Nympho Mommy's Way II - Fucking You Over And Over Until You Get Mommy Pregnant 720p - Natalie Wonder

Nympho Mommy’s Way II – Fucking You Over And Over Until You Get Mommy Pregnant 720p – Natalie Wonder

The son is tied to the bed and his mother, disappointed, explains that she has not yet become pregnant. Son is happy about this but mom tells him he shouldn’t be too happy because she has found another way to get pregnant. Mom slipped a few Viagra pills in the water she gave her son before. She wants his cock to stay rock hard even after the first cum so she can fuck him over and over and OVER again. Mommy explains how she read something online about how there’s a greater chance of getting pregnant this way.
The fearful son begs his mother not to do this because she will hurt him! He knows she is a crazy nympho. But mom tells him, in a sadistic way, that she does not care what he thinks and this will excite her even more. The son screams desperately. Mom says that he can scream and scream all he wants. Nobody will hear him. They are isolated. Only the occasional car drives by and they would never hear him anyways. On the contrary, mommy enjoys his pleading for her to stop.
Mom starts with a blowjob. She teases her boy of what’s to come. Mom isn’t going to stop fucking his hard cock until she fully drains him. The more cum, the better her chances of becoming pregnant. Her baby needs to give her a baby. Mom slowly undresses and begins to fuck him. She is very dominating and talks very dirty. Son struggles but the more he struggles the harder mommy fucks him. Mom desires to get pregnant by him so badly. “Cum in mommy, cum in mommy!” she says. Son has no choice but to explode inside his mom. It’s a huge load of semen! She is very satisfied, but mommy isn’t done yet. Not even CLOSE. She is determined to fuck her boy again and again until she drains him dry. She will love seeing the desperation in his eyes as she grinds her pussy against his very sensitive cock. Mommy says things like, “Awwwww honey, I know…it’s so sensitive. Don’t worry, mommy will make it better..by fucking you some more!” Mom enjoys seeing and feeling her son so desperate.
When the son cums, he begs the mother to stop but mom smiles wickedly and tells him that she has just begun. Mother humiliates him using the fake voice of a loving and understanding mother (example: “I know it is sensitive”). She speaks initially in a loving and understanding tone and ends up talking aggressively. Mom will do everything possible to get pregnant by her son. She continues to fuck him. Each time harder and faster. Son is forced to cum over and over inside mom. Her hungry pussy milking his sensitive cock repeatedly. Mom is fertile and ovulating so all this cum inside her will increases the chances of getting pregnant. Towards the end son is almost passing out from his desperate state. Mommy drained him real good. Mom examines his cock. It’s so red and super sensitive. Still rock hard and throbbing from all the extra Viagra. Mommy kisses it gently, then sucks on it. It makes son squirm even more! She shows off her belly. Mommy is so filled with cum that her belly grew! He better of gotten mom pregnant! Mom won’t stop until she gets what she wants.
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Sucking And Fucking To Get Your Warm Cummies Out - Natalie Wonder

Sucking And Fucking To Get Your Warm Cummies Out – Natalie Wonder

Hey. I came to lay with you. Why not? Too bad. I’m your babysitter. I’m supposed to be looking after you so in order to look after you I need to stay REALLY CLOSE. Were you about to jerk off? Haha, am I not supposed to say things like that because I’m your baby-sitter and should set a good example? Hmmmm I supposed you’re still kinda young and might not even know what that means yet. I knew what it meant at your age. It means were you gonna touch your peepee? No privacy for you tonight. My job is to keep a close eye and to keep you entertained. But YOU can keep ME entertained too.
I bet your peepee is getting hard since I’m laying so close to you talking about peepees, dicks, jerking off and fucking. No I’m not going to stop. Stop being a big baby! Do you realize how jealous all your friends would be if they knew your hot babysitter was coming on to you? You’re such a scaredy cat. It’s okay to be nervous. Secretly, you want me to touch it. You’re a horny lil boy. Come on…it’ll feel really good. I can show you stuff. Mmm lots of really good stuff. Like what it’s like to have a warm mouth wrapped around your hard little horny dick. Are you going to say no to me? Mmmmmm no…you’re not. I’m going to suck on you like this…and then you’re going to be a big boy and fuck me. I’m gonna suck, fuck and get that warm cummies out of you…

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A Very Proud Mom Gives You Some Very Special Rewards - Natalie Wonder

A Very Proud Mom Gives You Some Very Special Rewards – Natalie Wonder

Son comes home from school and shows mommy the A he got on his test. Mom is so excited and proud. She decides to give son a special reward with his first hand job, first blow job, and first time having sex. Please use lots of taboo ageplay talk. Including words like peepee, young, little cock, etc. Lots of praise and encouragement. Keep the son’s POV shorter than the mom.

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Being With Mommy Gives You That Warm Tingly Feeling - Natalie Wonder

Being With Mommy Gives You That Warm Tingly Feeling – Natalie Wonder

Please film this in the same way as the Fucking Mommy In Missionary Quickie videos. It starts with you coming into son’s bed to wake him up in the morning. You end up acting very playful and ticking/wrestling with each other. Son eventually ends up on top of you (missionary position) and you give in and tell him, “Okay, okay, you win!” You are both only wearing underwear and a t-shirt so you feel something poking you between your legs. You look down and notice his penis has popped out of his shorts. You go to tuck it back into his shorts but as you’re doing that you feel how hard it is. You get a very naughty idea.
Being quiet because “daddy is home”, you ask him if he wants to play another fun little game. Kind of like the “tickling/wrestling” game you just played. You tell him how to play. He just has to stick his peepee inside mommy’s pussy and push it in and out. You start slow then eventually it gets more and more intense. In the middle of it you tell son he is having sex with mommy. You ask him if he likes it and if he’s starting to feel a warm tingly feeling. You tell him it’s called cummies and you want him to “make a big, warm cummies inside mommy’s pussy.” Use ageplay words like peepee and cummies.

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Mommy Shows Her Boy He Is Quite Adequate And Needs To Feel Properly Loved - Natalie Wonder

Mommy Shows Her Boy He Is Quite Adequate And Needs To Feel Properly Loved – Natalie Wonder

I’d want your voice to be nurturing and motherly. Your son is in bed, you enter wearing something revealing. You’re concerned for him. He has a steady job, but no girlfriend and you worry about mommy’s boy. What’s wrong? He feels inadequate with women. Well, then those women don’t deserve him. He’s mommy’s big boy and has nothing to worry about. You wince, uncomfortable at first. You confess you caught him watching porn the night before. Is porn substituting for intimacy? You’ve heard the films faintly at night. Mommy has seen you stroke that beautiful little penis of yours. Nothing to be ashamed about. He’s quite adequate for mommy.
Mommy lays down at his side. You want him to be happy. You look coy at him, then down his body. You want to show your boy how much you love him, how it doesn’t matter how small he is. He’s special to you, and you love him, no matter what. Your boy is beautiful and he needs to feel properly loved. You confess, you’ve always stolen glances when he didn’t see. You confess again that it wasn’t the first time she happened to see him watch porn. Why does mommy look at him like that? Because you love him.
You pull down on your dress, expose your breasts. You say you’re going to show him how much you love him. Just relax. You reach for his dick and start touching, ensuring your son you love how it feels. You giggle as you feel it grow already in your hand. He is perfect.
The son is nervous, and you say, “I know it’s a bit weird but I really think this will make you feel good. Mommy will stroke your penis and it will feel amazing, honey.” You stroke the dick with dirty talk and look deeply in the camera. Some giggles and naughty smiles would be great. Look down as you stroke. A lot of encouraging smiles and sensuous giggles. When the son comes you smile wide and when he’s finished you look down and are impressed and happy, assuring him that you love his little penis and cum.
Suggestions for dialogue during hand job part:
“It’s a very nice little penis. How’s this baby? Does my hand feel good on your little penis? My beautiful boy, you’re the only one I want. I want to be a good mommy for you. I want to make you feel good. You’re so big for me, sweetie. I love your small penis.”
Moaning a lot. “Fuck, honey, baby, you’re making mommy really horny. Does this feel good. Is it how you’re used to do it? It’s better than when you’re doing it yourself? Ohhh, thank you sweetie. Your hard little cock feels amazing, baby. I love how it throbs in my hand. It’s not so small anymore, is it? You have nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie. I love everything about you.”
“And your little cock is amazing. Darling, your little penis is so hard for mommy. It’s perfect in every way, just like you my darling boy. Please, tell me you’re close. Please, come for me, darling. I think I’ve earned your cum. I’ve been such a good mommy.” After son comes you’ll lick the cum off your hand.
[Post handjob cuddle]:
“Oh sweetie, you did so good for mommy. You’re such a good boy and mommy loves you so much. Your cum is so yummy. I knew it would be. Mommy really loves you, darling. This was exactly what mommy needed. You’re my perfect boy and this is a perfect and beautiful little penis for mommy.” Kiss camera.

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Mommy Teaches You About The Female Body With Some Hands On Experience - Natalie Wonder

Mommy Teaches You About The Female Body With Some Hands On Experience – Natalie Wonder

I would love it if mommy can give an intimate “hands on experience” of what sex is about. Mommy’s boy learned about sex in school today but it left him a little confused. It was so much information at once! Mommy comes into the room as her boy does his homework. She asks how school was today, what did you learn. He had a sex education class. But he’s confused. This concerns mommy. She wants her boy to be confident when it comes to sex and wants his first experience to be special and not confusing. Mommy asks if he has questions. Mommy realizes her boy has probably watched porn but porn can be misleading. So mom starts talking about sex and sees her boy still doesn’t get it. She believes the only way for him to learn would be with some “hands on experience”. Mommy can give that to him and it will be special.
First she wants to show her boy what a vagina actually feels like. How can he know about it without first touching and feeling it first hand? Mom calls it “vagina”, but then calls it “pussy” as she begins to get aroused from being sexually intimate with her boy. Mom knows her boy is hesitant but assures him it’s the best way to learn. She wants him to touch her between the legs and feel all around her pussy. This is what a pussy feels like. Now find mommy’s clitoris. It’s between the lips. He finds her clit and mommy moans and get more aroused. Oh wow, her boy is good at this! Mom notices his erection. They both can’t help but get horny together. Mommy means well in teaching her boy about sex and the body but she needs penetration now. Her boy has such a nice dick. Part of learning about sex is when the penis penetrates the vagina. If mommy didn’t show her boy it would be a disservice to him. Mommy coerces her boy to stick his dick inside her. Her pussy is wet and this is the best time for penetration.
Mom lays on the couch and spreads her legs to show him her pussy hole spread open. Mom says “your dick will go right inside mommy’s hole, slide it inside me and go in and out, pump mommy’s pussy good. Mommy knows you will do such a good job.” Son does what mommy says and fucks her really good. Mom cums and her boy cums inside her pussy. Mommy is so proud of her boy. She can’t wait to teach him more through her “hands on experience” teaching technique.


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Mom Shows You How She Makes All That Money At The Strip Club - Natalie Wonder

Mom Shows You How She Makes All That Money At The Strip Club – Natalie Wonder

Tomorrow is “bring your son/daughter to work day”, but unfortunately I can’t bring you to work sweetie. I know you’re upset sweetie and you really want to see where mommy works but you’re not allowed into places like this. You’re not old enough yet. Mommy’s a stripper and I can’t bring you to the club. I’m sorry baby. You’re right, mommy does make lots of money. There’s a few…um…jiggly ass-ets that help mommy make the big bucks. Like my butt. Guys love throwing money at your mommy’s ass. Especially when I dance, shake it and smack it hard. But listen sweetie, don’t tell this to your teachers. I’d probably be banned from all future PTA meetings. What baby? You want to see how I dance and shake my ass at the strip club? Noooooo I can’t dance like that in front of you. Oh honey, stop begging. Well, I walk around the house half naked anyways sometimes. What’s the harm in mommy showing you a little sexy booty dance. This is what mommy does at the club baby…


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Mommy's Hands Feel Good, But Mommy's Pussy Feels Even Better - Natalie Wonder

Mommy’s Hands Feel Good, But Mommy’s Pussy Feels Even Better – Natalie Wonder

It feels so good for mommy to be home. It’s been a long day. Mommy begins to unwind in her bedroom. She takes her pants off, unbuttons her shirt & sits down. Her hands quickly make their way down toward her pussy. She’s in need of a big release, especially after a stressful work day. She doesn’t realize yet but her son happens to be watching her from behind the door crack. Her boy had come to ask her a question when suddenly he caught mommy undressing. His hormones got the best of him & he quietly watches on as she rubs herself. Suddenly mommy gets up to take her panties off but notices a shadow behind the door. No, it can’t be. Oh how embarrassing!
Oh, sweetie! Wait, what. What are you doing? Did you need me for anything? Oh this is so embarrassing. Exactly how long were you standing out here? Oh gosh, you saw everything. You saw me touching myself. Sweetie listen, I know you’re coming into your own. You’re curious about things, mommy understands. So did you like what you got to see? Mmmm, you did naughty boy. I see that slight bulge in your pants. Let mommy touch it. Oh my, it feels even bigger than I imagined it would be. Take it out for me. I want to touch it with my bare hands. Mmmmm feels good when mommy strokes you like this, doesn’t it sweetie. You want to know what would feel even better than my hands? Mommy’s pussy. Come, follow me to the bed.


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Mommy Caters To All Her Cute Little Baby's Needs - Natalie Wonder

Mommy Caters To All Her Cute Little Baby’s Needs – Natalie Wonder

Mommy’s coming…don’t worry baby. Here I am. Mommy’s right here. Awww my sweet little baby. I heard your cries from down the hall. You want your mommy, don’t you. Look at those big eyes looking up at me. Are you hungry? Anything for my little baby. Mommy loves you so much. You look so warm & snug in that little blankie of yours. Mommy caters to all your needs…and then you fulfill mommy’s needs too. Mmmmm so cute. Mommy wants to give you kisses all over…on your little hands….your little legs…little feet…other places too. You want to show mommy your little package? Awwwww I think you do. Let me see those cute little privates. You get kissies & suckies. Mommy’s going to fuck you. Uh oh, did mommy just say that? Awww you getting excited! Your little penis is growing! Oh my…mommy’s lil man. Shhhhh don’t try & wiggle away…mommy’s in full control. I want to rub myself all over you…mmmm mommy’s going to fuck you like a good mommy should.


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When One Door Closes, Another Opens - Mommy's New Man Of The House - Natalie Wonder

When One Door Closes, Another Opens – Mommy’s New Man Of The House – Natalie Wonder

This was a commissioned video. No specific names were used. For your own personalized fantasy please contact me for details.
You’re father and I just got into a terrible fight. I’m so sorry…but…daddy left. For good. He’s not coming back. Mommy said some things she really shouldn’t of said…but I HAD TO get it out. He was appalled. He thinks I’m sick in the head. I told your father certain things and now I must tell you too. I’d rather you hear it from me than from your father when he calls you later. Oh..this is so hard. I…I have feelings for you. I told your father I love you WAY more than I love him. I like you sweetie…I reeeeeeeally like you. Honey…baby…say something…don’t be upset. You can tell me off, be angry with me, tell me I’m so fucked up and how I just ruined our whole family.
I’m sorry but…I love you SO much and you’ve grown into such a handsome young man, your personality is great, you ALWAYS make mommy laugh, you rub my back when I’m upset and tell me it’s going to be okay. I fell in love with you sweetie…and I’m sorry. If you want to leave I’ll understand. What? Come sit next to you? This is probably the last time you’ll want mommy to sit next to you. Go ahead and tell me I suck as a mom. I can take it. I deserve it. Wait….what…? You’re happy daddy left..? You’re in love with me too..??? oh…my goodness. I don’t know whether to cry or jump up and down in excitement. Oh baby! Oh sweetie! Mommy loves you so much too. Now that your father’s gone you’ll be the new man of the house. That means YOU will get to sleep next to mommy’s warm naked body tonight. This feels like a dream. I have butterflies in my tummy. Let’s make out…and then we’ll fuck like bunnies the way hot horny lovers do. Oh you’re so hard. Mommy wants to feel your pulsating cock. Mmmmm I don’t care that you’re my son…mommy wants you SO bad! Mommy’s ‘happily ever after’ wasn’t with daddy…it was with YOU…


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