Mother Son Date Night - MoRina

Mother Son Date Night – MoRina

Your mom is nervous… she’s got her first date tonight since the divorce and she went shopping for a new outfit and can’t decide what to wear. She asks for your help. You saw a picture of this guy and you’re jealous because he’s 10 years younger than your mother. Mom used to be a model, so maybe that’s why she didn’t really feel self-conscious about trying on the outfits in front of me, but I don’t think she realized how sheer her new lingerie is. You can see her bush right through her panties. You try to stop thinking about how sexy your mom is, but then whoops, you are sporting a huge erection. Mom tried to ignore it, but then she sat down beside you and told me everything was going to be ok. Then she unzips your pants and starts stoking your cock! She is so sweet and so reassuring that you don’t feel weird at all… this feels so right! Needless to say, she didn’t end up going on that date!

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The Reunion - Brianna Beach

The Reunion – Brianna Beach

I was abandoned by my mom when I was born. She was too young and had dreams. So, after I grew up, I found her. For the last week I have been spending time with her and tonight is our final night together. She tells me how sorry she was for leaving me to grow up alone without her. I told her I forgave her but she asked if there was anything else she could do before I left. I told her all my friends got to crawl into bed with their moms and fall asleep. She is reluctant but give in.
As I lay with her, I can’t help but look at her breasts and want to touch them. I want to be close to her. I touch them and tell her all my friends got to see their moms without clothes on but I didn’t. She is uncomfortable but I can tell she likes it. She tells me to cuddle and rest.
I wait for her to relax and then I start touching her ass and slide my fingers into her wet pussy. She can’t say no. I fuck her until she gives in completely to our urges. I love fucking my mom!!!

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Mom's Birthday Love - MoRina

Mom’s Birthday Love – MoRina

You love your mom and since it’s her birthday, you decided to give her a special gift – a sexy sheer bra and panty set. It’s an awkward moment when she opens it up, but your mom is always so appreciative of your heartfelt gifts. When you ask her to try it on for you, there’s more awkwardness and some nervous laughter. But when she realizes you are serious about wanting to see her in the sexy lingerie, you can tell she’s sort of getting turned on. She agrees to model the sexy lingerie for you as long as you turn around while she changes. She’s very hesitant about letting you see it on but definitely wants to hear what you think. When she spots the bulge in your pants she tells you something you never thought you’d hear your mom say, and goes back and forth between feeling like this is so wrong and being completely turned on by it. Enjoy the intimate journey as mother and son explore their fantasy of forbidden love.

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MOM WAKES vapes & smokes everything - Ratherbnaughty

MOM WAKES vapes & smokes everything – Ratherbnaughty

Im up alone at 4:30 in the morning and I decide to make a list of the things i need to do before meeting my girlfriends later for our weekly card game. I pick up what I think is a pen only to find out that it is your vape pen. I continue to look in the jar and I find a nice prerolled smike too! Nobody will be up for at least 2 hours and it is your fault for leving your stash where mommy could find it.

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Loving Mother Seduction - MoRina

Loving Mother Seduction – MoRina

3 scenes…. Living room as Mother waits for son to get out of shower and spend some special time with her…. then POV as she lovingly chats and flirts with son, amping up the dirty talk and eventually stripping off her sexy dress and heels. Last scene POV in bedroom where she continues the naughty dialog and invites son to get back in the hole he came from and impregnate her. She wants him to breed her and put his seed deep inside her… this is a very sensual and intimate video with a real mature woman over 50.

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Mommy Catches You Sniffing Her Panties - MoRina

Mommy Catches You Sniffing Her Panties – MoRina

You were supposed to be doing laundry. Mommy is getting ready to leave to go on a date and she finds you in your room. She’s shocked to see her dirty panties on your face… and your hands down your pants! She’s pissed and yanks them off your face she gives you a really stern talking to… alternating with a few comments on how big it seems your peepee is getting as she’s waving her soiled panties around and scolding you. Just to make sure you won’t be doing naughty things with her panties while she is out, she slips them on in front of you. Hopefully her date won’t mind her wearing dirty panties…

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Mommy Rewards Your Good Grades - MoRina

Mommy Rewards Your Good Grades – MoRina

Mommy just got a letter from your college… and it contained your grades…. and she’s THRILLED! She wants to reward you for all your hard work at school and for being such a good boy! She tells you to unzip your pants and pull your cock out… she wants you to jerk off as she encourages you by talking sweet, pulling up her short skirt to show you her ass in that pretty thong she has on, and pulls up her clingy shirt to show you her big bare boobs. For a woman over 50, you can’t believe how hot she looks topless. Your sexy mom gives you a countdown from 10 as your excitement builds and then offers a final unexpected reward as you finish.

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Your Mommy Is Ready To Breed - MoRina

Your Mommy Is Ready To Breed – MoRina

Your mom is over 50, but you think she is so sexy. You fantasize about her. Today you find out that she fantasizes about you too, and that she was just waiting for you to grow up into the strong, virile man you have become, because she wants you to breed her. She encourages you to stroke your cock as she tells you her plans to replace your dad with you… she’s dressed red high heels and a sexy red lacy hi-cut teddy that she moves aside to rub her fingers on her hairy pussy as she details what she hopes for you to do to her. She brings herself to orgasm and then begs you to cum inside her. And you will, because you’re such a good boy and you love your mommy.

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Your Pregnant Mommy Masturbates For You - MoRina

Your Pregnant Mommy Masturbates For You – MoRina

Mommy made you this video because she misses you and her pregnancy hormones have made her very horny. She wanted to masturbate for you as she recounts the story of how you and she made this baby that night. She is wearing super sheer pantyhose under her skirt with a low cut top. Her big pregnant belly is on display. She spreads her legs wide so you can see the wet spot already in the crotch of the nylons. She rubs her clit through the pantyhose as she gets more and more turned on talking about the night she rode your big young cock and you filled up her pussy with your hot sticky goo. After she cums she shows you a close up view of the wet spot, just to prove what a good boy she thinks you are.

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Mommy Tells You a Naughty Bedtime Story - MoRina

Mommy Tells You a Naughty Bedtime Story – MoRina

Mommy came home from her date and saw your light on so she came in to check to see if you were still awake. She suggests reading you a bedtime story to help you fall asleep… but since you don’t have any books in your room she just tells you a story. Trouble is, the story is kind of inappropriate. You listen intently as she tells a naughty story about a son who comes home to find his mommy naked and masturbating in her bedroom. She paints a vivid picture for you, even demonstrating the moaning noises and acting out the mother’s orgasm… for illustrative purposes of course….

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