StepMommy Ignores you - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Ignores you – Goddess Stella Sol

Step-Mommy ignores you as you sit there so eager to rub your little pecker and maybe get to cum for Her again. Don’t you dare spurt without permission tho. All you get to do is stare at My beautiful face and body and beg with your eyes for mercy. I hardly even notice and certainly don’t care about your aching blue balls. HAHAHA!

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Mom And Ella Nova Tease Your Tiny Dick - Penny Barber and Ella Nova

Mom And Ella Nova Tease Your Tiny Dick – Penny Barber and Ella Nova

Your sister and I are so sorry that your big date turned out to be a prank, sweetie. I guess you will just have to stay in with us tonight and we will do our best to make you feel better. Looks like you were expecting to get laid tonight because we can definitely see the little tent in your pants still. Or is that from Mom and sister wearing lingerie around you?
It might be for the best that the mean girl did not go out with you since I can’t imagine she would be very kind to boy with such a small package. We can’t even ask one of Ella’s friends to take you on a pity date with a dick like that. Think how embarrassing that would be for your sister if everyone at school knew her brother has a tiny penis. I think the best your little cock can hope for is some playtime with Mom and sister because we feel sorry for you.

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Naughty Step Mom JOI - Sydney Screams

Naughty Step Mom JOI – Sydney Screams

Hi sweetie! You know, the other night when you and your friends had a sleepover, I overheard you talking about me! At first it was so awkward, but then I realized how much of a man you’re becoming. It’s so flattering you think I’m attractive, and I want to award you for how much you’ve grown. Today is your lucky day. Being the handsome young man you are, I’m ready to give you a treat, I have a set of instructions for you to help us both be satisfied. Be sure to listen to everything stepmother needs!

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MILF n' Sons Lucky Friend story+pov fuck - Ani Erotika

MILF n’ Sons Lucky Friend story+pov fuck – Ani Erotika

OH SNAP. This is a ratchet blender of story blended into actual pov fucking from the lucky boy’s eyes… and one NAUGHTY MILF. <3 After a long day caring for the youngsters at her house for her son’s buddies staying the night, it is time for bed. After waiting a bit she figures she is in the clear and takes a bath. Right as she begins to melt away her son’s friend walk in on her trying to take a piss! OOPS. Instead of telling him to gtfo out, she calms him down and goes down a whole different route. One so perverted and kinky she shocks even herself! So fucking wrong…. I think I am going to hell for even making videos like this! *oops* Oh well! Enjoy!!!!!! This one is a doozy. 😉

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Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk - Lindsey Leigh

Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk – Lindsey Leigh

You are heading to college and there are a few things we need to go over. One, I am too young to be a grandmother. Two, risk of pregnancy. Three, disease. Need I say more? These are all things you will encounter in college if you are not smart and just jerk off. All of those things are distractions and I do not approve. Mommy wants you using and cumming into your hand not some coed. If you follow my instructions properly you will not need a partner for the next 5 years which is just as long as we need. Stroke for mommy.. just as I say..

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Make Love To Mommy - Samantha Starfish

Make Love To Mommy – Samantha Starfish

My sweet little boy, Mommy is here. I’m here to love you and take care of you. I’ll be your Mommy forever. I’ll love you forever. But you need to do something for Mommy. You need to make your Mommy feel good. This will be our dirty little secret. Let me show you just what Mommy wants. Let me show you how to lick and suck and kiss Mommy’s pussy and bum hole. Oh I know it’s so naughty but you need to do this for your Mommy. You need to make sweet, slow, tender, sensual love to Mommy’s holes. Make your Mommy feels so good! Yes, make love to Mommy! Enjoy!

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Mom is hot and horny - Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is hot and horny – Hot Wife Jolee

Mom is hot and horny Lets have some taboo roleplay fun !! Mom is hot and horny in her sexy dress. You come into moms room and ask a question but you get instantly hard seeing mom is her hot pink dress as mom notices see what she wants her naughty boy to do 🙂

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Got Milf - Meana Wolf

Got Milf – Meana Wolf

So nice of you to come over and hang out with my son… oh dear! You pulled a muscle during the game? Well my son will cook dinner and I’ll take a look at it. I’m a massage therapist! You know you’ve really grown since I last saw you. I can’t believe how big you are now… and handsome too! Does it hurt when I press into that upper thigh muscle there? I’m just going to go under your shorts a little bit so I can get in a little closer. Oh my… Don’t let my son see that, his friends are always talking about how much they want to bang me, he doesn’t let them come over anymore. Oh my… It’s so big.

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Worship Amanda

Your Bully Spanked Me – Worship Amanda

I couldn’t believe what you told me about your bully. So I went over there to have a talk with him. He ended up being different then I thought.. He was so strong, so well hung, so alpha. You are weak and pathetic stepmom’s boi. I went over to spank him and he spanked me… I liked it. He’s coming over soon and his well hung alpha cock will be sucked. Don’t worry, I’ll help you out.

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Mommy Wants More - Brittany Marie

Mommy Wants More – Brittany Marie

I want you to ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I can to please Mommy?”. Really think about it. Are you sacrificing all that you can? Are you being selfish in any way? What can you do to be better? Mommy wants more. More of you and more from you. Become Mommy’s favorite, oh yes, Mommy has favorites, her boys aren’t all treated the same.

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