taboo bbw mom teaches u how to be a man 1080p - Nina Doll

taboo bbw mom teaches u how to be a man 1080p – Nina Doll

Taboo roleplay , u r in mom’s room spying me after shower , I suddenly notice that and tell u to undress. Now I see a hard dick and huge saggy balls. Time to teach u some sex. Its my job as a mother to teach u how to fuck . So I ride u but u cum too fast and I explain u that it is totally ok but the best thing is to cum together, so I lay missionary and feel how my dear bb fucking mom’s sweet cunt.

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Mommy Needs to Get Pregnant - Codi Vore

Mommy Needs to Get Pregnant – Codi Vore

You’ve fantasized about your mother before, but today, she needs your help. She wants to have a baby, but your father has become impotent. It’s been so long since she’s been satisfied, and you look like a younger, more fertile version of him… She would love to satisfy your lustful urges for her, and will gladly accept your young sperm. She tries convincing you by stripping out of her clothes and showing your her huge breasts. You reluctantly agree, nervous and excited to explore your taboo fantasies. She lays you down and climbs on top of you, horny from being sexually neglected for so long. Her huge breasts dangle in your face as she rides you. You keep fucking her until you climax inside of her, filling her with your seed. She seems guilty but satisfied, thanking you for your cum. Just promise you won’t tell your father!

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MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine - Velma Voodoo

MOMMY fixing snacks and spilling wine – Velma Voodoo

Mommy Velma Voodoo has had a little wine before you came home from your part time job! shes critical of your work ethic but still loves that you are always around! she teases you about how much she loves taking care of you, even if you are too old to be living with her still. after scolding you about your desire for wine, she spills the tea she poured for you all over her top! you are a lazy boy and refuse to bring mommy a towel, so she must wipe the floor with her shirt, leaving her perky breasts exposed to the air and your wandering eyes. “its not like you havent seen it before!” she coos. even though you already ate mommy insists you must have your favorite snack, you cant go more than two hours without a snack made with love! she bends over far into the fridge in her high waisted denim jeans. her huge ass filling your entire field of vision. such a naughty boy you are watching mommy!

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Mommy's Selfcare Checklist - Fallen Angel Shi

Mommy’s Selfcare Checklist – Fallen Angel Shi

Happy Mother’s Day! This mother’s day I’m putting on my gentle mommy dom face and helping you take care of you. This video is my selfcare checklist for all of Mommy’s Good Little Boys~ 16 (+) things you should do in a day for selfcare. There are rewards for those Good Boys who complete all, or even some, of the tasks. You’ll have 24 hours from purchase to complete them and send me photo/video proof to receive rewards (all at once or as your day goes). More details in the video. Take care of yourselves.

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Mom's pie for dessert - Cream Pie - Miss Behavin 26

Mom’s pie for dessert – Cream Pie – Miss Behavin 26

Baseline: You are my mom, recently divorced. You’ve been going on dates recently but nothing has been working out. You know what you really want. When I used to live at home I would never fully close my door when I was jacking off as I was getting older turning into a well built man. You can never get those images out of your head from when you used to peak in wishing it was your hand stroking my young hard cock. You knew it was wrong, but you couldn’t resist. So instead of deciding to go on another unsuccessful date tonight, you invite me over to make me dinner that I always loved from you. Start the scene in some really sexy lingerie. Talking sexy and very taboo. Spread your legs and rub your pussy then pulling your panties to the side saying “Honey, I know you thought I was going make you dinner tonight, but this is what I really want you to eat. Doesn’t mommy’s wet pussy look delicious?” Take your panties off and say “Here take these so you can also have mommy’s pussy for dessert later.” Lots of tits squeezing and close up pussy worship. Things to say: “You see how wet mommy’s pussy? It’s all because of you.” “Doesn’t it look so tempting baby? I bet you would like to stick your tongue in there and taste mommy’s juices. Don’t deny it.” “And when you’re done eating mommy’s pussy I want you to slide that huge cock of yours inside of it.” (Spread your pussy open while saying that) Get a dildo out. Rubbing it around the opening of your pussy hole. “Go slow baby, it’s been a while since mommy had someone so big inside of me.” Then slowly slide the dildo in. “Mmmm good boy! Doesn’t mommy’s wet pussy feel so good wrapped around your hard cock?” “Right back inside of the hole you came out of, now you’ll be cumming in it!” “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ever since I peaked in on you in the shower I’ve needed your big dick inside of me. Mommy’s pussy has been wet and aching for you ever since.” “Don’t worry about not having a condom on honey. I’m not one of your dirty slutty girlfriends. It’s ok with mommy.” “That’s a good boy, fuck mommy’s pussy harder. Keep pounding me like I’m your fucking slut.” “You don’t have to pull out. Really it’s ok honey. Wouldn’t you love to cum deep inside of your own mother’s pussy anyway? We both know it’s wrong, but it feels so fucking good, doesn’t it?” “I know you’re a grown man now, but there is still one chore mommy needs from you. From now on, every time I’m ovulating, I want you to come over to fuck mommy’s pussy and cum in it.” “What do you think honey, would you mind cumming inside of your mother’s fertile pussy whenever she needs it?” “So be a good boy and listen to me like old times. Cum inside of your mother’s incestuous, loving pussy. Do it because I’m your mother and I said so! I dare you to make me pregnant!” Maybe do a fake creampie? Spreading your pussy open showing my cum dripping out. End the video saying “You did great honey. I guess I’ll see you next time mommy’s in heat!” “I’ll make sure mommy’s pussy is the only one you’ll ever need.


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Friends Mom Entices U To Go Upstairs - Miss Behavin 26

Friends Mom Entices U To Go Upstairs – Miss Behavin 26

A video of my friend joe’s mom slowly stripping and showing it all to me. PLEASE NO MUSIC IN THE VIDEO. So you’re my best friend’s mom, let’s say my friend’s name is Joe . I come over expecting to pick up joe because we have basketball practice later tonight but he isn’t home. You say he went out for the day and won’t be back until late tonight just in time for practice. He won’t be home anytime soon. You tell me to stay and we can hangout. You say that I’ve grown up to be very handsome and sexy. That embarrasses me a little bit. You say you’ve been lonely since Joe’s father is older now and no longer as interested in you. You’re sexually starving and ready to get it on with me. I’m very reluctant and shy that you’re flirting with me but I say that I have always had a crush on you. I find you very sexy. I’m nervous and uncomfortable because joe is my best friend and your his mom. You try to persuade me by starting to slowly strip. I start getting very excited. You strip very slowly and talk dirty about how you’re my friends mom and you’re going to show me it all. You take off your bra and I am Very excited now. Then you slowly undress the rest of the way showing everything, your pussy your ass and your tits. The video ends with you completely nude telling me to follow you upstairs.


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1 hour - Mother's BIRTHDAY pur-SUIT - Miss Behavin 26

1 hour – Mother’s BIRTHDAY pur-SUIT – Miss Behavin 26

This day starts off like any other….but it is definitely not going to end up like the rest. Mother wakes u up from bed on her birthday and tells u, father has something planned for her and u will be left alone for the evening. She then goes upstairs where u follow her sneakily and watch her thru the crack in the door as shes getting changed and getting into the shower….. u then cant help urself and swing the shower door open scaring the sh*t out of mom and seeing her beautiful body naked and lathered. She then comes down to have a talk with you and then wants to show off her new outfit. You check her out and wait with her as father will be home soon. After a few mins of him not showing mom calls, YUP ! He has to work late again….MOM IS PISSED….so you decide to take care of her. Make a nice supper for the two of u with some candle light… u are making supper….u hear alot of moaning coming from her bedroom…..what the hell is she doing……so u call for her, she comes down stairs and u share a lovely meal with a sensual build up….then she wants to show u how much she appreciates u,,…..but only from the bedroom….u go upstairs ….and…..see for urself.


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