Mom jerks off son while on phone with Dad 1080p - Katherine Worthington

Mom jerks off son while on phone with Dad 1080p – Katherine Worthington

Mom just got a phone call from her husband who is away on business. He wanted to make sure that their son is punished for his terrible report card. Being the loving Mommie that she is, just like everything else she knows she will have to take matters into her own hands and walks into her little boy’s room with Dad on the phone. She assures her husband: “I will take care of this”. Mommie knows exactly what to do..
Instead of grounding her son, she jerks down his underwear, whips out his cock and sits in between his legs with her pantiless, pantyhose covered legs spread wide open around him. She reprimands him while she is on the phone, but is also going to make sure she gets her son’s attention in a way he will never forget. “You’d better be a good boy in school and get those grades up!” she tells her son as she wraps her feet around his hard cock. Mom strokes it up and down as she smiles at her astonished son. Mommie takes care of her boys in whatever way she sees fit.
She lays the phone down several times and gets back to her ever loving discipline. She then starts stroking her son’s cock, jerking him off and teasing him while his Dad is on the phone, completely unaware. Her little man can’t hold back anymore and he makes Mommy proud, blowing his load for her. “Yes honey, he is going to study harder.. Mommie took care of everything!”

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Jerking over Step Mommy's Pantyhose? - DomDeLuxury

Jerking over Step Mommy’s Pantyhose? – DomDeLuxury

Well aren’t you a perverted little bitch ? I found My worn pantyhose under your pillow pervert and you ask Me not to punish you ? No way,you need discipline.You need Strap-on fuck and education. BAD BOY ,How lucky you are to have a step Mom so worried about you… What if you end up a dirty pervert? A gooner? An addict?

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Mother and Son Therapy - Jackie Synn

Mother and Son Therapy – Jackie Synn

“My mom moved in with me about a year ago and started wearing pantyhose daily about three months in. After a few of my girlfriends were talking about how I had a nine inch cock. My mom casually said I can confirm. I was simultaneously aroused and ashamed. We were going to watch a movie and I wanted to rub my mom’s feet because I thought it would give me “masturbation material” later. Just asking lol. She actually said yes because the movie was Cleopatra (over 5 hours!), After an hour she let me off and simply rested her ethereal pantyhose clad feet on my inner left thigh. The side I hang my cock. In slow motion I saw her feet come closer and my cock expanded to feel her feet come to rest on it. After about another 15 minutes my mom was so into the movie she started rubbing her feet together on my thigh more precisely my throbbing cock. I got a world class view of her pantyhose covered legs and ass. Even some up-skirt of her gusset. I was staring at her feet the mostly her feet seemed to be caressing my cock. She caught me looking and said “NO!!! my feet stay there for the entire movie!” Her toes twitched and pinched the head of my cock and I came one of the hardest times I ever had. I came at least five times by the end of the movie. I felt a lot of shame when her feet moved away and I saw a string of cum from the cock head in my jeans going to the bottom of her pantyhose encased foot.
I kinda want to watch Cleopatra again lol. I wanted to get a custom where I can basically get a little — during the movie and after “cast” said custom to the screen and have you tell my mom about that and say I masturbate with her worn panties and pantyhose. Confessional and that I want footjobs from my mommy and for her to suck me off as she does the footjob. Also that I want to go balls deep and hit the back of her uterus and paint it white with steamy jizz ropes.*
I want you in pantyhose and wear them throughout even if it ends with you just in pantyhose lol. Maybe therapist like clothes to start.
I just imagine you starting seriously slowly revealing the fucked up nature of my feelings and what happened (5 minutes or so.) revealing how bad I want to get a footjob from my mommies pantyhose clad feet while she simultaneously leans over and sucks my cock. How I jerk off in her pantyhose and panties. Sometimes sucking her cum/discharge out of the pantyhose and panties first after I massaged her pantyhose covered feet for multiple hours. Presumably making her wet or actually coming. What happened watching Cleopatra… and why I wanted to watch it again. How fucking her through her pantyhose would be a great bonding experience! Nothing better than going balls deep in your own mother hitting the back of her uterus and eventually erupting a massive load of millions of sperm frantic to impregnate mommy… if she can even get pregnant. According to our deal I have to get her pregnant and if she can’t well… I have to keep trying a few times a day anyway.”

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Caught Staring At Teacher Mom And Teacher Friend Grading Papers Footjob HD - Jamie Valentine and Cleo

Caught Staring At Teacher Mom And Teacher Friend Grading Papers Footjob HD – Jamie Valentine and Cleo

Jamie Valentine and Cleo are teacher friends that work at the same school together. Jamie has invited Cleo to her house to help her grade papers. Cleo is happy to help her good friend Jamie burn the midnight oil grading papers. Cleo and Jamie are both in there school attire with heels and nylons. Cleo and Jamie cant help but to dangle there heels off there nylon clad soles especially after a long day at school. Cleo notices something and its Jamie’s son peeping under the table staring at both there feet. Jamie is so embarrassed and apologizes to Cleo. Cleo being the good friend that she is lets Jamie know its perfectly OK. Jamie can tell Cleo is cooler then she thought and tells Cleo she has a way to get him to go to bed. Jamie tells Cleo that normally what she does is give her son a footjob so he goes away and if she would like to help her. Cleo is happy to help and moves with Jamie to the living room. Jamie wraps her nylon clad soles around her sons cock and Cleo joins in. Cleo and Jamie stroke his cock together and stroke his cock till he cums all over Cleo and Jamie’s sheer nylon clad soles. Cleo and Jamie cant help but to laugh as they show off there sticky cummy soles and order him to bed.

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Dom Mom Secret Footjob Agreement HD - Brandon - Bratty Babes Own You

Dom Mom Secret Footjob Agreement HD – Brandon – Bratty Babes Own You

Brandon is at home and sits her son down. Brandon has seen he has found out about her secret life. Brandon is not mad and in fact she has found out something about him. Brandon knows her son knows she is a dominatrix in her personal life but Brandon knows his secret obsession with her pantyhose clad feet. Brandon decides to make an agreement with him. Brandon lets her son know that if he keeps this secret to himself she will keep his secret in fact she help him with it. As Brandon is talking he is fixated on shoes dangling off her pantyhose clad foot. Her feet encased in her sheer shiny pantyhose will make her son agree to anything. Brandon tells her son to drop his pants and bring her his cock. Brandon’s son follows her orders and she uses her pantyhose feet to make him drench her nylon soles. Brandon shows off her cummy feet to remind her son of there secret agreement.


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Caught By Mom Brandon Cleaning Footjob HD (Brandon’s First Footjob) - Bratty Babes Own You

Caught By Mom Brandon Cleaning Footjob HD (Brandon’s First Footjob) – Bratty Babes Own You

Brandon’s son is home and she is cleaning. While Brandon is cleaning she tells her son she wants him to start on his homework. Brandon goes on to let her son know his teachers told him he hasn’t been paying attention in class and his grades are slipping. Brandon trys to get it out of him why he is messing up in school when Brandon notices something. Brandon has been dipping and dangling her pantyhose clad feet in and out of her shoes while she does the dishes. Brandon sees what her son is focused on and confronts him. Brandon knows now why her son has been messing up in class hes to focused on probably his teachers feet. Brandon decides to help her son out with his little problem by stroking his cock with her nylon soles until he drenches them with cum.


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Sharing A Room With Stepmom Sadie Holmes Footjob HD - Bratty Babes Own You

Sharing A Room With Stepmom Sadie Holmes Footjob HD – Bratty Babes Own You

Sadie Holmes is sharing a room with her step son. Sadie’s step son walks in and she takes off her covers. Sadie sits upright with her soles facing him. Sadie lets her son know she saw him staring at her sheer nylon clad feet dipping and dangling out of her shoes during dinner. Sadie could see by his bulge that his cock grew just from the site of her feet. Sadie knows they have to share a room and doesn’t want to sleep next to her step son with a raging boner. Sadie explains to her step son she will let him cum from her feet but she better not feel his cock on her or her feet while sleeping in the same bed together.


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Caught Staring At Teacher Mom Grading Papers Footjob - Jamie Valentine - Bratty Babes Own You

Caught Staring At Teacher Mom Grading Papers Footjob – Jamie Valentine – Bratty Babes Own You

Jamie Valentine is home from school. Jamie has a ton of papers to grade on her laptop and lets her son know that she will be have dinner soon as she is finished with her work. Jamie has had a long day and cant help but to dip and dangle her shoes off her sheer stocking clad feet. Jamie rubs her feet together wiggles her toes and slips them in and out of her shoes when she notices something. Jamie notices her son is staring at her feet and his cock is rock hard. Jamie is shocked but decides to help her son out. Jamie cant help but to help her loser son and knows his dad has the same obsession. Jamie orders her son to lay down and get his cock out. Jamie’s son does what his mom says and Jamie wraps her sheer soles around his cock. Jamie jerks his cock while explaining to him hes just a foot loser. Jamie makes him shoots a huge load all over her nylon feet then shows off her cum drenched soles.


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