Mom Knows How To Help Part 1 - Ivy Secret

Mom Knows How To Help Part 1 – Ivy Secret

Ivy Secret son has gotten into his Dad’s Viagra and can’t get rid of his erection. She tells him he needs to stroke his cock and after cumming his erection should go down. Unfortunately this doesn’t help so she knows he needs mommy’s help as she strokes his aching cock off.

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Cum on Mommy's Big Tits - Enigma MGF

Cum on Mommy’s Big Tits – Enigma MGF

I am a little shy & by no means am I professional. Please keep that in mind when buying* In this video I’m dressed in a floral top & denim shorts. Underneath is a blue/white bra with lace detail. I’m roleplaying as your mother who just got home & caught you on the bed surrounded by my bras while masturbating. I’m angry at first, asking how you could do this. I ask if my big bras turn you on while teasing & pushing my chest out. I sit down with you on the bed & show you the stains on one of my bras. Why do you like cumming in my bras? You tell me why you’re so turned on by me & I say that I wanna help you cum. Next scene shows a realistic dildo in front of me. I stroke it while I imagine it’s your cock & tell you mommy’s gonna help you cum. I tease with my big tits as I stroke & tell you what a naughty boy you’ve been for cumming in my bras while I’ve been at work. I should punish you but I know my sweet boy just needs release. Let mommy take care of you. It makes me feel so good to be the one pleasing my boy. We’ve both wanted this so bad. I finally take my bra off while I talk about how my tits are so much bigger than those young girls at school. They’ll never compare to mommy. No more cumming on my bras. You’re gonna cum on my tits today. I caress your balls while I stroke it, talking about how those young girls can’t please a man. No one can please you like mommy. Let mommy make you cum. I want your cum on my tits. I get more aggressive, authoritative, & nasty as the vid goes on. I start spitting on your cock while I jerk it faster & rougher, demanding you to cum for me. Do what mommy says. Yes, that’s a good boy. Cum on mommy’s fat tits. I rub your cock between my cleavage when you finally cum, telling you what a good boy you are. When I’m finished I tell you to get your pants on now. Mommy’s gotta go make dinner.

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Disappointed mom wants your cum - Luscious Rose

Disappointed mom wants your cum – Luscious Rose

Disappointed mom wants your cum and dirty/filthy talks for it Mommy has seen your search history on your computer she also found the magazines under your bed and she is so disappointed you’ve been giving all of your cum to other naughty mature mommy’s. Mommy always thought you would only give her your hot young cum. Mommy opens her mouth and starts to talk to you like a filthy naughty mommy whore it makes you rock hard then mommy pulls out her big tits and demands that you plaster her tits and face with a huge load from your hard young cock (no pussy Shown)

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Jerk it for your friends bbw mom - Luscious Rose

Jerk it for your friends bbw mom – Luscious Rose

You go to your friends house hes not home but his hot Bbw mom lets you in and says he’ll be there soon. You comment on her dress and she asks if its too revealing you admit you like it that way she begins to tease you with her Bbw curves then asks you to take your cock out and jerk off for her. She tells you to hurry so you don’t get caught by her son. she countsdown to your cum while your friend pulls up in the driveway you blow a huge load on his Bbw moms tits and he walks in just as his mom is licking your cum of her big mature tits.

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