Pregnant Mommy Needs Your Creampie - Penelope Peach

Pregnant Mommy Needs Your Creampie – Penelope Peach

One night you come home early to find your pregnant mom in lingerie waiting for your dad. At first you feel awkward but she makes sure you feel comfortable. She explains that shes been extra horny since shes been pregnant and she’s counting on getting fucked tonight or she might go crazy. Just the thought of how wet she must be is making your dick twitch. Just then her phone rings. Apparently your dad has to work late and won’t be home for hours. Mommy is visibly disappointed and tells you how much she needs cock tonight. She says she doesn’t want to waste her outfit… maybe she could just tease you a bit. She says shes seen you ogling her swollen tits and pregnant belly lately. You have a thing for pregnant women don’t you?? She opens her top and shows off her big breasts. Before you know whats happening you’re sucking her nipples and your cock is rock hard. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed of burying your dick deep inside your mother but you still need a bit of convincing. She’s absolutely dripping and aching for you. She’s willing to say anything to get you to blow your load deep in her pregnant pussy. She teases you by fingering herself and showing you just how wet she is for you. She urges you a few more times and your resolve crumbles. You plunge your cock inside her and its just as warm and tight as you’d long imagined. You’re stretching her so perfectly that she needs to cum right away. She grabs her vibrator and presses it to her clit while you continue to pound her tight little cunt. She cums hard and you feel her pussy clench and tighten around your throbbing dick. before long she’s begging you to full her with cum and you can’t hold out much longer. You bust deep inside her as you slowly pump in and out. When you finally pull out you can see your load drip out of Mommy’s pussy and your dick starts to harden again. Unfortunately, there’s no time for a round two. Dad can never find out you fucked Mommy… And will again…

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Impregnating Your BBW Step Mom - Penelope Peach

Impregnating Your BBW Step Mom – Penelope Peach

Late one night when your dad is on a business trip your step mom comes to your room with a request straight out of your wet dreams. Her and your dad have been trying to conceive for months and its clear that your dad is infertile… It just isn’t happening. She says she doesn’t want to hurt your father’s pride and tell him hes the issue. She would much rather just fix the situation herself. You could really help her out… she convinces you by getting topless and then before you know it shes sucking your already hard cock. You fuck her hard in doggy and on her back before you blow your load deep inside and watch it drip out. And no one needs to know…


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Mommy Helps With Your Sister Fantasy - Penelope Peach

Mommy Helps With Your Sister Fantasy – Penelope Peach

Script from client: Peach catches her son listening to his sister getting fucked outside of her bedroom door [Loud visceral porn grunts and screaming can be heard in the background] [Peach wears conservative clothing that bears little cleavage] Peach in disbelief catches her son standing outside his sisters room and confronts him over his deviant behavior She humiliates him for being a weirdo that spies on his sister— of all people. What a sick freak. Her son denies it, but his hard dick can clearly be seen through his pants. What type of brother gets hard for his sister? She asks him how long this has being going on. When it becomes clear that it’s being happening for a while she mentions that she’s not surprised. Her daughter is a slut who is always bringing new guys home. Peach then describes how loud his sister is being— how hard she is being fucked, while mentioning her large tits and tight pussy. How it probably feels like to have her silky mouth on a man’s dick . Of course, you wish you could experience the real thing, right? Rather than sitting outside her bedroom door.Unfortunately she likes attractive guys— the type that are on the college football team. It will never happen, she’ll never yelp like that for you. You’ll just have to settle for forehead kisses from your younger sister, knowing where her mouth have been. But that’s okay mommy loves you, and she has an idea. Me and your sister look pretty similar, we both have big tits, tight pussies, and thick asses. Why don’t I pretend to be her? Wouldn’t you like to fuck your sister, brother? [Peach puts her hair in a bun and changes into something youthful and sexy] Transitions to scene in bedroom. Penelope revels in how big her brothers cock is and mentions that it is largest she has ever seen. She gives him a sloppy blowjob while asking him if it is everything that he imagined it to be. How she knew the way her brother looked at her. She then begs him for cum before he cums in her mouth(not visible to the camera). Peach tells him that he is the best brother in the world, and that he is the only guy who she will let fuck her without a condom before telling him that she wants her brothers cum. He starts fucking her from behind before switching to missionary and coming inside of her.


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Mommy Does It Best - Penelope Peach

Mommy Does It Best – Penelope Peach

Your mom wakes you up from a sad afternoon nap and you confess that your girlfriend broke up with you. Mommy says she wasn’t right for you anyway. She didn’t treat your right and Mommy noticed that while you were dating you seemed to spend much more time alone in your room… She clearly wasn’t meeting your sexual needs. Well, no one knows you better than Mommy, sweetheart. She encourages you to touch and feel her big, soft tits and then sucks you until you’re bursting to cum. Not yet! Mommy wants you inside her. She rides your hard cock, her tits bouncing in your face until you fill her with your load. Don’t you feel better now?


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Mommy Fucks All Your BBC Friends - Penelope Peach

Mommy Fucks All Your BBC Friends – Penelope Peach

Oblivious Son discovers that his mother is secretly fucking all of his friends. .As the scrawny white boy in a group of muscular,black college athletes he wonders why his friends hang out with him. Until it is revealed that they only keep him around to get access to his thick, white mom. What they say about black men is true.Penelope describes how much black men love curvy white sluts like herself and poses to the camera.Mommy revels in the fact and shares all the naughty details of her (condomless) encounters with his friends while she fucks and sucks her black dildo. Please mention breeding, She teases her son for being turned on by him mommy fucking his friends and tells him he can’t measure up to her black lovers, how he ends that this was his cock. Joi ending with cum in mouth.


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All Mommy Wants for Christmas is Cum - Penelope Peach

All Mommy Wants for Christmas is Cum – Penelope Peach

Its Christmas morning and Mommy knows how excited you are but your father isn’t awake yet so you’ll just have to wait to open gifts. She suggests you play a game where you guess what the other person wants most for Christmas. She says she’ll go first and what happens next makes your cock harden and throb. She says she’s seen you looking at her tits but assures you its completely natural for a growing boy like yourself. She even takes them out and sucks her pink nipples for you. She can tell you’re getting excited and the sight of your bulge makes her wet. She shows you, siding her fingers in and out, coating them in her wetness before slipping them in her mouth to taste. She can tell you want to taste too so she slides those two fingers in your mouth and your cock twitches, aching for her. Lucky for you he wants to see how her little boy has grown. She takes your dick in her hands and moans and how hard she’s made you. She confesses that you she wants a little something from you for Christmas and as you slide your cock deep in her tight pussy you realize she wants your cum! She talks dirty to her little boy as you fuck her deep and hard. Finally she gets her wish and you blow a huge load inside her. As it drips out she tells you what a good job you’ve done. Better clean up quick. Wouldn’t want your father to catch you with your cum seeping out of Mommy’s pussy.


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BBW Mommy's Breakup Cure is Cock Riding - Penelope Peach

BBW Mommy’s Breakup Cure is Cock Riding – Penelope Peach

Sweetheart, I noticed you looked sad when you came home today. She broke up with you? Well… she wasn’t right for you anyway. Mommy knows her little boy. Mommy says she knows you’re into bigger women because of your porn search history. Don’t worry. It’s normal for boys to get hard for women who look like their moms! She convinces you to let her give you a massage but things escalate quickly. You can’t believe how hard you get as she teases and strips for you. She was right. You like thick women because secretly you’ve always liked Mommy’s body. She sucks your hard cock and finally climbs on top. Her pussy is tighter and better than you ever imagined (and you’ve definitely imagined it plenty of times). You don’t last long but with enough practice you’ll be able to please Mommy as much as she pleases you.


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Mommy's Sex Ed BJ - Penelope Peach

Mommy’s Sex Ed BJ – Penelope Peach

Mommy heard you were asking your father about the female. Shes sure he was thorough but a woman’s take on her own pleasure is so much different. Mommy will show you. She teaches you all about her nipples, getting wet, and how good rubbing her clit feels. She can see you getting hard and ensures you its normal. She wants to see you stroke for her. You watch her cum with her vibrator on her clit and she notices you’re still hard. Don’t worry. Mommy will help you. She gives you an amazing blowjob and begs for you to fill her mouth with cum. You watch it drip out of her mouth and she encourages you to come back with any more questions you have.


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MILF Quickie with Your BBF's BBW Mom - Penelope Peach

MILF Quickie with Your BBF’s BBW Mom – Penelope Peach

You’ve always had a thing for your best friend Matt’s mom. She’s curvy, busty, and always walking around the house half naked. You make every excuse to hang out at his house so you can watch her tits bounce in those tight tops she wears. Your biggest fantasy is about to become a reality. After school you head over to Matt’s house to study. When you get there you find his mom doing laundry looking as fuckable as ever. Your cock is already twitching as she says hello and lets you know Matt is still at football practice… So when she starts to vent about her divorce and how bad she needs a fuckbuddy you’re getting harder by the second. You can’t believe your eyes when she takes her top off claiming she needs to wash it. As if this couldn’t already be any hotter she gives you a knowing look and takes her bra off too! Is this really happening?! She slides her fingers in her wet pussy and you can hear just how soaked she is. She wants your young cock and she’s ready to prove how much better she is than those inexperienced girls at school. She gets down on her knees and you’re practically ready to blow before she even puts her mouth on you. She gags on your thick, aching cock and lets you bend her over the washing machine and slide your rock hard dick in her tight little cunt. You definitely won’t last long. You can feel the precum leaking out already. She wants your cum on her tits so that whenever you and Matt’s other friends are gawking at her cleavage, you’ll have the memory of blowing your hot load all over her. She rubs the sticky cum all over her and tells you to make a standing study session once a week with Matt. And be sure to come early.


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Creampie Mommy in the Shower - Penelope Peach

Creampie Mommy in the Shower – Penelope Peach

The name “Martin” is used. You sneak into the bathroom just as Mommy is about to shower. She starts soaping up and and touching herself. Her moans are making your cock twitch and just as you’re about to get it out and stroke, she catches you! Lucky for you, that hot, steamy shower made her super horny. She sucks you off and takes her little boy’s cock in as many positions as she can on the shower floor. She cums hard while riding you and tlls you its your turn. You bend her over and fill her with a huge load. She moans as it pours out. Now, let Mommy clean you up…


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