Molly Roxx - FUCK and PLAY for LOVE DADDY

FUCK and PLAY for LOVE DADDY – Molly Roxx

My daddy loves to spy for me. I slept and had an erotic dream. My daddy looked at me slee ping and noticed that my panties were wet. He began to moan and say something dirty. I woke up and saw him. He likes to watch me play and touch my body. I am very happy if I can please him. I started to undress and play with my wet pussy. Dad stood and masturbated naked at me. After I want to try for the first time its cock. Mmmmmm it was delicious. Its appearance is very viscous, warm and salty. I ask my daddy to cum in my mouth. Daddy I like to play with you so much, come on, this will be our secret?

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SPY ON MOMMY: Play CUNT and CUM - Molly Roxx

SPY ON MOMMY: Play CUNT and CUM – Molly Roxx

I often watch my mommy. I like to peek at how she takes a shower, applies body cream, puts on underwear, plays with herself. I always envied my dad and wanted to be in his place. One day I came home earlier and heard strange moans. The door to the parent bedroom was open. I looked in and saw mom. She sat in beautiful underwear, a transparent black dressing gown and there was a smell of her favorite perfume. She watched porn on her phone. I watched her undress and start playing with her pussy. I was careless and she noticed me. First she said that I should leave, I asked her to stay. She let me stay with her and let her pussy taste. I dreamed about it more than anything. She was gentle and very hot with me. This is my first experience with her. She is so hot, her pussy is so wet and tasty, her orgasm is very hot. Look and see for yourself.

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