Mommy Loves You - MoRina

Mommy Loves You – MoRina

Have you had a stressful day? Having trouble getting to sleep? Mommy comes to tuck you in, and as always she has lots of positive affirmations for you. She’s so proud of you and thinks the world of you. There is no love greater than a mother’s love and you’ll always be momma’s boy, her little baby. She helps you to relax by talking softly and taking you through an anti-stress relaxation exercise. Night night sweetie! This is not a “taboo” video, it’s a sweet, loving video to help you feel good about yourself and get some rest! Watch it when you are lying in bed and suffering from insomnia, anxiety or your thoughts are racing and you just can’t settle down for the night.

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Neighbor's new cologne- sniff role-play - Exquisite Goddess

Neighbor’s new cologne- sniff role-play – Exquisite Goddess

inhale Fantasy, Mind Fuck I watch you ogling me while tanning in my back yard so I invite you over for a friendly chat. As you sit there staring me up and down I take advantage of your horny state and I ask you to smell my new cologne. Without any hesitation you inhale my new scent and you start feeling the euphoria and inability to say no to me.After that I tease you and control you like the horny puppet turn you into….. You will no longer be my neighbor’s, you will become mommy good little boy and you will stroke, obey, cum and CEI , JUST THE WAY MOMMY INSTRUCTS YOU TO…….

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Mom mesmerizes you to love stinky feet - Spoiled Mean MILFs - Lauren Phillips and Dacey

Mom mesmerizes you to love stinky feet – Spoiled Mean MILFs – Lauren Phillips and Dacey

Lauren and her Daughter Dacey sit on the couch excited after their workout together. Dacey tells Lauren she wanted to talk to her about something – and she admits her brother has been embarrassing her at school. You walk in to your Mom and Sister talking and they tell you it’s perfect timing. Your Mom Lauren tells you she has something special for you. She grabs a necklace and swings it back and forth… putting you deep into a trance. Your Mom mesmerizes you putting you under her control. Lauren tells Dacey she can choose what happens to you. Dacey tells her Mom she wants to make you like her stinky feet since you make fun of them all the time. Lauren snaps her fingers and tells you that you are obsessed with stinky feet. You smell Dacey and Lauren’s stinky workout feet and you cant control how much you enjoy it.

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Taking You to the Darkest Depths of Your Own Depravity - Tara Tainton

Taking You to the Darkest Depths of Your Own Depravity – Tara Tainton

Let’s not waste any time. I want you to relax… just lie back, rest your weary body, and focus on the sound of my voice… I’m going to spend a lot of time with you, really focus on guiding you toward a deep trance, digging into your subconscious and replacing your thoughts with my own. Once fully under, I’m going to deepen your arousal with trigger words and commands you have no choice but to follow. I’m going to make you worship and adore me, drive you completely under my spell, and not let you touch your cock until I’m ready for you to. Yes, you’ll have to wait, again and again. I’m going to drive you to the edge before I even allow you to touch yourself. When you’re THAT turned on, when you’re almost driven mad with desire, I’m going to let you touch yourself… under certain conditions, of course. You’re going to do it my way… bringing yourself to the edge and stopping yourself to dissipate your arousal again. And when I have you so vulnerable, so under my control in every way, just what may I do with you? Take advantage of my power, of course. I’m going to humiliate you, talk down to you, drive you to do more ridiculous actions to demonstrate your depravity, and make sure you know just how much of a sexual pervert you actually are. This is not for the feint of heart. This session is for those who know how un-normal they really are. I know just how to make you feel completely foolish, stripped of all dignity, and bucking like a demented lunatic. And you KNOW you love it.


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Paranormal Taboo 720p - Meana Wolf

Paranormal Taboo 720p – Meana Wolf

Even for a grown man, it can be eerie living in a house alone. Especially this old piece of junk you just bought. It creeks and moans when the wind picks up… there’s cold drafts… sometimes things are out of place. But in the first few days of you being there you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was there with you. Some dark presence lurking. Especially in the bedroom. The noises..the doors slamming…the footsteps in the hallways. It started to get so bad that you couldn’t sleep at night. Your younger siblings suggest the three of you stage a stake-out to see if the place is really haunted once and for all and when your brother and sister arrive, everything seems okay for a while. You feel yourself relax. It’s so good to be with them, it’s like being young again. You’re on first watch, but your exhaustion and the soothing presence of your siblings send you to sleep.
You wake up to find your sister Meana is missing… you wake Nathan up and the two of you discover her naked in the bedroom. Whatever it is that has been lurking in the house now inhabits her body as she writhes and lunges at you both. Nathan tries to resist, but her kiss leaves him unable to control his urges. The presence controls them both now as they fuck. You watch in horror as your brother slides his cock inside of your sister. She moans. She touches your cock and you feel yourself stiffening. You feel yourself unable to resist your sister as she begs for both her brother’s cocks.
The three of you writhe in forbidden sex as the paranormal force takes control. But in the cruelest joke of all, the spirit that inhabits your sister leaves her body… with her brother’s cocks still inside of her she moans and pleads for you to wake up from this nightmare. But she wants to continue…the spirit wants you to continue for it’s pleasure. There’s something wrong with this place… but the three of you never want to leave… you never want to wake up from this nightmare. You want to stay there, fucking your sister forever.


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