Fuck Your Mom For $50K - Sydney Harwin

Fuck Your Mom For $50K – Sydney Harwin

Your mom is an adult entertainer, but she tries to keep her work life separate from her family life. She has been camming for money for 5 years and one of her regular clients has offered her life changing money if she agrees to have sex with her son live on cam in front of him. She approaches you to ask if you’d mind appearing live with her to do some “stuff” for serious cash. You don’t know what to say to your mother… you can’t believe she is even thinking about taking him up on his offer! She mentions that there will have to be some intercourse and the rest is up to the client and what he wants to see. You don’t get much of a choice, as before you know it she is logging on to her webcam and calling the guy who you only know as ‘Jimmy’… He starts to tip straight away, low amounts at first and then tipping more and more as the show progresses. He even tips your momma $500 for her to suck your cock! Your mom has a heart to heart with you just before she fucks you, telling you just to imagine it’s someone else you are fucking and not your mother. She knows how this might affect you. As your mom slides down your length, Jimmy invites more and more people to the show, even though your mom tells him not to, but when the tips turn from hundreds to thousands, she doesn’t seem to mind as much! The problem comes when Jimmy and the other viewers demand for you to cum inside your mother… they want to see a juicy real life taboo creampie… how much money will it take before you both give in to temptation?…

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Bribing Mom For A Blowjob - Penny Barber

Bribing Mom For A Blowjob – Penny Barber

I hope you know that I am very proud of your recent success but don’t you think you might be getting a little carried with all the custom suits and always flashing your cash around. I am sure it is quite stressful to work such a high pressure job but I am not sure spending so much money on fancy watches is going to help. Of course I would love to hear your idea for better ways to spend your money and relieve your stress, honey. Wait what? One hundred dollars… for a blowjob… from me?
I thought you were joking but that big, hard cock tells me you’re serious. I guess a hundred bucks for one blowjob isn’t that bad of a deal. What if I strip naked and then you can decide if you really want Mom to suck your dick for money.

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Spoiling My Sugar Daddy - Annabelle Rogers

Spoiling My Sugar Daddy – Annabelle Rogers

This is a custom video so the name “Matt” is used. I am your sugar baby and I am waiting for you in the hotel hobby in my tight red dress. It has been a few months since we have last seen each other. You spoil me with a big amount of cash and I start to take off my dress for you. You decide you want to spoil me a little more and make it rain all over me as I’m on the bed in my lingerie. I decide to spoil you by sitting on your face and then riding your cock until we both cum.


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