Mommy is Pissed 2 - Ms Paris Rose

Mommy is Pissed 2 – Ms Paris Rose

Mommy needs to leave for work but little boy has left his toys on the floor. She usually tinkles all over them and make him clean it up as punishment, but now she realizes he likes to see it and she likes to do it, so they turn it into a game. She first tinkles on the toys in the kitchen then later she tinkles in a little blow-up toy in the bathroom before bed. For exclusive content of ms Paris and all her friends, visit her websites at

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Mom`s Handjob and Pee POV - Julia Jordan

Mom`s Handjob and Pee POV – Julia Jordan

Son is home again on a vacation from the college! Mom is so happy to have him home again! They missed each other a lot! They missed their “special moments together”! He wants her to help him again to release the accumulated tension, but this time she would not just show him her cunt and tits, watching him wanking. This time she would do the job herself! First time handjob for her beloved son! He could not believe his eyes, but here she is – his sexy mom, stroking his hard young cock, massaging his full balls and talking very very dirty to him, until he unloads his huge cumshot on her skilled hands! She showed him her beautiful tits and her gorgeous cunt! Her hands are covered in cum and she lickes them clean! He wants to go to the bathroom, but she would give him the ultimate pleasure – his favourite part – the mom`s sweet and warm pee! 4K Video!

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Naked Sister Can't Hold It - Sydney Harwin

Naked Sister Can’t Hold It – Sydney Harwin

You love to bully and tease your little sister and today you’ve taken it to the next level. You ripped off her clothes, leaving her standing there butt naked begging you to return them to her before dad gets home. She tries to push past you as shes desperate to have a pee, but you don’t let her past, laughing in her face. She pleads to use the bathroom, but before she can help it, shes grabbing her little pussy trying to contain her pee as it cascades through her fingers and onto the hard floor.

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Mommy's Love Part Two - E3Kylee

Mommy’s Love Part Two – E3Kylee

In Part Two Mommy has some big news. Last time you were together you consummated your relationship. You came all the way inside Mommy and hit her cervix! You got her pregnant with your baby! She is so excited to tell you about it in this video message she sends to your phone while you are at school. Mommy describes pregnant sex to you and explains just how fun it will be. She wants to reward you by trying new things. What about anal? Mommy shows you how she can take first one, and then two fingers in her tiny asshole. She shows how you will fuck her ass now that she is pregnant. Mommy is also going to let you cum in her mouth now so (using lots of spit) she lubes up a dildo and (using cum lube) she demonstrates how you will cum in her mouth. Mommy also has to pee so she lets go of a long forceful stream of pee before taking and fucking the dildo to orgasm. She instructs you how to cum at the same time as Mommy.

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Mommy Let Me Pee - Annabelle Rogers

Mommy Let Me Pee – Annabelle Rogers

My daughter comes home from practice having to pee. When I open the door to let her in I find great pleasure in the fact of how desperate she is to pee. So I tease her and make her wait for my command until she releases a heavy loud golden stream of pee.

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Nurturing Step Mommy Peeing and Giving You JOI + Countdown - Victoria Veritas

Nurturing Step Mommy Peeing and Giving You JOI + Countdown – Victoria Veritas

Could you make a Mommy Pee JOI and Masturbation video? In the beginning you are fully dressed and have to pee really bad and are unaware that your son is hiding in the bathroom. While pushing your panties down, Before you get to finally sit on the toilet you are surprised to see your son hiding in the bathroom but you invite him to watch mommy pee in the toilet or the bath tub. He is very curious and wants to watch from close up and see how it comes out of his moms pee hole. excited! You strip off all of your clothes. After filming your golden censored and your pleasant release you invite him to the bathroom floor so he can explore and watch you masturbate for him on the bathroom rug. You ask him if he would help lick and clean off mommy’s pee hole before she penetrates herself with a dildo that she was hiding from for her little boy. You spread your pussy lips talk about mommy’s golden nectar and slowly work the toy inside. Showing your son how mommy masturbates and feels her nipples when she gets horny. Your son wants to jerk off while mommy masturbates but is too embarrassed. He is getting excited and mom wants both of you to cum at the same time. You then give him jerk off instructions encourage him to stroke his penis for mommy and toward the end you give him a 10-0 countdown on when mommy is going to cum and she is very happy that her son came at the same time. Don’t tell Daddy because this will be our little secret.


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Julia`s Pissing Heaven - Before a gyno exam - Mom pleases Son with Cunt and Pissing

Before a gyno exam – Mom pleases Son with Cunt and Pissing – Julia`s Pissing Heaven

Mom is going to visit her gynaecologist and asks son to sniff her cunt just to be sure she smells good. She imitates a pose like on a gyno chair so the boy could sniff her gorgeous cunt well. But of course she knows that would turn him on again! The view of that fantastic big labia pink mature cunt, wide open stunning legs and her dirty talk make him wank and cum before she leaves to the doctor. Oh, and one more thing please – would you pee all over me Mom! I need to feel that divine liquid all over me again!


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