Cool Mom Teaches You About Blowjobs 720p - Freshie Juice

Cool Mom Teaches You About Blowjobs 720p – Freshie Juice

You just turned 18 and you’re getting ready for your first date! But you’re a little nervous, so you go to Mommy Freshie for some advice. Lucky for you she’s happy to show you the ropes and teach you how to put a condom on. After the demonstration she just can’t keep her hands or her mouth off your big thick cock. You can help yourself and blow a huge load of cum in Mommy’s mouth

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Mom Will Be Your Doctor - Ivy Starshyne

Mom Will Be Your Doctor – Ivy Starshyne

You’ve been so scared of doctors, what am I to do? I can’t just let you go around with potential problems, just getting worse and worse. Sure, you seem healthy, but… How would we really know? Listen, I bought something for this very thing. An outfit that could get you more comfortable with the whole idea of doctors. What do you say? Well, I’m doing it since you have no choice at this point…
You do seem pretty healthy, but I haven’t seen every single part of you. So take off your pants and give Mom a good look at what’s going on. Let’s stroke you to a a nice… throbbing… thick… Oh! And can’t forget to check the prostate. Close your eyes…
Looking up close, I can see it looks just fine. And with my finger inside your ass hole, I’d say things feel fine inside there, too. But let’s go for the finale, really make sure everything comes out looking perfect. Hmmm?

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Mom & Aunt Play Doctor with Young Son, POV - HD 1080p - Nikki Brooks & Carmen Valentina

Mom & Aunt Play Doctor with Young Son, POV – HD 1080p – Nikki Brooks & Carmen Valentina

Warning – this is an EXTREME taboo clip. One of my favorites!
“Oh, he’s so cute…I got him this set,” Mom smiled at your aunt. “We’re going to play a really fun game,” Auntie went on to tell you.
You had been wanting a doctor play set for so long, and now Mom finally gotten one for you! “I thought me and Aunt Carmen could have the same one…” Mom said cheerfully, “totally cool, huh?!” To start things off, Auntie wanted you take off your shirt so she could hear your heartbeat.
“Yes, just like at the doctor’s office!” Mom told you, then let out a little sneeze. “Oh no, you’re going to have to check me! I think Aunt Carmen should teach you how to use those tools.”
All of this seemed so exciting and fun to you, but what you didn’t know was that Mommy and Auntie had an ulterior motive. “You know, sometimes this is too tight,” Mom said taking off her bra. “You know at the doctor’s office how they make you wear that gown? That’s so you don’t have any stuff covering you up.”
“I think we can hear Mommy’s heartbeat much better without clothes on,” Auntie explained. Mom continued to take deep breaths as Auntie moved the stethoscope on different areas of Mommy’s chest, including her nipples, which you didn’t even you could do!
“Did you know, sweetie, that there’s a heartbeat all along the entire human body? Because the b1ood pulsates through arteries, which run all over our body!” Mom told you. “So, let’s see if we can hear my heartbeat from all the way down there…” Auntie pressed the instrument against Mommy’s panties and told her to breathe in.
Once you were finished with Mommy, it was Auntie’s turn. After you finished checking her, Mommy and Auntie wanted to check your whole body. They first listened to your heartbeat, then checked your little wee-wee. “See, the doctor has to check everything,” Mommy told you. “We have to make sure you’re healthy,” Auntie said.
Auntie then had to touch and pull on your pee-pee to make sure everything felt right. “It’s very firm,” she told you, “and it feels good, you’re very healthy.” And since Mommy was feeling a little warm, she needed you to check her temperature, but the thermometer needed to go in a very special spot.
“And since we can’t stick one of these in your special spot,” Mom went on to explain, “if we put your wee-wee in our mouths, that’s the best way a mommy and an aunt can tell if you have a fever.” If your pee-pee was warm in their mouths, they could tell whether or not you were sick.
So, Mommy checked first, putting your little pee-pee in her wet, warm mouth, then Auntie went next. After inspecting your private area, you needed to learn how to inspect theirs, so Auntie taught you how to use a doctor instrument to check Mommy. Of course, they also taught you to put a finger inside to feel for anything, too.
“Oh, that feels really good, sweetie,” Mommy said as she made funny sounds you had never heard before. Auntie said you were making Mommy feel a lot better. “You know how else you can check someone else’s temperature and see if they’re feeling good? Is if you stick your wee-wee inside of them…”
So, you put your wee-wee into Auntie’s special spot and Mommy listened to her heartbeat. Next, you put it inside of Mommy, and Auntie made sure that Mommy was okay, too. Something eventually spilled out of your pee-pee, but Mommy and Auntie said it was okay – it was a special medicine that they both needed to swallow.

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Sex Therapy with Mom - Bettie Bondage

Sex Therapy with Mom – Bettie Bondage

Having a mother who is a sex therapist has been…confusing, growing up. She’s always been so open around sex, always talking you about your penis and your habits. Of course, she insists that she act as your therapist, which doesn’t help the issue you’ve been having since you’ve gotten older. Of course, she acted like it was the end of the world that you couldn’t orgasm. You’ve been working on it, but there’s just something missing. Your mother tells you that she needs to see you for a very special session about this issue.
When you sit down, you can tell there’s something different about to go down. Of course, growing up hearing your own mother say such frank things about sex and men and women’s bodies has really changed how you look at her, but even so…she looks gorgeous. And she tells you that this will be a hands-on approach, something that neither of you can tell anyone about. You’re not sure what she has planned, but when she starts to undress, things become crystal clear. Your mother wants to help you orgasm, for the very first time! She undresses slowly, bringing out a thick pink toy from the table next to her leather armchair. Pulling aside her panties, she slides the toy inside, telling you to stroke at the same pace with which she fucks herself. You’re cock is throbbing, dripping precum as your mother brings you to the edge of orgasm, over and over.
When you feel like you can’t take any more, she tells you to come and stand right at the edge of the chair, with your cock pressed against the warm, wet opening of your mother’s inviting vagina. You wait, desperate to let the tingling in your balls overcome you, as she tells you exactly what to do. Slowly, you push into your mother, watching her face, a wash of pleasure as her son penetrates her. Her hips pivot and grind onto your cock, until you’re buried inside her. Moments later, she is bringing herself to orgasm on your cock, milking out your very first load, filling up your mother’s tight quim with sperm.


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