Brother & Sister Exploring Each Other - Riley Star - Family Manipulation

Brother & Sister Exploring Each Other – Riley Star – Family Manipulation

Oliver caught his younger sister playing with herself in bed next to him, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to join her! Riley looks over at her brother’s big hard-on and knew that’s exactly what she wanted. Watch as these siblings use each other for some much needed sexual relief. See this natural petite blonde ride her brother in their shared hotel room. He slides his long cock in and out of her cunt, making her cum multiple times leaving him covered in her creamy juices! He fills Riley’s tight young pussy with his thick load while the rest of the family is completely unaware!


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What's My Big Brother's Cock Size?! - Hailey Little - Family Manipulation

What’s My Big Brother’s Cock Size?! – Hailey Little – Family Manipulation

Everything began to make sense after I saw a picture of my cock on my sister’s phone.. As she attempted to explain the dick pic, she grew more embarrassed. It was too cute honestly, and impossbile to be mad at her! Apparently her friends had put her up to it. But I think she seemed to enjoy her big brother’s cock..
Earlier in the day, I peered into her room after hearing her passionate moans.. And I noticed her phone in hand as she rubbed her delicious pink pussy. Seeing my little sister play with herself had me so excited, I didn’t even care about the unwarranted picture she took.
Well you do have a big dick.. and it looks really nice
Haha thanks.. So what are we going to about this?
I don’t know.. Are you mad at me??
No of course not sis.. Do you want to see it again?
Umm I guess.. I don’t know this is wrong, isn’t it?
I grab my sister’s face and pull her close to me, kissing her hard on her lips.. I guide her hand down my throbbing cock and get her to start stroking me..
Have you ever had a cock this big before?
No never! This is the biggest cock I’ve seen..
My sister wraps her lips around the head of my dick and goes to town me! She bobs her head up and down on my cock, making me grow even harder for her. I feel every movement of her tongue around my cock.. She slurps and sucks on me so good, I had to have her pussy right then and there on our parents couch.
I don’t if we should..
We’ve already come this far sis, what difference would it make if we actually have sex?
But you’re my brother..
Well, I promise not to tell anyone
What about Mom and Dad?
We definitely can’t tell them!
Fine.. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your big cock
My sister climbs on top of my rock hard cock and slides down onto me.. Her pussy felt so good and so tight, I could have fucked her for hours! I spread her soaking wet cunt as I pound her tight hole.. With my hand wrapped around her neck, I feel her tighten up as she cums all over my throbbing cock! I can’t wait to fill her up with my cum.. I put my sister on her hands and knees and pump her full of my thick white juices!


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I'm Sorry... I Only Want My Brother's Dick! - Kenzie Reeves - Family Manipulation

I’m Sorry… I Only Want My Brother’s Dick! – Kenzie Reeves – Family Manipulation

Woah! I’m in the bathroom, you ever hear of privacy?!
I just wanted to talk to you…
Well can it wait until I’m done??
No actually it can’t.. What have you been doing recently?
What do mean? I go to school, I work, I’ve been doing what I’m supposed to.. Why?
You’ve been acting really weird recently sis… I just want the truth.
The truth about what?!
I found your phone, I know you’ve been seeing someone other than me.. Who is he?
This is getting to be too much, he’s just my friend!
You’re fucking him aren’t you? I thought you only wanted to be with me!
You know I care about you, but you’re my brother. We can’t keep doing this…
C’mon you know how much I love you, let’s just do it this one last time. Before you go on your date with this guy tonight
No I really can’t I think I might actually like this guy.. Can we talk tomorrow?
Whatever sis, I’ll see you after your date…
After my sister gets home from her date, I MAKE her promise that she’ll only take my dick from now on! Watch as sis is forced to enjoy her brother’s big cock and swallows my sticky load!


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