Pay off your debts, my boy! - Baal Eldritch

Pay off your debts, my boy! – Baal Eldritch

They say step-mothers sacrifice for their k1ds… but why is this natural? This is not normal and not natural! I sacrificed my life for you! Pay back everything! Your step-dad got me pregnant and left me! I raised you alone! You ruined my perfect body, I couldn’t buy myself a decent dress! Because of you ! I couldn’t buy myself a decent meal ! My money went to your educations, to your fucking foods… But you’re done with that fucking school , and finally you’re about to work… Do you think that you just can walk away like this? The way as your step-father did? Well i have some bad news to you my boi ! For twenty years I couldn’t spend money on myself so it’s time to: pay me back! Did you think you would be free while I was in prison for 20 years? Do you think you can move on, and have a girlfriend? Well …. You will have nothing, theres no future for you ! You will live to give back everything to me, and more ! You will sleep five hours a day, and when its over you’ll go back to work! 24/7 ! You’ll pay me back everything, every single fucking cent what I spent on you ! You also have to pay the costs of my plastic surgeries, bc you was the one who ruined my body! I didn’t want to give you birth ! You were a fucking selfish leech, but now you will finally be useful… 🙂

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My son's hidden cam-Ass to mouth edition - Baal Eldritch

My son’s hidden cam-Ass to mouth edition – Baal Eldritch

Here’s my new taboo and toilet fetish mixed clip, its came out pretty rough ! 😀 In this piece I’m totally smooth and shaved and playing the role of your “step-mom”. This is the: “Caviar” / Ass to mouth fetish mixed rimming edition, that includes: dirty/messy ass worship. Check my store for the other versions !
I noticed something strange on the toilet. My one and only “step-son” put a hidden camera in the bathroom ! My emotions are mixed, im terribly upset at him ! How long has he been lurking? Maybe he’s been doing this for years? After I called him and questioned him I realized that every boy is in love with his “step-mother” somehow. This is normal! And bc he is my little “step-son” , i have to support him in everything, no matter what … It is difficult to be a “step-mother” and raise a man , but i want the best for him ! So… I take off my clothes and tell him to masturbate while I do my thing. And after I’m done, he’ll be my toilet paper… What a good and useful boy! I don’t have to buy papers anymore, because he cleanses me with his tongue!

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I will help you to quit smoking, my son ! - Baal Eldritch

I will help you to quit smoking, my son ! – Baal Eldritch

I’m entering your room my step-son , and what do I see? I see you smoking ! What do you think you’re doing? Do you want to be like your miserable step-father? I have raised you alone… and you act like a mother-fucking addict? Today I will teach you a lesson! I’m sure I’ll help you to quit smoking my step-son! Bring here a transparent nylon bag, a belt, a box of cigarettes, a chair and do what I say! You will never forget that day, I guarantee! Put a bag on your head, make a hole for your mouth , sit on the chair and wrap a belt around your neck, while you follow my instructions! If you fail you have to do it again, and again, and again! Until you can complete that task perfectly! I also know your dirty little perverted secret , so Ill use that against you to make this punishment more embarrassing ! I saw what kind of porn you looking for instead of learning… If you are into taboo, you’ll get that too! Today I make you a normal person, you will not be like your weak step-father!

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Mom in sexy lingerie and horny - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom in sexy lingerie and horny – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom in her bedroom in her hot dress and heels with sexy lingerie underneath, You can tell mom is horny as she looks at your crotch and sees you have a hard on! You know its a secret when she says she is going to teach you about the birds and the bees, But you love some mommy pussy and it makes you so hard and horny when mom gets naughty with you.

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Mommys Cock Now - Harlyn P. Rose

Mommys Cock Now – Harlyn P. Rose

Oh, honey, no. Look at what you’ve done to that poor cock of yours. You’re too rough, too harsh, too tight. Not to mention that you lave attention on it as soon as it so much as twitches. You’re going to do irreparable damage, if you haven’t already.
Tsk, tsk. I’m sorry to have to do this, but I’m going to have to revoke your access. It’s for your own good. It’s no longer your cock, sweetheart. It’s Mommy’s, and she’s going to make it all better.

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Special Fun with Mommy - Harlyn P Rose

Special Fun with Mommy – Harlyn P Rose

Do you know what time it is? It’s special fun time with Mommy! Your favorite. Mommy lays you on your back, undoes your little diaper, and makes you feel so, so good. Only Mommy can make you feel like this. She’s the only one who even wants to. So you’ll never leave her, will you? You’ll stay with her forever, as her precious baby boy.

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Your m0m is a homewrecker - Baal Eldritch

Your m0m is a homewrecker – Baal Eldritch

Many people say ch1ldr3ns growing up quickly , and just… look at yourself! You are already an adult male. You are strong, and hairy! What a handsome man you are! I called you to my room because I wanted to talk to you about a very important thing. About your future ! Soon the ceremony is here… and I’m afraid you made a wrong decision. I just want the best for you! I want a strong woman to live by your side! A strong and beautiful woman, like me! Sorry for say such a thing but… the bride is… fat. What’s next? Just think this over, she looks bad already ! Take a look at my tits dear s0n, they are perky as fuck! Not like hers ! I fed you with these breasts and they are hard and stiff ! Come close to me sweetheart , and lets recall the past! Suck my tits and play with your horny dick! I want you to stay with me forever! I can give you everything what you need! Why would you go ? Im hot, i can cook well, theres a roof over your head ! Just take a look at my tight pussy! You came out from there but its still pink and tight! You dont want that shaggy fat cow, you want to stay with your m0mmy forever! From now everything will be different! We’ll have a great time while your d4ddy works…

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Babies Enema - Lindsey Leigh

Babies Enema – Lindsey Leigh

Hello my little baby boy. Mommy is not very happy about what happened to her strap on the last time we fucked. It got all dirty. We need to clean that butthole out so its nice and perfect just the way mommy likes it. Pull down your diaper and grab your enema kit, its time to clean baby up!

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Mom Takes Pity On Your Tiny Cock - Miss Penny Barber

Mom Takes Pity On Your Tiny Cock – Miss Penny Barber

Your date got tired of waiting and finally left. What is wrong, honey? You were so excited about your first date. Oh. That is just silly. It can’t be so little that you are scared to even go on a date. I am just going to take a look because I am sure your dick is not nearly as small as you think.
Ok, well, even Mom is wrong sometimes. You really do have a tiny cock. It’s cute though and it sure does get very stiff. I think I know how I can cheer up my little man and his very little man. You penis is a little small for a handjob but I can give you a nice two finger job though. I bet you would also really love to find out easily Mom can fit your entire tiny thingy in her mouth.

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Mom is using her yellow rubber latex kit - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is using her yellow rubber latex kit – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is using her yellow rubber latex kitchen gloves again.
Mom know you need some help with your hard on. Let mom take care of that issue for you. You are such a sissy boy! you are more like a girl to me I will make your asshole a pussy now Now You see mom putting on her yellow rubber latex kitchen gloves she does dishes with. Now do as mom says and you will feel really good after. Mom will give you some instruction by showing what mom will do to your asshole first. Mom wants to be gentle for her sissy slut!!

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