Thinking of Daddy - Sub Princess

Thinking of Daddy – Sub Princess

No one is home when Princess gets home after school. She’s been thinking of Daddy all day and could barley focus while at school. She needs to use her favorite toys to have a hard intense cum before everyone gets home.

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Daddy's Naughty Princess - Sub Princess

Daddy’s Naughty Princess – Sub Princess

When Daddy is away his Princess becomes so naughty! Daddy doesn’t know she listens to that music either! Is Princess as innocent as Daddy thinks? Does he know that she squirts all over her cute little bed? Her two favorite songs to listen to while destroying her tight little pussy!

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Cumming for Toys - Sub Princess

Cumming for Toys – Sub Princess

8 Days of Sub-Mas! (Part 2). Daddy there is this one toy I really want from the store! I don’t want to seem needy before Christmas though. Oh you got me an early Christmas present? Am I really allowed to have it before Christmas? I don’t know if I can handle it Daddy. But you tell me that if I don’t keep the toy on my cute little clit I won’t get my toys! I’ll listen Daddy I promise. But I don’t want to be a naughty girl before Christmas, but if it means I get my toys then I will, just for you. You promise I won’t make a mess all over my bed?

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Mom Son Sexy Skype - MoRina

Mom Son Sexy Skype – MoRina

Before you left for college, you and your sweet, sexy mom crossed the line and built an intimate relationship. When you left home, you agreed that you both wanted to keep the connection going, even though she knew there would be other girls in your life. So, you decided to have a skype date once a week. You rely on your mom for so much now… advice with dating and having sex with college girls, how to do laundry… pretty much everything. These skype dates cover a lot, but they always include intimacy and mutual masturbation. Your mom knows that nothing satisfies you more than cumming with someone who has your best interests at heart and loves and accepts you so completely. You don’t get that from those immature college girls, and none of them have such a delicious hairy pussy like your mother does.

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Helping Mommy Relax - MoRina

Helping Mommy Relax – MoRina

Your mom just arrived home from work, wearing a pretty red blouse, short skirt and high heel pumps. She’s tired and her feet hurt, so you offer to massage them for her. She lies back on the couch and as you massage her feet you are surprised at how good it feels and how excited you are getting. Mommy’s short skirt is riding up and you can see her red panties and she can tell you are looking… Mom is starting to get worked up too, so she says she is going to change into something more comfortable. She returns wearing only her panties and a sheer robe that doesn’t seem to want to stay closed. As you continue the foot massage, your hands slowly drift to her wetness. The look on your mother’s face tells you what she wants, so you tenderly finger her to orgasm. After her orgasm, it seems like you’ve really helped mommy to relax… she’s glowing from that… um…. massage… (2 scenes, intimate and sensual solo video, POV, no male voice)

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Stepson has a say about bathingsuit - Roxanne Miller

Stepson has a say about bathingsuit – Roxanne Miller

My stepson, Nick is shy but I have seen him looking at me and I have to say I’ve been looking for a reason to get him to see me in a sexy outfit and also I took a leap of perviness so to call it and I changed in front of him. I saw him getting hard so I got naked again, oiled my sexy curves and then I masturbated until orgasm in front of him!

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My Step-Sister Helps Me Prep For Anal - Lourdes Noir

My Step-Sister Helps Me Prep For Anal – Lourdes Noir

Lourdes’ boyfriend asked her to do anal. Lourdes is unsure because she’s never done it before so he needs to ask her step sister for help. Using a string of ass beads she decides to let her step sister put the beads in and out of her ass until she cums. It’s a good intro to anal and the two have a great time playing.

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Mommy Makes Masturbation Memorable - MoRina

Mommy Makes Masturbation Memorable – MoRina

Your mom comes home earlier than you expected and finds you on the living room sofa with your dick out. She’s caught off guard, a little embarrassed and flustered. Then she goes into full mommy mode where she doesn’t want this experience to damage you. She sits down and tells you that masturbation is beautiful and natural… and as she does, she’s staring at your hard cock. You start to zip your pants up but she insists you should leave it out. She’s clearly intrigued and getting turned on. She decides the best way to teach you the lesson that masturbation is perfectly cool is to masturbate in front of you. She pulls her dress and panties off, shows you mommy’s hairy pussy and tells you to slowly stroke your cock while you watch, because she’s going to instruct you when she’s done. Lesson one is that the woman gets the first orgasm. She rubs her clit until she cums. As promised, she proceeds to give you jerk-off instruction and then a countdown from 10 to help you learn control. As she counts down, she starts masturbating again, and she cums with you, squirting all over her chair! Mom’s the best! She even offers to clean you up… you are going to be momma’s boy forever.

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Arabelle Raphael's Dirty Little Secret - Filth Syndicate

Arabelle Raphael’s Dirty Little Secret – Filth Syndicate

Drop dead gorgeous stepmom Arabelle Raphael has to have a sit down with her step son to talk about that awkward moment she walked in on him masterbating. What she takes issue with is not that he was touching himself but how. She felt she could offer some constructive criticism that could take his self pleasuring to the next level. While she admits it would be inappropriate for them to ever touch she willingly pulls out her huge tits and touches her wet pussy to inspire him. Arabelle tells him not to rush by wacking his puny cock with crazed abandon but instead to do it with slow sensual strokes. After she comes for him to watch she instructs him exactly how to eek out the most pleasure!


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Don't You Just Love Halloween? - Tara Tainton

Don’t You Just Love Halloween? – Tara Tainton

I just LOVE Halloween, don’t you? Something is just… in the air, on a night like this. Everything just sizzles, like there’s some new energy. Everyone’s in costume, everyone’s acting out their alter egos… it’s as if – on this night – we’re supposed to be different, DO THINGS we wouldn’t normally do. Know what I mean? Can you feel it? I want to show you something… I want to see if… if you feel what I feel…


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