MILF Sex Trance Ends In Spanking For Perverted Step-Son - Miss Penny Barber

MILF Sex Trance Ends In Spanking For Perverted Step-Son – Miss Penny Barber

I was actually feeling proud of little Sammy for how diligently he has been working on his science experiment but then I discovered that he was motivated by something other than academic ambition. The dirty brat was trying to build a mind control device and he planned to secretly test it on me for his own entertainment. I knew from the way he was always trying to look down my top or up skirts that it was not going to be some cute show where he made me quack like a duck.
I was proved right when he finally snuck up and blasted me with whatever gadget he had been constructing. Too bad I had already sabotaged it. I pretended to be totally under his control at first and sure enough, he ordered me to strip within his first few commands. He barely even tested my obedience or awareness before he was grabbing handfuls of my tits and proclaiming himself to be a genius. I let him live his perverted dream of having his step-mom as a mindless sex doll for a little longer before I snapped him over my knee and into his nightmare. From thinking he had absolute power over my body to begging me to stop spanking his bottom in less than two minutes. At least he will have some memories of seeing me naked to comfort him during the long months of chastity ahead.

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Sweet JOI With Mom's Breasts - Miss Penny Barber

Sweet JOI With Mom’s Breasts – Miss Penny Barber

Is my little darling all relaxed and cozy before we start playing with that hard little thing of yours? You know edging with Mom helps you to be an obedient boy and you always enjoy our wanking sessions more when you are nice and comfortable beforehand. As long as you stroke it exactly like I tell you, then you will get to see Mom’s big beautiful breasts before your thingy pops. I know you want to rush to your countdown and get that special feeling but first you have to show me that you can follow directions about how to touch yourself. One hands or two, slow or fast, just follow along because Mommy knows your cock best.

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Mom Makes You Fuck Little Sister Bambi Belle - Miss Penny Barber

Mom Makes You Fuck Little Sister Bambi Belle – Miss Penny Barber

I caught naughty little Bambi trying to seduce you into giving her a very explicit sexual education. As soon as I realized what you and your sister were up to, I put the bare bottom she had just been wiggling in your face over my knee for a quick spanking. If Bambi wants to show off her adorably tiny tits and puffy pussy while she learns about the birds and bees, then she will do it under Mom’s supervision.
I make her spread her legs to give her brother an anatomy lesson while I explain that she since thinks it is appropriate for her brother to see her in a thong then she will be allowed to wear nothing but panties in the house from now on. Bambi is not the only one who has to get naked though and it is only fair that she gets to take her time staring at your cock just like you did to her entire naked body. I even make Bambi describe your erection, since we are here to learn after all but she doesn’t get much past “big” and “hard”. Of course, this lesson will not be complete until you climb on the bed with that big, hard cock and fuck your sister with it.

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