Mom said not to use her brush- 1080p - Spoiled Mean MILFs

Mom said not to use her brush- 1080p – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Elis sits on the couch with his Mom’s brush as Vanessa, Elis’s Mom, walks in. Vanessa yells at Elis for using her brush, and tells him not to use it. Elis tells Vanessa he has lice, and doesn’t want to his his brush – and Vanessa is disgusted. Vanessa bends Elis over, and spanks his ass with her brush. Vanessa lectures him on using her things, and being responsible. She pulls down his pants, and spanks his ass in his boxers. Vanessa chews Elis out, and spanks his bare ass with her hair brush. Now, to really punish him… she’s going to take him to the barber to get all his hair cut off.

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Mommy Spanks Little Jay - Sydney Screams

Mommy Spanks Little Jay – Sydney Screams

Little Jay is caught going through her step mother Sydney’s things. Sydney catches her and asks what she thinks she’s doing. Jay confesses that she was looking for her birthday present. Sydney bends her over and reveals Jay’s slutty underwear! Jay isn’t mature enough to own panties like these. Jay confesses that she stole them from her older sister, only making her stepmom spank her harder!

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My daughter will not wear a thong - Spoiled Mean MILFs

My daughter will not wear a thong – Spoiled Mean MILFs

Vicky calls in her daughter, Kitty, and asks her to come to a favor for her. Kitty bends over, and Vicky notices that Kitty is wearing her thong. Vicky slaps Kitty on the ass, and asks what she was thinking. Vicky calls her daughter a brat, and tells her that she’s stretching out her underwear. Vicky bends Kitty over her legs, and spanks her ass hard. Vicky makes Kitty stand up, and strip off her shorts. Vicky spanks Kitty’s ass in her thong. Vicky spanks her ass with a brush, and tells her she will never take her clothes again. Vicky takes pictures of Kitty’s red ass…she will think twice about stealing her Mom’s thong.

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You Must Not Lust After Your Mother's Huge Tits! - Tara Tainton

You Must Not Lust After Your Mother’s Huge Tits! – Tara Tainton

Are you staring at my tits?? AGAIN!?! Now, you know what I told you… you are not to lust after your mother’s huge tits! THESE are not for you! You are NOT allowed to see or touch them! Now, stop being such a naughty pervert. If I ever catch you looking or I even THINK you’re staring at my tits, I will not hesitate to punish you. If I catch you, I’m going to pull down your pants – wherever we are, and whomever’s around – and I’m going to make sure you’re not hard! If you’re hard, I’m going to give you a HUMILIATING SPANKING! Don’t test me! If you will not stop, I’m going to give you an even WORSE punishment!


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