seducing my husbands son - Claudia Valentine

seducing my husbands son – Claudia Valentine

Alex is a young stud always horny and always ready for the sweet pussy. He has always thought his step mom was smokin hot but never thought he would be able to go there with his dad in the way. Claudia is getting ready for date night to meet up with Alex’s dad. She cant decide what to wear and asks for Alex’s opinion on blouses. She secretly has been waiting for a chance that her husband would be out of the house so she could seduce her son and she found the perfect time!

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Mom makes Porn with Son - Ava Austen

Mom makes Porn with Son – Ava Austen

Hot mom, Ava Austen, wants to earn a little extra cash and has decided to start making her own porn. Ava figures she would make more money if she could work with a stunt cock. But, why pay to hire porn studs when she could work with her son’s cock for free? Ava makes good use of her son’s cock, sucking and fucking it in a range of different positions. She even tries out different porn personalities, from naughty office tease, to disciplinarian mom, to slutty mom that lets her son catch her fucking his friends.

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Found Mommy's Fuck Video 720p - Sydney Hail - Family Manipulation

Found Mommy’s Fuck Video 720p – Sydney Hail – Family Manipulation

I knew I recogized the hot blonde in this porn my friend and I found.. She had a tight, perfect body and looked so hot getting fucked in the video. My mom finally admits that it’s her in the sleazy porno, but she’s not getting off the hook that easy. If she wants me to keep her secret from dad, she’s going to have to fuck me like she fucked all those guys! My mother did not disappoint me at all, she was just as flexible as she was on camera all those years ago. She gets on her knees and takes my huge cumshot to her face like a true pornstar! Who knew mom was such a freak!


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