Mom Misses You While Your Deployed - MoRina

Mom Misses You While Your Deployed – MoRina

Mom is a proud military veteran, and she wanted to send you a very special video to tell you and show you just how much she misses you while you are deployed. She can’t stop thinking about that night you spent together before you left. She wants to make sure you know how much she loves you, how proud she is of you, and she can’t wait to get her hands on you again… She even lets you in on a fantasy she has for your return. Your naughty mom gets so worked up during the video that she masturbates and encourages you to do the same. That might take the edge off until you come home to her!

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Mommy & Sister's Special Bedtime Routine: Young Boy Trained to Take Care of Their Perverted Needs, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Mommy & Sister’s Special Bedtime Routine: Young Boy Trained to Take Care of Their Perverted Needs, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Carmen Valentina & Anastasia Rose

Warning: this is an extreme taboo clip. It has been made for those interested in a more intense family experience…
“We love fun time!” Mom said cheerfully, your sister sitting beside her on the bed. “And you know what fun time means…it means get naked!” The two waited for you to strip down so they could start their bedtime routine.
“Are you ready for cookie time?” Mom smiled. “Why don’t you give us kisses first?” This was perfectly normal for you. Every night you would pleasure your mommy and sister, then all three of you would go to bed. They told you that those physical, sexual acts got rid of their excessive energy and it made them tired for bed. You had no idea how manipulative the situation really was – to you, it seemed to make sense. In reality, Mommy and Anastasia were just horny, and they had trained you to take care of their perverted needs.
“Show her how much you love her,” Mommy said as your sister pressed her soft lips against yours. “You’re such a good brother,” Anastasia smiled, “I love you so much.” They were so sweet, kind, and encouraging with their words, so you always did your best to make them happy.
Mommy and Anastasia stripped down, their perky tits exposed now. “Why don’t you come give Mommy’s boobies some kissies. I know you like sucking them,” Mom said as she pressed them against your face. Once you were finished pleasing her, you gave your sister a turn.
“You’ve been so good coming in all those times to help us go to sleep,” Mom told you. “We wouldn’t be able to sleep without you,” Anastasia chimed in. They wrapped their soft hands around your hard, throbbing pee-pee like they always did, stroking it, then placing it into their wet, warm mouths.
You all took turns giving one another oral until everyone was ready. You laid back and Mommy got on top, riding you and fucking you until she orgasmed. “Give it to your sister,” Mom said sweetly, and Anastasia lied back so you could penetrate her missionary style. “Show her how much you love her. Give us your happy juice,” Mom looked up at you.
After everyone was happy and exhausted, the two invited you to cuddle and sleep with them naked. “You help us out so much – you are just the best baby boy ever,” Mom told you.

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Man Maker: Mom's Friend's Weekend Fucktoy - 1080pHD - Sarah DiAvola

Man Maker: Mom’s Friend’s Weekend Fucktoy – 1080pHD – Sarah DiAvola

It makes you nervous that your mom left you alone with me while she’s away for the weekend. You should be nervous – and you’re not going anywhere, mister. I’m going to make you stay here, all weekend, giving me pleasure and doing every single thing I say.
Before we get started, I want you to make you tremble. Fear and arousal. I love to watch you shiver.
I’ve enjoyed watching you grow up. Get bigger. Stronger. Harder. It’s not my fault that your cock has grown bigger than your little mind can keep up with. I simply have a craving for young, timid dick.
There won’t be a moment where you’re not looking over your shoulders for me. I’ll wake you up and put you to bed. Feed you. Disrobe you.
I will teach you what to do with that hard penis you’ve got there, young man.
First, I’ll hold you down and give you a lesson in pussy worship.
Let me describe that, in detail.
Then, I will be so horny and wet that I can’t help but spread your legs – with my knees, because my hands will still be clasped around your little wrists, holding you down. Even as you struggle. The more afraid you get, the more your voice cracks! That turns me on even more – your squealing, begging, pleading – and then I remember.
you’re still a virgin, aren’t you?
Hmm. Do I want to fuck up your sexuality for the rest of your life? Do I want to be the reason you need years of therapy to untangle the mess I’ve made of your little brain?
Yeah. I do.
I slide My soaking wet, tight and hungry pussy……………………..
I will take your virginity and continue to abuse you over 3 days. I will fuck you while you cry. And each time, I’ll make you cum, which makes it all the more sexually degrading.
Let’s start our weekend fun, shall we sweetie?

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Mom & Son are Sold into Sex Slavery - Mom Must Perform Sexual Acts with Young Son, POV - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Reagan Lush

Mom & Son are Sold into Sex Slavery – Mom Must Perform Sexual Acts with Young Son, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Reagan Lush

This is a very disturbing & intense video. Highly recommended for those who want something far more… You will love it.
Mom was disoriented, confused, and scared when she woke up – she had no idea where she was or how she got there. Somebody had stripped her down and replaced her clothes with red lingerie and thigh-high stockings.
Her eyes widened when she saw you lying asleep beside her
“Honey, wake up,” she said frantically. “Please wake up for Mommy. Sweetie, listen…I don’t know where we are, I don’t know why I’m wearing this. Don’t be afraid, we’re going to figure out a way to get out of this. Just know that I won’t let anybody hurt you, okay?”
All she could remember was the sound of someone coming into the house last night and now the two of you were here. Although she tried her best to comfort you, you could hear the panic and terror in her voice – she wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the two of you.
A man finally came into the room. “What do you want with us?” Mom shifted nervously on the bed. “Who are you? We’ll give you anything that you want. Look, we don’t want any trouble, just please don’t hurt my son – he’s just a boy.”
“What…what do you mean you own me?” Mom stammered. “What? No, I’m not your entertainment. This is not a game, this is my son. Just please let us go, we won’t say anything.” Mom turned towards you in-between her conversation with the man to comfort you, to reassure you that everything was fine, but it was obvious that it wasn’t.
The man explained to Mom that she’d have to perform sexual acts with you, her very young son, as entertainment for himself and his guests. “I’ll do whatever you want,” she said desperately in an attempt to protect you. “Please…don’t make me touch my son, it’s going to fuck him up for life. You’re going to traumatize the poor boy, look how young he is – I can’t do that. Please don’t make me. No, no, please don’t hurt us.”
If Mom didn’t cooperate, if you didn’t cooperate, the two of you would be beat. As terrible and disgusting as it was, Mom was prepared to touch you in any way that the man told her, and everyone would watch. Since this man owned you and your mother, the two of you would be forced to repeat these forbidden, taboo acts over and over for other clients.
“Mommy’s going to take care of everything,” she looked at you soft eyes, then turned back towards the man. “Don’t you yell at him, you talk to me. Sweetie, just be calm. We’re just going to put on a little play for these men and it’s just pretend – it doesn’t mean anything. Just do whatever Mommy tells you.”
“Alright, you sickos, you’re going to get your way,” Mom shouted at the group of men waiting to watch. “So, what do you want me to do? I’m not going to say that. Okay, fine, fine.” They not only wanted to see her do sexual acts with you, they wanted to hear her say that she wanted to and that she liked doing them, too.
“Sweetie, listen to Mommy, just know that anything I say is just pretend, okay? We’re just playing characters like we do at home, right?” she tried her best to make this disturbing, perverted situation better somehow.
“I’ve always wanted to know how my son’s cock tastes and now, I guess, I’ll get to find out,” she struggled to say as she looked at you. With each new thing she was ordered to do, she tried her hardest to prepare you for it – to explain what was going to happen in the simplest, most innocent way.
“It’s okay if it gets hard,” she told you. “Mommy’s going to put her mouth on it, okay? And it’s going to feel good, but it’s going to be a little strange. It’s going to be warm and it’s going to be wet and it’s going to nice. So, don’t be scared, okay?”
Mom would cry and argue with the men after each horrible, sexual act, then do whatever sick thing they wanted next. You had never done any of these things before – you didn’t even understand what any of it was. You just listened to Mommy and did what she said – you trusted her, and it seemed like it was really important to listen to her now more than ever.
But even after all this was done, Mommy was still really upset. Deep down, you didn’t think she knew a way out – a way to escape. And the man even said that the two of you would have to stay forever.

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A surprise for my son - SPH - Brea Rose

A surprise for my son – SPH – Brea Rose

It’s my sons birthday and he’s away at uni so i decided to sky*e him. I decided to wear something sexy for him, he is really confused as to why i’m wearing this but I tell him I know it turns him on and I’m caught him watching me get undresses a few times before. I then go on to strip out my lingerie and tell him all about how i’ve been fucking his best friend Tyler. He is really confused and upset but I tell him not to be and I tell him that I know this is turning him on and he should get his dick out and jerk off over him mom. I then tell him Tyler is here with me right now and we are going to give him a little treat for his birthday. I suck and fuck Tyler while my son watches over sky*e. The funny thing is my son has a really small cock and I can’t help but laugh. I compared Tylers cock to his and tease him about his small cock while being fucked by Tyler. At the end I tell Tyler to impregnate me with his cum so that we can give my son a new brother or sister! Includes: mommy/son role play, creampie, SPH, teasing, laughing, talking about taking a big cock and how you will never be able to please a woman with your small dick.

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Mommy takes your virginity - XxNaughtyGirlxX

Mommy takes your virginity – XxNaughtyGirlxX

You come home and mommy finds out that you have a girlfriend. She’s kind of jealous and asks whether you have fucked her yet. She wants to know if you have lost her virginity. If not, mommy wants it. She seduces you and strips and shows you what you’ve been waiting to see. She then sucks you off and fucks you. She wants you to fill her with cum.

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Stepmom Swimming Pool Secret TABOO - Audus Isaiah

Stepmom Swimming Pool Secret TABOO – Audus Isaiah

Whenever you come home for the summer, it’s always a relaxing time. Visiting your family house and lounging by the pool makes your mind relax and give you the vacation time that you really need. This time, your very cute stepmom wants to join you by the pool. You haven’t really been talking to her because your life has been getting so busy. But this time you cannot help but notice her breasts shining in the sun and her tummy rolling out from her wedgie. Should you really be noticing these details? It definitely does not feel right… She invites you to rub her feet – just for old time’s sake. Her feet playfully splashing in front of your face. As soon as you finish rubbing suntan lotion into her skin, something has definitely changed. Your hard-on is obvious and such an embarrassment. Don’t you worry – your loving stepmom definitely noticed. She must be a bad parent to get you so excited. She can’t help but tease you and let you worship her cute, lotioned breasts. She gives you to the count of ten to take care of your erection before anyone else notices your horrible secret.

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Giantess Mommy Riding Her Dildo - Raven Winter

Giantess Mommy Riding Her Dildo – Raven Winter

You wear your dress and heels, your shrunken son is on the ground below you. You don’t know where he is so you hike up your dress and start riding a dildo thinking you’re alone at home. You spot him but don’t stop riding. You act very nice and eventually lean down to pick him up.

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Exercise with Mom - Tammie Madison

Exercise with Mom – Tammie Madison

Before going for a run Mom likes to stretch legs and back from the comfort of her bed. However, today she has a little mishap when trying to get a deeper stretch in her back. Still determined to get out for her run, Mom calls you into her room to give her a helping hand. Each time Mom tries to target her lower back and thighs while stretching she gets a little stuck. If you could just help manipulate legs and push your body against her for a bit more pressure it would really help.
As you help move Mom’s body around and lean into her legs, you cannot help but get a little excited. The moans she lets out with each stretch a bit too much to take. When Mom accidentally pushes back into and feels your growing bulge she gets another idea. Maybe it would be easier if she were to just remove her shorts for stretching.
Finally, Mom decides that you two should forego the stretching altogether. It would be far better for her warm-up if she were to do something more energetic, like jumping or bouncing. The best way to get that type of movement is for you to be inside of Mom. Mommy wants you to be fucked and to ride you. She has decided that being pumped full of your cum would be the best possible warm-up and why would you ever want to deny Mom of what she wants?

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