Be a Good Boy & Feed Mommy Your Cum - Peaches Cream

Be a Good Boy & Feed Mommy Your Cum – Peaches Cream

Hi there my beautiful boy. I need to tell you something… I found a pair my panties in your room. Now, if you want to rub your cock with them, it’s ok – but just ask Mommy first… You’ve become such a big boy, I want to take a look. Do you want to show Mommy how big you’ve got? Do you mind if Mommy takes her panties off? Maybe I can wrap my warm panties around your dick and stroke it for you. It’s ok… I know you like it. You make me feel so good. In fact, you make Mommy feel really, really good… Can you place your cock in my mouth…? Let your Mother taste you. I bet it will feel so good in my mouth. Mommy’s pussy is getting so wet. Will you be a good boy? Will you stroke your cock for me and feed me your cum? Maybe if you cum, Mommy will make herself cum too…? I want you to shoot your creamy, white load all over my mouth and tongue. Let me taste every drop. I know that’ll take me over the edge. Why don’t you be a good boy and feed Mommy your cum… xx

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Cumming with Mommy - Cassandra Cain

Cumming with Mommy – Cassandra Cain

We have some time before your dadd gets home to do some more jerk off training. This time I’m going to show you how a pussy gets fucked properly. I start teasing and stripping down while I instruct my stepson to pull his cock out and start stroking. After stripping completely naked, I pull out a fuck machine and show my stepson how you lube up and slide a hard cock in. I start up the machine, slow strokes hunny! Gotta make sure you don’t cum too soon. I then pull out a vibe to stimulate my clit while my pussy gets pounded and cum. I then turn the machine up even higher and encourage my stepson to blow his load while stepmom cums again.

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POV: Solo necesitas a Mamá 4K - Leina Sex

POV: Solo necesitas a Mamá 4K – Leina Sex

Cariño ven con mamá, papá no tardará en llegar. Mami necesita sentirte dentro, necesita sentir tu polla. Eres mío y yo soy tuya. No necesitas a nadie más, solo me necesitas a mí. Mamá cuidará de ti y siempre te amará.¿Tú amas a mamá? Demuéstralo, fóllame y dime que me amas. Mami no quiere estar con papá ni con ningún otro hombre, mami solo ama a su chico. Cariño, hazme el amor, hazlo con mami y corrámonos juntos mientras nos decimos que nos amamos. //// [English: POV: You only need Mom] Honey come with mom, dad will be here soon. Mommy needs to feel you inside, she needs to feel your cock. You are mine and I am yours. You don’t need anyone else, you just need me. Mom will take care of you and always love you. Do you love mom? Show it, fuck me and tell me you love me. Mommy doesn’t want to be with dad or any other man, mommy just loves her boy. Honey, make love to me, make it with mommy and let’s cum together while we say we love each other.

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Slutty Mom +Sleepover=Train?! PART THREE - Kelly Payne

Slutty Mom +Sleepover=Train?! PART THREE – Kelly Payne

Kelly try’s apologizing to you (POV VS SON) Knowing she promised not to fuck your friends at your sleepover, but you knew she would, and secretly planned the whole thing anyway, not telling your mom this just yet. You tell her it’s your turn to fuck her. Hesitant at first, but you pull her closer take out your cock and start fucking your mom before she can even say no. Your friends stroke their cocks as you fuck your mom for awhile, eventually changing positions so your slutty mom can suck them off while you fuck her. Changing positions and eventually mommy tells you & your friends to take turns fucking her, fucking her from behind till you all cum, each filling up her pussy. Once you all cum mom uses her vibrator and cums out all the cum you naughty boys filled her up with.

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Slutty Mom + Sleepover =Train?! PART TWO - Kelly Payne

Slutty Mom + Sleepover =Train?! PART TWO – Kelly Payne

Mom come’s in to check on you boys and finds popcorn all over her bed, irratated and annoyed she get’s a little snappy and tells you to go pick up the pizza! And then kicks you boys out and cleans up the mess, once her son leaves Tyler (POV VS Tyler) sneaks back in pulls Kelly back and starts fucking her from behind, after a bit Tyler suggests letting her sons other friend to join in, the other friend enters the room shortly afterwards and Tyler continues to push that Kelly should let them both fuck her while her son is out. Kelly decides it would be fun and ends up taking turns fucking & sucking their cocks, until getting caught noticing her son watching outside the window… Oops….

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My Best Friend's Mom PART TWO - Kelly Payne

My Best Friend’s Mom PART TWO – Kelly Payne

After cleaning yourself up, you find Kelly in the kitchen topless getting you a cup of breast milk, and some brownies. She self expresses even more milk into the glass for you and you become aroused again, asking if “mommy” can make you cum again but this time using only her milky tits. She agrees, and using taboo dirty talk makes for cum a second time all over mommy’s tits!

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