Sexually Exploring Daughter Comes with Hot BFF Perks 2160p - Family Manipulation - Dani Lynn & Alex Coal

Sexually Exploring Daughter Comes with Hot BFF Perks 2160p – Family Manipulation – Dani Lynn & Alex Coal

I caught my slutty daughter making out with her cute petite friend, so I decide that I want in on the action! And they were both more than excited to have me join in. They both suck my big cock together. One shoving me down her throat while the other licks my balls. I finally get to slide into their perfect young pussies. Bending them over and having both of these sexy girls ride me. They couldn’t wait to taste daddy’s cum, and I give them each a turn, shooting my cum into theirs mouths. I love watching them makeout while swapping my thick load between lips!

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Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV - HD 1080p - Akira Shell

Wasted Daughter Seduces & Fucks Daddy to Get out of Trouble, POV – HD 1080p – Akira Shell

“Daddy!” your daughter, Akira, blurted out drunkenly, a broken high heel in her hand. “Hi, I wasn’t doing anything.” It was late and past her curfew, so you had been waiting up for her to get home.
“Mm…were you waiting for me?” she laid down. “That’s-that’s…sweet.” It was obvious that she had been out all night partying. Her breath reeked of alcohol and she smelled like w33d. “No, I wasn’t anywhere,” she slurred, “I wasn’t doing anything…”
“So, have you been waiting for me a long time?” Akira struggled to get the sentence out as she unfastened her dress and kicked off her heels. “I’m just…happy to see you.” She crawled towards you, giggling, and got right underneath your cock.
“How are you doing down here…” she caressed your cock, and you quickly pushed her away. “What? I just…wanted to say hi to the HEAD of the house! Get it? Head?” She busted out in laughter and told you sweetly not to push her away.
“What? Am I in trouble? I don’t wanna in trouble,” she pretended to pout. “I wanna get out of it…I think I can get out of being in trouble with you. Shh, it’s okay, I just wanna try something, okay?”
“See, Daddy? It feels good…” she attempted to stroke your cock, but you pushed her away again, and her tits spilled out of her dress. “Just forget about all the trouble…just come here, Daddy.”
Eventually she was able to wrap her warm, wet mouth around your cock, and even though you scolded her for it, your cock was starting to stiffen. “You were checking them out, I saw,” she slurred, then shoved them in your face. “Boobies in your face!”
Akira struggled to get undressed, her young body sloppily twisting and turning on the bed. She spread her legs and slid her fingers against her pink pussy. “You know you want to…” she smiled, teasing you. “Get comfortable, I have a surprise for you. I promise I won’t tell Mom…or myself, I won’t even remember.”
She masturbated in front of you, begging for your cock, and it was becoming much harder to resist her. She pushed you back, hopped on top of your cock, and started riding you. “Oh Daddy,” she moaned, then covered her mouth. “Fuck, your cock feels so good in me…it’s so deep in my pussy. Oh, shh…”
“Daddy, did you cum inside me?” a huge smile ran across her face. “I’m going to go play with your cum inside my pussy now. Remember, Daddy, shhh…I know, don’t tell Mommy…”
“Nighty night,” she slurred. “I’m not in any trouble, remember…”

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Penny Barber - You Don't Have to Sleep on the Couch, Daddy

You Don’t Have to Sleep on the Couch, Daddy – Penny Barber

I come out of my bedroom for a drink of water to find you sleeping on the couch. Did you have a fight with Mom again? You know, I really hate to see you sleeping out here. Do you want to come sleep…with me? We crawl into my bed, but I’m awfully squirmy. You see, I’m not used to sleeping in my clothes. Will it bother you if I take them off?

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Bare Back Studios - Ashly Anderson in Submissive Daughter HD-1080p

Submissive Daughter HD-1080p – Ashly Anderson

Scene One: Montage
Ashly is in the kitchen drinking a cup of Orange Juice before School. Daddy is looking at her from the door way. He walks up behind her and begins to rub her shoulders and moves down to her hips. Ashly smiles and looks back but then dad opens her top and pulls her breasts out. He eases down her shorts and panties and slides his cock into her. The next Morning, Ashly is sleeping in bed and Dad walks in. He tests to see if she is sleeping, lifts up her arms and legs. After no response he pulls down her shorts, lifts up her top and helps himself to his hot daughter. Ashly comes home from school, she only wants to do her homework. Before she can turn the corner, Daddy stops her, give Ashly a big kiss and fucks her in the hallway. Ashly is now on her way to becoming a Submissive Daughter.

Scene Two: Forceful Kissing
Father and Daughter on the couch. They are struggling and the Father pins the Daughter down with hands over head with one hand and holds her face with the other hand while forcible kissing. Ashly Strongly struggles during this especially throwing her face side to side to avoid his kissing. He lets go of her face and grabs her between the legs and squeezes/fondles her pussy Trump style. She (speaking for the first time) says, “Daddy please.” He lets go her to yank her shorts down. She takes advantage of this and tries to get away. He grabs her BY THE HAIR and throws her back down on the couch. He holds her down by the throat and unzips his pants. He gets on top of her and slams into her. She lets out a HOWL and eyes eyes bug out. He grabs her by the throat with both hands, she tries to pull his hands away with both of her hands while he screws her. He pants heavily during the time he is actually fucking her. Her eyes continue to bulge like he’s her. He cums and pulls out and says, “…that was so good.” While she curls up in a ball and makes sounds like she’s trying to catch her breath and sob at the same time.

Scene Three: No More Daddy
Ashly is standing quietly in the kitchen wearing her white one piece outfit, crying. Daddy gently tells her to undress. She says, “please daddy…” He repeats this several times until she relents and strips. She stands there for a moment nude when Dad approaches and rubs his hard cock into her…He tells her to spread her legs, when she hesitates, he shout, “SPREAD YOUR LEGS!” He drops his shorts and screws her from the front and from behind. She cries and begs…He takes her to the couch and fucks her dogie style where he finishes on her tongue and she swallows every drop of Daddy’s love!

Scene Four: Pulled to the Bed
Frustrated with the progress of Ashly, Daddy pulls her to the bed by her hair. She is tossed onto the bed and stripped. Daddy slides his cock into her tight bald pussy and eases in. Ashly’s eyes open wide and Daddy places his hand on her throat, tells her, “shhhh and how much he loves her…” As he fucks her, he commands her what to say. Ashly begs Daddy to fuck her harder and harder. He flips her over and bangs her doggie style. Again Ashly’s eyes open wide and Daddy slams into her from behind. He pulls her head back by her hair and she wants Daddy to finish in her mouth. Dad flips her over one more time and unloads into her mouth. Ashly swallows every drop and promises to be Daddy’s Submissive Slut for now on.

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Dad.... Will it hurt? 1080p - Alice Merchesi

Dad…. Will it hurt? 1080p – Alice Merchesi

I walk into my daughters room wondering why she’s calling me. She seems stressed and upset about something. Could it be about school maybe? I know her finals are coming up soon. I ask her “What’s wrong sweetie? Are you ok?” I’ve never seen my daughter so anxious but she finally explains to me what’s going on in her mind. After she tells me that she’s a virgin, I’m absolutely shocked! Is this something that I should have her mother talk to our daughter about? Honestly I had no idea if she was having sex or not, but I did know about her boyfriend. “So you and Brad haven’t had sex yet?” I asked her. “No we’ve never done it… “My daughter and I have a very strong relationship so of course I would do anything to help her.
“I know you wouldn’t hurt me and I’m really comfortable with you, and I’ve put a lot of thought into it and I want my first time to be with someone I trust. I really trust you Dad, and I thought that maybe my first time would be with you!”
Was I hearing this right? Does my daughter actually wants to have sex with me?! I love her no matter what but I don’t think that this is very appropriate. I asked how far she had gotten with her boyfriend, and she tells me about a handjob she has given him. My head is spinning what do I do?!?! I start thinking about how much she has grown as a woman and it starts to turn me on! I then begin to rub my daughters nipples, watching them get harder and seeing her get more excited…
Being the supportive father that I am, I show my daughter exactly what I like and how to turn me on. She says “I want daddy to put his dick in me!” I never thought that these words would be leaving my daughter’s mouth but I am so hard for her!
She spreads her fresh 18 year old pussy for me and begs me to fuck her. I go slow, feeling every part of her tight, warm, wet pussy… Hearing her scream out to me “Fuck me daddy!” only makes me grow harder inside of her, and fight the urge to instantly fill her with my cum. But she’s not done yet, I can tell she needs to be fucked even more before I give her my entire load straight onto her young face!!


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Putting My Party Girl to Bed Fantasy - Vina Sky - Family Manipulation

Putting My Party Girl to Bed Fantasy – Vina Sky – Family Manipulation

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience your petite college age daughter? She dresses like a slut, so she must love being fucked like one. You grab a hold of your bulging cock and imagine her pulling her white cotton panties to the side. Vina rubs her clit and begs you to fill her tiny hole up! Your big cock stretches her young cunt to the limit as she bounces up and down on your shaft! Watch her gag on your thick cock and beg to taste her daddy’s load!


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Dad Has To Keep His Promise Now! - Chloe Foster - Family Manipulation

Dad Has To Keep His Promise Now! – Chloe Foster – Family Manipulation

Mom and Dad have been so annoying lately! They promised I would get a car for my 18th birthday, but they still haven’t bought it for me! I totally deserve this car – I’ve kept my grades up in school, I haven’t missed curfew, my room stays perfectly clean… What more do they want from me??
I try to explain to Mom over the phone but she just brushed me off and reminded me to give Dad his meds. It’s so lame that I’m the only one out of all my friends that doesn’t have a car to drive.. I know I shouldn’t bother Dad about this, he’s been really busy recently…
When it was time for me to give Dad his meds, I decided that he would get a little dose of something extra instead.. I slip the pill into his cup and make him swallow every drop of it! Won’t be long before the effects start to kick in..
After a while, I walk back into the living room in my panties and sit directly across from Dad
Hey sweetie, why aren’t you wearing any pants?
This is more comfortable for me I guess.. Is it bothering you?
No of course not, I’ve seen you in underwear plenty of times
-Dad has no idea I switched out his medicine! I pretend like I’m doing homework on the couch, but I’m really teasing my Dad from across the room. My legs slowly start to spread open and I catch him staring-
Is everything ok?
Yeah everything is ok, sorry sweetie..
Are you sure?
Well I have been stressed out with work. I went to the gym earlier to relieve some tension.
Is there something I can do? You must be sore from working out, maybe I can give you a massage!
Sure that’d be nice
-As I rub down my father’s legs, I see that the viagra I gave him earlier is finally working-
Oh um.. What’s going on down there?
Omg I had no idea it was like that!
That’s ok Dad, do you want me to help you out with that?
No honey, this isn’t right. I don’t know why I’m hard right now, this is really innapropriate!
Come on, I can make you feel good!
Ahhh… your mother would not be happy about this!!
I promise Daddy, she’ll never find out!
Whether he wants it or not, the only way to get rid of this erection is to get him to cum! This is my chance to take control of my father and make sure I fuck him really good! I pull out his rock hard cock and wrap my lips around the tip.. Slowly sucking and stroking him off. I know just a blowjob won’t get the job done, so I crawl on top of my dad and slide his throbbing boner in me!
Watch me ride my Dad’s cock and spread my 18 year old pussy for him to experience! Right when he’s about to cum, I drop to my knees and let him shoot his large thick creamy load into my mouth!
Soo.. you’re going to get me that car, right?
Yes sweetie, I’ll get you whatever car you want.. Now go get cleaned up before your mother gets home!


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I Thought We Shared a Moment Dad - Carolina Sweets - Family Manipulation

I Thought We Shared a Moment Dad – Carolina Sweets – Family Manipulation

Hunny…what are you doing? Is that mom’s robe?
Yeah you said you only want to be with mom, so I thought this would help you think of her…
No honey, this isn’t right! I told you the other day, we can’t do this!
Dad…yes we can. I thought we shared a moment together?
That was an accident, I wasn’t in my right mind…
Come on dad, I can’t stop thinking about you… Since that night I’ve been wanting you so bad. Last night I was touching myself to the thought of you inside of me.
Sweetie this is so wrong, but I can’t stop thinking about you either. Fuck…. I am so hard for you right now!
Dad…is it okay if I feel you through your shorts?
Your mother can walk in at any time! We have to be quiet if we’re really doing this…
One more thing dad, I want to fuck you in the bed you share with mom…
Watch as I lead my daughter into my wife’s and my bedroom, and let go of my carnal desires to feel every inch of her soft young body….until I explode my fatherly load deep inside her pussy!


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Big Brother Got Some Last Night, Now its Lil Sis's Turn... - Sydney Cole - Family Manipulation

Big Brother Got Some Last Night, Now its Lil Sis’s Turn… – Sydney Cole – Family Manipulation

My lil sis is sexually frustrated cause the boy she brought over to the party last night was lame, and couldn’t get it up. But she noticed that big brother had no issue banging the girl he had over. She is jealous that he got to cum, and now lil sis wants to even the cumming score!
This isn’t the first time that my lil has wanted brother inside of her, but brother is nervous that if they keep this up…mom and dad will eventually catch them. But once sis drops her towel, and spreads her legs nice and wide…big brother gets and instant hard on and can’t say no to feeling her moist soft hole again.
Watch as she turns around so brother can see her little bubble but and juicy pussy lips, and then backs up and sinks his throbbing hard boner deep inside her. She uses her brother’s cock as a fuck toy, riding it up and down till she busts a nut that she was supposed to last night.
But then like the good lil sis that she is, she flips over on her back and spreads her legs so that big brother can stroke her wet vagina until he explodes his nut all over her pretty face!


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I Get To Watch You Since You Watched Me The Other Night - Brooke Haze - Family Manipulation

I Get To Watch You Since You Watched Me The Other Night – Brooke Haze – Family Manipulation

Hey hunny, could you use a hand?
Dad you scared me!!
What were you doing?
I was just masturbating…
I think it’s only fair that I get to watch you since you saw me the other night…
You saw me?!
Don’t worry sweetie, did you like what you saw?
I did…
Do you mind if I touch?
No I don’t mind…

I catch my step daughter playing with her young tight pussy, and we finally give in to each other. Watch her spread her lips for her step-dads big throbbing cock… Her pussy feels so wet, I can tell she’s been wanting this just as long as I have..


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