Training My Young Step-Daughter 3 - Noelle Easton

Training My Young Step-Daughter 3 – Noelle Easton

Leading my young step-daughter in on a leash, I express my disappointment in her performance this weekend. I thought she could be a good little slut, but, out of all the older men she sucked and fucked this weekend, she couldn’t fully deep-throat even one of them. Swallowing up a hard cock all the way down to the balls must be hard for such a young little innocent girl, but that doesn’t excuse her from slacking off. I tell you that you failed to train your step-daughter correctly and demand that you pull your hard cock out and shove it down her throat. I push her head down further and further as her throat slowly opens and swallows your cock. Her whimpers and cries only turn me on more. No cock is too big, I don’t care if it doesn’t fit, I’ll make it fit. My step-daughter will be a perfect young cumslut when we are finished training her. I shove a big dildo in her tight little virgin ass, making her throat slam down deeper and deeper as she jumps and tries to squirm away. Wow, she really can’t deep-throat all the way to the balls… we will have to keep training her. But for now, I want to feel you in my wet pussy. Watching you get sucked off by my young step-daughter made me want you so bad. Let me show her how to really deep-throat, then I’m going to let her watch while I fuck you until you cum from me talking about all the naughty things your step-daughter has done.

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Teaching Young StepDaughter To Eat Pussy - Noelle Easton

Teaching Young StepDaughter To Eat Pussy – Noelle Easton

(This Video is a continuation of my Training My Step-Son video & my Teaching My Step-Daughter video. Collect each Video in this growing series of similar Videos!) Door slamming loudly behind her, Step-Mommy waltzes into her young step-daughters bedroom wearing nothing but silky panties and a button down shirt showing her huge motherly breasts. Quick to the point, Step-Mommy tells the young virgin girl she will be controlling her every move once again today and that the young girl must obey and please her just like her step-brother just got finished doing. “Step-Mommy just did some nasty things to your young step-brother, and that young boy penis only made me wet for tight young virgin pussy.” Lusting after her step-daughters small, tight, soft, developing young body, she ties up the young girl and explores her body, stopping to taste her fresh juices and paddle her cute little pink pussy. Step-Mommy slaps the young girls face and pussy lips as she watches her whimper and undress. She shoves her nipples and breasts into her step-daughters little mouth and tells her that she will be learning how to eat pussy today. “You were such a good little slut last time, I can’t wait to feel that soft, small tongue on my clit, your hot breath and spit all over my dripping wet pussy.” She climbs on top of her step-daughters face and lowers slowly onto the young girls’ tongue, instructing her to move her tongue and mouth around her pussy in multiple positions as pleasure erupts and she has orgasm after orgasm. Leaving the girl breathless, she is finally satisfied and tells her step-daughter “It’s your turn now… LAY DOWN and let Step-Mommy taste that sweet tight pink pussy.” She eats her young virgin pussy and uses a strong vibrator on the young virgin girls sensitive swollen clit and pussy lips until she squirms and squeals with unavoidable pleasure from her first taste of an orgasm. Step-Mommy makes her cum over and over until her virgin pussy juices are everywhere! She smacks that cute little butt one more time and sends her young slutty step-daughter off to clean up.

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Nurturing Mommy - SuzyQ44ks

Nurturing Mommy – SuzyQ44ks

I heard you had a bad day today son. Do you want to talk about it? You can tell mommy anything. I know son people can be so cruel. It’s ok mommy is here to make you feel better. What do you want to tell me? Your dick feels strange? Like how? Oh honey that’s just your dick getting hard and your excited. Let mommy help you. I know this is naughty but no one has to know sweetie. This is just between me and you. Let mommy stroke it for you. How does that feel? Let me kiss it. You like that? Yes mommy is good at this. I love you too son. My baby boy I will do anything to make you feel better. Look let mommy wrap her huge tits around your tit and you can titty fuck me. Feels good?

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CUM IN LiL SiS ViRGIN PUSSY | MOM JOI - Little Puck and Leila Cherry

CUM IN LiL SiS ViRGIN PUSSY | MOM JOI – Little Puck and Leila Cherry

You love your special time with Mommy, don’t you, sweetie? We have so much fun together. You make Mommy feel so good with your dick…but I’ve been noticing the way you look at your little sister Leila….you’re supposed to keep this between the two of us but it looks like you can’t handle how horny you are… you have such a big fat crush on your sister! I’ll allow you two to fuck but Only if Mommy is there to teach you how to pleasure her. I’m gonna guide you two through taking your little sister’s virginity! I call your little sister into the room in a skimpy lil schoolgirl outfit I bought for her. I tell her that you have a HUGE THROBBING CRUSH on her and she gets so shy and giggly and excited! I make you pull out your dick and show her how hard you are for her and how much you wanna fuck her! Mommy guides your cock and tells Leila how to touch it and stroke. You love the way your dick feels in your little sister’s hand. I go change into something sexy and skimpy and when I come back I hold Leila’s neck and head and help her swallow your big brother cock. I make her take it really hard and teach her how to be a good sloppy little bitch for you. She starts getting sluttier and sluttier! Doesn’t it feel good, son? She just wants to please you and make you cum! I give you a cum countdown and you give her a huge nut all over her face. Her very first facial! I then take your dick inside me and ride while your little sister plays with my tits, groping and sucking them. No cumming in Mommy! Mommy’s just jacking off your dick in her pussy so you get nice and hard again so you can give your sister her first creampie! You’re gonna breed your little sister, baby, come on, that’s right, fuck me so hard!!! We throw Leila down with her ass in the air and you pound her tight virgin pussyhole so hard and fast until you fill her up with your big brother seed! I’m so proud of you, sweetie! You’re the new man of the family.

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Annabelle Rogers

Sex-positive Mom – Annabelle Rogers

I tell my daughter to come into my room once she is home because I need to have an important talk with her. She is going on a date with an older man tonight and as her mother I want to make sure she will be safe. I know how older men can have certain expectations. She feels awkward with me bringing up all this sex talk. I show her how to properly put a condom on. Seeing my daughter stroke the dildo and the cleavage of her young perky tits makes me realize just how attracted I am to my own daughter. I seduce my daughter into having a safe sexual experience with me because boys won’t always have her best interest in mind. I suck her tits and then we kiss. She sucks on mommy’s big tits which excites her. I want to be there for her first time a cock enters her, so I stretch out her young pussy by fucking her with the condom covered dildo.

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Mommy Let Me Pee - Annabelle Rogers

Mommy Let Me Pee – Annabelle Rogers

My daughter comes home from practice having to pee. When I open the door to let her in I find great pleasure in the fact of how desperate she is to pee. So I tease her and make her wait for my command until she releases a heavy loud golden stream of pee.

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Seducing Brother With Mommy - Kailey Ketchum

Seducing Brother With Mommy – Kailey Ketchum

This was a custom vid done with Emma’s Secret Life. =) My brother is a huge perv and loves seeing me and Mommy in our pretty dresses. Don’t think we haven’t noticed. We say the way my big brother looks at us. Despite his perviness though, my big brother is the best, and Mommy and I just want to make him happy! We put on the pretty dresses we know he loves to see us in, but they won’t stay on for long. Mommy and I play with each other, kiss each other, play with each other’s boobies, and even fuck each other with our toys! Who knew I would have so much in common with my Mom! We stuff our panties inside each other and fuck ourselves with them inside to get them nice and wet. We want my brother to be able to taste us. After we make each other cum, we take out our dirty panties and give them to my brother as a present. He really is such a good brother, and even though I love my beautiful Mom, I want it to be him next time.


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