ 1080p – Astrid Jolie

You come home and walk into your daughter studying her least favorite subject, Astrophysics. She doesn’t understand anything and begs for you to help her, but you don’t have much time and hesitate… what would make this worth it? What can she do for you that you need… that you crave? You realize that this is the perfect the opportunity to get her on her knees. Convincing her isn’t that easy, your daughter is hesitant and worries about Mommy coming home and seeing the both of you. You finally convince her to get on her knees, and she takes your cock out of your pants and gasps. She never knew how big Daddy’s cock was. You promise to help her with her homework after she takes your cock in her mouth. Your daughter is shocked at the sight of your big cock and tries to fit it into her mouth, but she has trouble. She looks up at you and begs for you to stop, but you want her to keep her lips around your thick cock for while before your wife gets home. Your daughter gags on your cock, her eyes watering, but ultimately she does want to please you. You slap her face a few times with your cock afterwards, and your wife comes home at the perfect time. It looks like you’ve just been helping your daughter with her homework, and the secret is safe between the both of you.

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Primal's Taboo Family Relations - Diana Grace - Give me Back My Toys!!! Messing with My Horney Sister - Part Three 1080p

Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Diana Grace – Give me Back My Toys!!! Messing with My Horney Sister – Part Three 1080p

I am just home bored when Diana comes in early from her date. Apparently the guy was super lame and she couldn’t get into him enough to hook up. She’s always been horny 24/7 but she has also been SUPER picky about the guys she hooks up with, which is why she has a whole back pack full of sex toys. This is the most desperate I have seen her since I stole her toys. She says she just wants to use a dildo while she watches me jerk off to her, but, a few minutes in she gives in to what she really wants. I can’t believe I am finally getting to fuck my smoking hot sister!

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Primal's Taboo Family Relations - Diana Grace - Give me Back My Toys!!! Messing with My Horney Sister - Part Two 1080p

Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Diana Grace – Give me Back My Toys!!! Messing with My Horney Sister – Part Two 1080p

So, I haven’t’ given my sister her toys back, and she is being stubborn about wanting to “play” together. She thinks she is home alone and I watch her trying so hard to get herself off with just her finger. Which is funny because her hands can make my cock blast cum in no time. But, I have always wondered what it would be like for her to suck my cock, I can’t help it. I surprise her but she is more pissed than embarrassed, but, I was right, she is so fucking horny she caves in if I let her use one of her toys while she suck my dick. She gets so into it, cumming while blowing me, and cumming more when I shoot a massive load in her mouth

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Primal's Taboo Family Relations - Diana Grace - Give me Back My Toys!!! Messing with My Horney Sister - Part One 1080p

Primal’s Taboo Family Relations – Diana Grace – Give me Back My Toys!!! Messing with My Horney Sister – Part One 1080p

My sister Diana has always been the horniest girl I know. When we were younger she even used to get me to jerk off in front of her while she played with her pussy. Then we got a little older and she started getting all these toys to get herself off, and she didn’t want to play with me any more. Well, I was in her room hoping to borrow some money and I opened the drawer she keeps all her toys in and it gave me an idea. I used to take her toys when we were little and she would do anything to get them back so…

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