Mommy Cums in the Kitchen For You - Avey Moon

Mommy Cums in the Kitchen For You – Avey Moon

You walk in on mommy cleaning in a vintage dress and pearls on the floor on her hands and knees and lift up her dress to see she doesn’t have any panties on. She tells you how horny she’s been and asks if you wanna see her play with her favorite toy to relieve some stress. She encourages you to jerk off with her if you’re a good boy. She plays with her pussy, takes her big titties out and asks if you wanna suck them, then asks if you wanna watch her smoke a cigarette while she pleasures herself. This video includes super sexy smoking, an intense orgasm and lots of taboo roleplay.

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Make Cummies for Mommy - Jackie Synn

Make Cummies for Mommy – Jackie Synn

Mommy knows how horny her wittle man gets mommy baby talks, mommy loves making you rub yourself in front of her. Do you want to see mommy’s big boobies and make cummies? Yes you do, you naughty little man, show mommy what happens when your pp gets hard. Mommy is so loving and encouraging, you’re going to make big cummies like a good boy, aren’t you, son?

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Slut Mom in Leather Makes You Cum - Jackie Synn

Slut Mom in Leather Makes You Cum – Jackie Synn

Mom’s getting ready for another wild night out with her friends. She’s dressed like a slut in a leather jacket, tight leather look leggings and high heels. Ever since the divorce she’s been acting like a filthy whore! Late nights partying with strange men, coming home at all hours… you have to admit, she looks amazing though. When you confront her about it she ends up mocking you, telling you to loosen up as she teases you. You get hard and can’t hide your erection, mom decides she’s going to make you pull out your cock and pump for her big tits & her leather clad ass. you try to resist, but you know you can’t. You cum stroking to mom’s hot body as she describes all the cock she’s going to get tonight – your mom loves being a dirty cock slut!

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Come Home to Mommy College Boy - Jackie Synn

Come Home to Mommy College Boy – Jackie Synn

Mom really misses you, you’ve barely called since moving off to college. She’s left you loads of messages, but hasn’t heard a word so she thought sending a video would help. Don’t you miss your loving mommy? Don’t you know how much she craves your sweet young cock? Mom becomes overwhelmed making this video for you and loses control, cumming hard on her favourite toy. Stroke along and reminisce about your naughty days back home with mommy. You’ll come home soon to visit, right son?

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Beach Day with step-Mom - Jackie Synn

Beach Day with step-Mom – Jackie Synn

Mom is all set to take you to the beach, she’s got on her new swimsuit and she’s lathering on sun cream. She needs your help to get her back and her bottom, but the site of your mom’s ass surprisingly gets you hard. Mom turns around and laughs, you know you shouldn’t be hard for your mother! Mom is flattered though really, it’s been a while since she’s seen a man hard for her. She insists on putting sum cream on you, you wouldn’t want to burn now would you? Feeling mom’s hands all over your body makes you so hard that your cock head pokes out the top of your swim trunks! Mom seems impressed and starts to rub it, next thing you know mom is jerking you firmly while talking dirty and exposing her beautiful tits. This beach day will be like none you’ve experienced before!

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POV Mom Son CUM EXPLOSIONS - Boy/Girl - Miss Behavin 26

POV Mom Son CUM EXPLOSIONS – Boy/Girl – Miss Behavin 26

REAL DICK – Awesome sex positions, many blowjob views, closeups, CUM, lots and lots of taboo mother son incst dirty talk. THIS WILL GET U OFF <3 MANY MANY TIMES Script: Mom/sons taboo fantasy Boy/girl Dirty talk (lots of “fuck your moms pussy” “better than your father” “i love my sons cock” etc) Footjob (with black toenail polish if possible) Wet blowjob like the mom cant control herself Positions: any but 3 i would like to see are missionary with feet up, squat fuck, and doggie End with facial. Outfit: thong and choker if possible and hair in pigtails like your profile pic Scene: (very similar to your other video dont miss moms show) Mom is in restroom in front of mirror drying off from shower wearing nothing but a choker a thong and a tanktop. Son enters and feels moms butt. Mom is surprise at sons actions and says “we just had sex son! We cant risk it again today your father comes home so shoo go watch tv” Son is on couch when mom lays down with feet on his lap. Mom rubs feet on sons basketball shorts and says seductively “guess what? Your father isnt coming home till tomorrow” with that mom begin taking off shorts and is shocked how big he is. The following can happen in any order: rub butt on penis(1minute) footjob(2-3 minutes) blowjob. After that say “i want you in me son” and begin fucking. Any position you like as well as my 3. Lots of dirty talk finally end with…..FIND OUT


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Lick the hole you came from - Mom Son - Miss Behavin 26

Lick the hole you came from – Mom Son – Miss Behavin 26

So you have a fetish for panties…mostly thongs? Stole a pair of your mothers panties…uh oh…you just got caught with your dick in her panties ! Good thing your mother is a taboo loving slut Let her try on different types of panties, stuff them, tease you, while you lay on the ground looking up at her big butt. MMmmmm wait till you see how she cums.


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