Mommy Edges Naughty Boy - Peaches Cream

Mommy Edges Naughty Boy – Peaches Cream

You don’t seem to learn… You’re Mommy’s naughty boy. Now I have to punish you. I have something in mind, but I don’t think you’re going to like it, but Mommy is going to have a lot of fun with it…. You’re going to stroke your cock, because Mommy says so. When I say ‘START’ you’ll firmly grab that cock and stroke it really hard and really fast… When Mommy says ‘STOP’, you do exactly what she says, ok? Be a good boy and listen very carefully. Soon enough I’ll let you cum – but not before I think you’ve been punished enough. Then when I say you can cum, I want you to shoot your load all over my hands and over your belly… I want to see your creamy, white, sticky load explode from your tip and go everywhere. Give your mother a good show… Leave a big mess for me to clean up. But, how should I clean this mess…? Should Mommy lick it up…? xx

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Be a Good Boy & Feed Mommy Your Cum - Peaches Cream

Be a Good Boy & Feed Mommy Your Cum – Peaches Cream

Hi there my beautiful boy. I need to tell you something… I found a pair my panties in your room. Now, if you want to rub your cock with them, it’s ok – but just ask Mommy first… You’ve become such a big boy, I want to take a look. Do you want to show Mommy how big you’ve got? Do you mind if Mommy takes her panties off? Maybe I can wrap my warm panties around your dick and stroke it for you. It’s ok… I know you like it. You make me feel so good. In fact, you make Mommy feel really, really good… Can you place your cock in my mouth…? Let your Mother taste you. I bet it will feel so good in my mouth. Mommy’s pussy is getting so wet. Will you be a good boy? Will you stroke your cock for me and feed me your cum? Maybe if you cum, Mommy will make herself cum too…? I want you to shoot your creamy, white load all over my mouth and tongue. Let me taste every drop. I know that’ll take me over the edge. Why don’t you be a good boy and feed Mommy your cum… xx

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Mommy Catches You Jerking Off - Peaches Cream

Mommy Catches You Jerking Off – Peaches Cream

Oh my naughty boy… I was so shocked to walk into your room and catch you doing those things to yourself! I’m just glad your father wasn’t home to see it… I must admit though, when I saw that you were jerking off to a vid of me, it did turn me on… I found myself wanting to take care of you. I wanted you to let Mommy take care of your needs. I just had to please you… I grabbed that beautiful cock of yours and stroked it until it was hard in my hands… Let Mommy take care of her boy. I want to jerk that dick until it releases its huge load over my lovely manicured fingers… I’m very glad your father didn’t see this – you’re lucky your Mommy caught you jerking off… xx

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Mommy Gives You A Handjob - Peaches Cream

Mommy Gives You A Handjob – Peaches Cream

Have you been a good boy…? I think you have. You deserve to be taken care of. I like waking up next to my boy. I like feeling your soft cotton briefs. I like gently rubbing your cock through them and making you hard. You’ve been such a good boy, you deserve a special treat. Let Mommy take good care of you. I’m going to lay next to you and slowly stroke that cock of yours until it’s hard. You’ve been so busy with sport and school that you’ve been so tired when you come home. I’m sure you haven’t even had time to sort yourself out. I bet you have a big load to share with Mommy… Let me take care of you… Be a good boy and cum for Mummy… xx

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