Mommy Needs Your Young Hard Penis - Butt3rflyforu

Mommy Needs Your Young Hard Penis – Butt3rflyforu

We left our home. Left your abusive father too. Now it’s just the 2 of us. This was the only place mommy could find for now that we can afford. We can stay here a few weeks til we figure everything out, but unfortunately this is only a one bedroom air bnb. So we will have to stay in the same bed together. I promise not to be a bed hog!!!We ran out of the house so fast I forgot to pack alot of items, including my pajamas. So mommy will stay on one side I swear. Although mommy has to get in bed naked, I hope this isn’t an issue honey. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. We can look for a regular apartment with two rooms soon!!!! I just hope you don’t wake up with a raging hard on because mommy is right next to you in bed……naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mommy & Sister's Special Bedtime Routine: Young Boy Trained to Take Care of Their Perverted Needs, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Mommy & Sister’s Special Bedtime Routine: Young Boy Trained to Take Care of Their Perverted Needs, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Warning: this is an extreme taboo clip. It has been made for those interested in a more intense family experience…
“We love fun time!” Mom said cheerfully, your sister sitting beside her on the bed. “And you know what fun time means…it means get naked!” The two waited for you to strip down so they could start their bedtime routine.
“Are you ready for cookie time?” Mom smiled. “Why don’t you give us kisses first?” This was perfectly normal for you. Every night you would pleasure your mommy and sister, then all three of you would go to bed. They told you that those physical, sexual acts got rid of their excessive energy and it made them tired for bed. You had no idea how manipulative the situation really was – to you, it seemed to make sense. In reality, Mommy and Anastasia were just horny, and they had trained you to take care of their perverted needs.
“Show her how much you love her,” Mommy said as your sister pressed her soft lips against yours. “You’re such a good brother,” Anastasia smiled, “I love you so much.” They were so sweet, kind, and encouraging with their words, so you always did your best to make them happy.
Mommy and Anastasia stripped down, their perky tits exposed now. “Why don’t you come give Mommy’s boobies some kissies. I know you like sucking them,” Mom said as she pressed them against your face. Once you were finished pleasing her, you gave your sister a turn.
“You’ve been so good coming in all those times to help us go to sleep,” Mom told you. “We wouldn’t be able to sleep without you,” Anastasia chimed in. They wrapped their soft hands around your hard, throbbing pee-pee like they always did, stroking it, then placing it into their wet, warm mouths.
You all took turns giving one another oral until everyone was ready. You laid back and Mommy got on top, riding you and fucking you until she orgasmed. “Give it to your sister,” Mom said sweetly, and Anastasia lied back so you could penetrate her missionary style. “Show her how much you love her. Give us your happy juice,” Mom looked up at you.
After everyone was happy and exhausted, the two invited you to cuddle and sleep with them naked. “You help us out so much – you are just the best baby boy ever,” Mom told you.

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My Stepmom is a Nudist Now - Milf Carrie Moon

My Stepmom is a Nudist Now – Milf Carrie Moon

My stepson has a conversation with me and I inform him that over the weekend I got adventurous and visited a nude beach. Suffice to say I loved it and asked if it would be ok if I would walk around the house in the nude! After testing the waters in the buff and seeing his reaction we agree to watch a movie later. During the movie, he’s very hard, I take out my tits and help him jerk off. Later when I head for bed, I am so hot and bothered, I start to play with myself. My stepson walks in and we both get off together. Cum with me twice in this video! or save the 2nd cum for later 🙂

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Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose - Daughter Gets Pregnant for Mom & Dad - Dad Impregnates Daughter, POV - HD 1080p

Daughter Gets Pregnant for Mom & Dad – Dad Impregnates Daughter, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

“So, me and your father have something to talk to you about,” Carmen started to tell your daughter. “Well…we just got back from the doctor and the doctor said I’m infertile. We’ve been trying to give you a brother or sister – I’ve always wanted two k!ds…”
It was an awkward situation to have. Although Mom was infertile, you still had good, strong sperm. “Wow, I don’t even know…what could you do?” Anastasia asked with wide, concerned eyes. She felt bad for you and Mom. Carmen proceeded to tell how expensive it would be to get a surrogate, or to get donor eggs. “So, we were wondering if you could help us out with a baby,” she finally told your daughter.
“Well, you’re fertile, you’re young, and you have the same genes as me and your father do, since you know, you’re our daughter,” Carmen explained. “And I was wondering if Daddy could…put his sperm in you and you could carry our baby.”
Anastasia had so many questions. How would she tells her friends she was carrying her parents’ baby? How would she go to school? “You just don’t say anything,” your wife told her. “And you don’t have to worry about raising the baby, you don’t have to worry about waking up early to feed it – I’ll do all the work, I’ll still be the mom.”
“Dad, I mean, seriously, could you even do that to me?” Anastasia asked. It didn’t matter what it came down to – your wife wanted a bigger family and you were willing to do whatever it took, even if it meant impregnating your own daughter. Anastasia sympathized with your situation, and she finally reluctantly agreed to help out.
“I’m going to help Daddy out,” Carmen replied to your daughter’s concerns, “and you just have to finish him off and make sure all of it is in you. You don’t even have to think of Daddy, just think of the boy you like at school – there’s gotta be a guy you like at school.”
After some hesitation and nervousness, Anastasia was ready. Your wife started off things by stroking your cock. “You can join in if you want and help Daddy out,” Carmen told her, and Anastasia jerked you while your wife stripped down. “I never thought I’d be doing this…” Anastasia said with an awkward smile on her face.
“Here, I’m going to go down and you tease your dad a little bit…” Carmen said, then put your cock in her warm, wet mouth while Anastasia played with her young tits. They switched, and Anastasia took over, putting your throbbing, hard cock in her mouth.
Once Carmen thought you were getting close, she had Anastasia lie back to be penetrated. “You have nothing to worry about,” she comforted your daughter. “I know, your dad has a big one…”
“Fill her up,” your wife encouraged you as you fucked your daughter. Once you finally did, Carmen made sure to get every last drop of your cum deep inside your daughter. “Stay in that position while he pulls out, okay?” she told her. “We don’t want it spilling out. Oh wow, looks like Daddy gave you a lot of cum. Before it spills out, lift your legs, I’ll hold it. I wanna make sure you get pregnant.”

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Mom & Sister Cheer You Up & Make You Feel Attractive - Mom & Sister Discover Your Big Cock, POV - HD 1080p - Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

Mom & Sister Cheer You Up & Make You Feel Attractive – Mom & Sister Discover Your Big Cock, POV – HD 1080p – Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

“So, how was it?” Mom asked enthusiastically. You had told her and your sister, Anastasia, that you were finally going to ask out your crush from school. “Oh honey, I’m so sorry,” her face dropped at your reply. It was a painful rejection.
It was humiliating, embarrassing…and you were so ashamed that you wished you had never done it at all. Mom and Anastasia tried their best to make you feel better, but it didn’t work. “We are the only women you need in your life…” Mom told you, “your mom and your sister. We’re always going to be here for you.”
It wasn’t the same, but Mom understood that. “I hate to break it to you,” she began to say, “but there are going to be a lot of times where you just may not be the right fit for a girl…and girls get rejected, too.” Of course Anastasia tried to act like she had been rejected, but you knew it was a lie to cheer you up.
“The point is, sweetheart, you’re still a handsome boy,” Mom comforted you. “You’re a great looker, you’re charismatic, you have charm…you’re romantic, smart…you’re funny, you always make me and your sister laugh…” So, what Mom was trying to say was that you shouldn’t get hung up on this girl because you were something special. But if that were true, why did you get rejected?
Truth was – you didn’t think you were handsome or “sexy.” And you didn’t really believe that your mom or sister thought you were either. “We can’t act it out. I personally think you have a really nice body, sweetheart, but that doesn’t mean I want to do anything with it…” Mom said awkwardly. “No, not because you’re not attractive. Ugh, we’re fucking ourselves on this one…”
And who knew what was between your legs – it could be something really big that could intimidate girls. “No, I don’t want to see it,” Mom told you, but you really wanted an honest opinion. “Well, because you’re my son…and I shouldn’t.” But after a minute of begging, she finally agreed to see if it was “attractive.”
“Wow…that’s interesting,” Mom’s eyes widened at your big cock. “Well, that was her loss. Congratulations, sweetheart, the dick fairy truly spilled his pixie dust on you.” Mom and Anastasia had grown so incredibly embarrassed and distracted by the size of your cock, that Mom was mixing up her words. You asked them to touch it, and they agreed for the sake of making you feel attractive. “This will prove that you’re attractive, right? If we do this… Okay, that seems justifiable.”
And with that one touch, they were hooked. They found reasons to wrap their wet, warm mouths around your cock, then to have you penetrate them with it. “Honey, even your sister wants to fuck you – doesn’t that prove how sexy we think you are?” Mom said after an overwhelming orgasm.
After coming inside your sister, the two of them sat in front of you with big smiles. They reminded you that they’d always be there for you no matter what happened. “You’re a sexy man and I love you,” Mom said sweetly.

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Suckling on Mother Tit Suckling - Mandy Flores and Barbie Bailey

Suckling on Mother Tit Suckling – Mandy Flores and Barbie Bailey

Barbie comes home from a long jog. She calls for her Mother..she’s hungry from her workout. She goes upstairs and finds Mother reading on her phone. “Hello honey, have a nice jog?” Barbie just nods and plops down on the couch next to Mother and begins to pull down Mothers tank top strap. Mom knows what Barbie is after and allows her daughter to suckle from her tits. Mandy never stopped breast feeding her daughter Barbie. She felt it was not only a bonding experience for them but the best nutrients she could give her even at a older age. Next scene shows how Mothers milk and suckling also acts as a comfort food when Barbie breaks up with her boyfriend, whom she loves and Mother comforts her…Mandy Flores

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