Weekend With Mom Pt 1- The Couch - KCupQueen

Weekend With Mom Pt 1- The Couch – KCupQueen

You’re not supposed to be home this weekend, but you decide to drop by anyway while your stepdad is out of town.. You open the door to find your smoking hot, big titty mom snoozing it up on the couch in a tiny little robe, and after a little investigation you find that she’s only wearing panties under there! She wakes up startled to you playing with those gigantic boobs and kind of starts to freak out, but you keep at it and she starts to get into it, sliding her hand down her panties to play with herself while you knead her boobs and play with her perfect nipples. You want to make mommy feel good, so you put your fingers insider her and give her a couple screaming orgasms, covering your hand in her juice! Mommy says it’s your turn and you climb on top of her huge tits for her to jack you off, but it feels better when you do it so Mommy plays with her tits and licks your cock until you make yourself cum all over her! This is gonna be a great weekend 🙂

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Grossed Out Little Sister - Sydney Harwin

Grossed Out Little Sister – Sydney Harwin

You confront your little sister in her bedroom. She is busy reading a book when you walk in. You explain how you know she has a boyfriend and has been sneaking out of the house, which you know if your parents found out, they’d be so angry at her, they would probably ground her for life! She panics when she learns that you know, but it isn’t over yet! You give her an ultimatum; either you tell mom and dad everything you know, OR she could touch and suck your cock? Your little sister is a little bit naive, so you know which option she’ll choose…

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Daddy Daughter Revenge Fuck - Sydney Harwin

Daddy Daughter Revenge Fuck – Sydney Harwin

Your daughter breaks the news to you that she found out mom has been cheating on you…. and not with just anyone, she’s been fucking your daughters boyfriend! Both you and your daughter share the horrific discovery that you’ve BOTH been cheated on, and your daughter has just the right type of revenge in mind…

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Trans Mommy Tied Up and Needs to Cum - Icy Winters

Trans Mommy Tied Up and Needs to Cum – Icy Winters

It’s been fun fighting crime as a superhero duo with your mommy, but now a villain has you both tied up in a room together, and the only way out is for you to make her cum!!! In this POV Superhero themed domination video, your superhero partner (and mommy) is tied up, attached to a vibrator, and given both a truth serum and an aphrodisiac. You are also tied up, but your mouthis free, so it’s up to you to help Mommy get free, using just your mouth. Luckily, she has superpowered cum, and when you make her cum, it will break the chains that have you both tied up, so you better get to work! It won’t be easy though, as mommy is extremely horny, and she can’t help but drip buckets of precum and piss into your eager mouth!

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Lessons With Stepmom Scarlett - Scarlett Belle

Lessons With Stepmom Scarlett – Scarlett Belle

It’s a big night for you – you’re finally going out to a club! But you need to borrow your stepmom’s car, and she wants to give you some advice before you leave. In fact, she wants to give you a hands-on demonstration! Before you try to get laid tonight, let your stepmom give you some real life experience.

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Rent Ur Sister Part 3: Slut Punishing 1080p - Little Puck

Rent Ur Sister Part 3: Slut Punishing 1080p – Little Puck

Your sister is getting ready for a trip with her cousins and as she packs up she reassures you that there won’t be any funny business with the family! If she gets horny she’ll just get on tinder and find a cock to use. But the next day when you get a call from her for your scheduled phone sex session you can tell there’s something’s fishy on the other line…you hear her slurping and groaning…she pretends like it’s just her being famished and scarfing down some food but you know something’s up. While she’s on the line you get an email from an unknown address that says “thanks for the family fuck toy cuz, we had a helluva time breaking her in!–” with 5 attached photos…with condoms full of cum tied to her garters and a creampie oozing out of her pussy! You’re quietly furious…she had sworn that NO ONE ELSE would get to fuck her raw, much less CUM INSIDE her! But you let her finish her lies and wait for her to return home so you can punish her in person. When she returns, disheveled and wincing, you command her to undress. She pleads with you to wait but you won’t allow it. As she gingerly removes her garments she promises you that it isn’t as bad as it looks!! You see the writing all over her body and the tally marks…you order her to go to your room and wait there. She sits there expectantly and you hand her a vibrator, you tell her to ride it while she tells you Every Single Thing that happened while she was away. She goes into excruciating detail as she explains how your cousins and uncle completely broke her mind and she had no choice! She was starved for cock and they made her soo desperate to cum, refusing to let her orgasm until they could fuck her raw and cum inside her. As she tells you the story you’re watching her, stroking your dick, and she begs for you to forgive her and to fuck her and forget everything…she’s become the slut you made her to be…right? But when you finally offer her your cock to suck…it’s wrapped up in a condom! She begs for it raw but you refuse. She sucks you off sloppy and hard hoping you’ll take it off, but instead you flip her over and fuck her doggy as she moans for you. Then she lies on her back and you pound her deep until you nut! …..Buy the vid to find out what happens next!!

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Mommy Makes Her Pussy Talk In Your Face 1080p - Jocelyn Baker

Mommy Makes Her Pussy Talk In Your Face 1080p – Jocelyn Baker

I can make one for you too! Email me at [email protected] or send me a DM on ManyVids* I just brought my son home from the hospital after a dumb accident and he’s lying in bed recovering. I almost lost him and am really worried I am going to lose him forever if he keeps goofing around and getting hurt. He’s all I have left. You’re plan is to marry him unofficially so you can keep him occupied having fun with you instead. I sit down on the edge of the bed and calmly explain to him that he means the world to me, and that if I wasn’t able to be his Mom..well, I wouldn’t be able to go on! As I continue talking I tell him of my plan, he is a little confused but I tell him not to worry and to just let Mommy handle everything. With that, I figure the best way to convince him to stop goofing around and seriously think about being with Mommy is to show him just how wonderful my pussy really is. I crawl on top of him and put it right in his face, giving him a nice close up look of it. I even get so carried away with the situation that I begin having my pussy tell him wedding vows! I just love my boy so much and want him to know it. I’m so horny from having his face inches away from my wet cunt that I even make him kiss the bride..and when I’m finished I can tell JUST how excited he is to start our new life.

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