Shh Dont wake Daddy, Mom Son Roleplay - Kelly Payne

Shh Dont wake Daddy, Mom Son Roleplay – Kelly Payne

You wake up from a bad dream and run into mom and dad’s room. Both wake up but mom tells dad to go back to bed and offers for you to climb into bed with her and cuddle up. While comforting you mommy moves back a little, noticing you have a boner that keeps poking her, feeling like your doing it on purpose she confronts you about it and is enticed to play along, even though daddy is still asleep in the bed right next to us. Starting out with mommy rubbing your cock, mom starts to get aroused herself and starts playing with herself as well, until she decides you should get on top of her and fuck her quietly, and slowly so we don’t wake up daddy, she even has you eat her out a bit all while daddy sleeps. Shh…

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Visiting Mom at the Office - Kelly Payne

Visiting Mom at the Office – Kelly Payne

You just found out you’ve bee accepted into a great school! You can’t wait to tell Mom all about it and decide to visit her at her office knowing she’s likely to have a “treat” in store for you once you tell her. Mommy is so excited & can’t wait to show you what a proud mommy she is. Mommy decides she wants to celebrate right here in her office, she teases you a bit by showing you she’s not wearing any panty’s and then gets on her knees and starts sucking your cock telling you how much she loves your cock and just how proud she is! She knows mommy will always be your favorite and will always please you better than anyone else because we have a bond no one else will ever have, and of course mommy’s big tits are full of milk. She sucks your cock, covering it with breast milk, and then shoves your cock between her tits. Promising once she gets home well have even more naughty fun together…

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Momma's sweet boy has to earn his breastmilk - Kelly Payne

Momma’s sweet boy has to earn his breastmilk – Kelly Payne

Mommy tells you very sweetly how you’re her big boy now, and big boys don’t have breastmilk anymore, and how some people already think you are to old to nurse. But mommy knows how much you love it and how good it makes you feel so she has an idea. If you want to enjoy mommy’s sweet and warm breastmilk your going to have to make mommy feel good first, your old enough and mommy can tell you exactly how she wants you to make her feel good. Starting by licking her pussy and making her cum, then taking out your cock and fucking mommy in different positions, mommy even sucks your cock while she plays with her pussy. Mommy wants you to cum inside her, and entices you even more to make mommy cum, because the more mommy cums the more yummy milk fills up in her tits. After you cum inside mommy, mommy wants you to do one more thing before you have as much milk as you want… Lick mommy’s pussy again, taste both of us, she encourages you throughout. After you make mommy cum again, she then rewards you with as much breast milk as you’d like.

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Can You Keep a Secret? - Angel The Dreamgirl

Can You Keep a Secret? – Angel The Dreamgirl

You hid in your mom’s dressing room to spy on her.
“You are already a big boy and you gotta get a girlfriend,” your mommy tells you. But you can’t control your erection, you saw her beautiful body, you watched your mom sexy legs on high heels, you spied on her in the hope that then you will jerk off on her nylons, remembering her beautiful legs, when she leaves the room.
Suddenly she noticed you, but did not show it, she continued to dress, and then mom opened the door to her dressing room and was surprised.

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Momma Lover 1080p - Jamie TT

Momma Lover 1080p – Jamie TT

You love your mum, such a mummy s boy! Your momma loves you so much and no other women will ever come close. You think about your momma quite a lot, you fantasise over her. She is a women after all and you are just her horny son! I encourage you to crack one out whilst looking at a pic of your mum, get dirty and hot thinking about the smut that comes out my mouth then cum for me and your mum. She’d love it!

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Get Mommy Pregnant in these Pantyhose! - Miss Lollipop

Get Mommy Pregnant in these Pantyhose! – Miss Lollipop

This was a Custom video and I use the name Brian *heavily* throughout. Due to the name use, the price is reduced Mommy’s grown-up son Brian has come home and tells her about how his recent date did not go as planned. The girl wore the kind of dark tights that Mommy always like to wear and kinda looked like Mom but after he brought up having a family one day she said she didn’t want to! And when they had sex she made him wear a condom and wouldn’t leave the tights on – which happen to be his little fetish. She also said he didn’t touch her right… Well, Mommy thinks that girl is just SILLY! Her son is so big and handsome, and of course, he wouldn’t know how to touch her pussy if she didn’t tell him! Mommy says she’ll show him just how to pleasure a woman and she’ll even leave the tights on because she knows how much it turns him on to see sexy legs in pantyhose like that. She spreads her legs and rubs herself through the pantyhose, and it turns her on even though she’s never masturbated in tights like these before. She slides a hand into her pussy underneath and encourages her son to jerk off in front of her. She starts dirty talking about how much she’d love a big load of his cum.. and how she wouldn’t care if he got her pregnant. It gets her so riled up she squirts through the pantyhose all over the chair! But Mommy isn’t done just yet. She strips out of her soaked pantyhose and slips into something sexier – thigh-high black hose that grip her thick thighs perfectly! She makes her son beg her to spread her legs for him and then strips off everything else. She knows her son needs to cum and needs to have a real woman take him in hand. She sees now how big and hard he is. It would be their little secret. She tells him to come over to her and fuck her without a condom on. She begs him to get her pregnant, the more she talks about it the hornier they both get. She asks him to breed her, to knock her up, to fuck a baby into her, to fuck her unprotected pussy!! When she cums, her son obediently pumps a hot load of his cum deep inside her and then when he’s done she shows him the huge creampie dripping out of her pussy. She’s so certain he’s got her pregnant she’s ready to leave his Dad and start a family with her son. She says she loves him and he’s the only one that can satisfy her and make her feel like a woman now. She’ll get pregnant and let him breed her over and over and knows just how to push his fetish buttons.

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Uh Oh! Mommy Found Your Cum Socks - Goddess Tatum Kelly

Uh Oh! Mommy Found Your Cum Socks – Goddess Tatum Kelly

You come home to find me, your Mommy, scantily clad and visibly annoyed. I inform you that I found one of your crusty, cum socks under your pillow, along with many pictures of me in various states of undress. It’s obvious you jerk to me. Your cock gets hard for your Mommy and that is simply not acceptable. You should be hooking up with girls your age, not cumming into socks while stroking to me. What a pervert you are! Because I am so outraged, I’ve decided I’m going to tease you with my sexy body, then brutally punish you for getting hard. That will hopefully teach you a lesson, but I guess only time will tell.

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Mommy Takes Your Virginity POV 1080p - Goddess Adore

Mommy Takes Your Virginity POV 1080p – Goddess Adore

You lay down next to mommy because you’re not tired and want some comfort. She puts her soft, silky arms around you and traces her nails along your tummy. Looks like someone is excited to be so close to mommy’s big, soft breasts. She tells you it’s ok to suck on them, that no one will know. She’s been noticing your body is very much a man’s now, and wants to make your first time extra special. That’s right, mommy wants to take your virginity. Come on, you know you want to fuck her wet, hairy pussy.

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Bad Friends: Mom is Forced to Fuck Son & His Friends, POV - Forced Sex, Crying - HD 1080p - Fifi Foxx Fantasies - Nikki Brooks

Bad Friends: Mom is Forced to Fuck Son & His Friends, POV – Forced Sex, Crying – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks

An intense taboo fantasy – not for the faint of heart. VERY EXTREME! Created for those interested in something far more than your typical family video.
Mom let out a big, tired yawn when you and your two buddies entered her bedroom. “Hey boys,” she smiled, “how are you? I’m not an old lady! What time is it? Okay, maybe just a little. What’s up, babe?”
She had ordered you boys three pizzas and a movie to watch, but now you guys were finished and bored. “I don’t know, what do you guys want to do?” she asked. “Stop! Stop jumping on the bed, I’m tired guys.”
Your buddies brought up watching an R-rated movie and Mom immediately shut down the idea. “I’m sorry if that makes you look uncool, sweetheart…” she whispered, “I’m going to respect what their parents say.”
However, after some coaxing, Mom reconsidered and went to reach for the remote to rent the movie. “Hey, don’t do that,” she said strictly with wide, surprised eyes. “Your friends are here, stop it.” You tried to show off by grabbing your mom’s big tits in front of them. Mom tried to pretend it didn’t happen, but they noticed, and she awkwardly had to explain that that wasn’t okay to do.
“Whoa, hey, you should keep your hands to yourself,” Mom said frightened when your friend joined in and shoved her. “Don’t you think, sweetie, that your friend should keep his hands to himself?” she turned towards you desperately. “Right?”
She could tell things were going in a bad direction, so she threatened to contact everyone’s parents about their behavior. That was a bad move on her part. “Excuse me, what did you just say?” she narrowed her eyes at your other friend, then turned towards you. “You’re going to allow your friend to say I’m dressed like I’m some slut? Really? These are the people you choose to be friends with and bring into your home?”
Mom wanted the party broken up – everyone needed to go home. On top of that, she made it clear that you were never going to hang out with these guys again. “Watch your tone,” she snapped at you. “You’re grounded: 1) for not standing up for your mother, and 2) for letting your friends disrespect you in your home.”
“What’s gotten into you?” Mom pulled back from your violent grab. “No, I’m not going to show you my fucking tits. I should slap you across the face for the way you’re behaving. Who are you right now?” You were beyond embarrassed for the way she talked to you in front of your friends and for the way she was treating them.
The three of you were going to teach her a lesson. She was practically begging for it with her little, slutty nightgown. You and your buddies would grab her, touch her, shove her, and force her to stroke and suck your cocks. You’d each have your turn penetrating her tight, pink pussy and fucking her as she begged for you to stop.
“Sweetie, tell your friends to stop, please,” she cried and screamed. “Do something!” She tried to fight it, smacking your hands, but it was helpless. “Baby, please listen to me, these are not your friends. Let go of me!”
The three of you would break her. Traumatize her. Take advantage of her. She’d never be the same again. She’d never disrespect you again.

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Cool Mom Teaches You About Blowjobs 720p - Freshie Juice

Cool Mom Teaches You About Blowjobs 720p – Freshie Juice

You just turned 18 and you’re getting ready for your first date! But you’re a little nervous, so you go to Mommy Freshie for some advice. Lucky for you she’s happy to show you the ropes and teach you how to put a condom on. After the demonstration she just can’t keep her hands or her mouth off your big thick cock. You can help yourself and blow a huge load of cum in Mommy’s mouth

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