Massaging the MILF 720p - Primals MILFS - Nina Hartley

Massaging the MILF 720p – Primals MILFS – Nina Hartley

This sexy older lady came in to the spa for a massage appointment. I’ve always loved MILFs and this woman is HOT. I know if I massage the the right way, she won’t object to my hands going places she didn’t expect. Sure she’s surprised and seems like she doesn’t know what she should do but, she doesn’t stop me so…

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Primal's Taboo Sex - Naomi Blue - Truth is in the Touch 720p

Truth is in the Touch 720p – Naomi Blue

Part One:
Naomi is just out of HS and is going to school for massage. She asks her brother Rion if she can practice on him and has her room all set up, she’s always been one of those girls that likes to have her hands on someone, the girl that hugs a guy and kind of runs her hands on his back, or touch a guys arms and shoulder while she’s talking to them, so it is a natural thing to want to do massage for a living. She’s never actually massaged a guys whole body before and while she is massaging Rion she has some embarrassing feelings, then, when she is massaging his front and sees the HUGE tent he is pitching she gets embarrassed and rushes out. But later, she comes into his room to talk to him.

Part Two:
There has been a lot of nervouse smiles between Naomi and her brother since the day she practiced giving him a massage, but they haven’t been alone in the house for while. She’s been working hard in school and her shoulders are sore and tired and she asks him to rub her shoulders, and then the embarrasing feeling Naomi had when she was the one giving the massage come back and she doesn’t hesitate this time.

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Massage from my Hot Aunt, Part 2 - Jane Cane

Massage from my Hot Aunt, Part 2 – Jane Cane

Massage from my Hot Aunt, Part 2 – 5:50 Wade walks into his Aunt Jane’s massage table area and lies down. She begins to rub his hurt leg for him. He can’t hold back any longer, he asks her about what he just saw. He has to know why she was giving a stranger a blowjob. He had no idea it was this type of establishment. His aunt is embarrassed, but honest with him. She tells him that she has been having some financial problems and some customers can pay extra for discreet services. Wade is shocked to hear this, but also intrigued. He has always had a crush on his fun aunt. He begins to stroke his cock and tells her that if she takes her tits out and lets him masturbate while staring at her, he will bring in some of his football buddies with money next week to help her out. Aunt Jane is hesitant, but agrees to this deal. She lets her nephew stroke his cock to her tits until he explodes in her sheets.

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Nuru Massage for Mom - Bettie Bondage

Nuru Massage for Mom – Bettie Bondage

Oh, honey, I’m so happy for you, going back to school like this! And to be a massage therapist? You’re going to help heal so many people. So, what did you need help with? Oh, well, I’d love to help, but wouldn’t it be weird for you to see me naked, to touch my body like that? Ok, well if you’re sure, honey. I mean, you are the professional!
So, should I just get up onto the table? Ok. So, what did you say this was called? Nuru self-massage? No, I’ve never heard of that. Oil? Um, ok sweetie. All over my…breasts? Honey, are you sure you’re ok with this? Ok…mmm, it does feel nice. My butt? Well, if you’re sure…mmm, yes it does feel good. Wow, I didn’t realize how relaxing self-massage could be. This does feel great. Lower? Um, are you sure? That’s…oh, wow. Uh, this is feeling very exciting, honey I don’t know if…mmm, that feels so good sweetie!
Hey, honey…what’s that? It feels like your…oh my. Are you sure? I mean, my butt against you like this, isn’t that a bit inappropriate? Ok, if you’re sure…mmm, it does feel nice. What uh…what body part is that, that I”m rubbing against? Mmm, it does feel good. Oh, sweetie, oh hold on that’s about to go into my…oh, goodness…mmm, that…wow. Sweetie, I don’t know if that’s….oh god, it feels so good. That’s it sweetie, deeper. You’re making mommy feel so, so good!!

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Mother's Day Massage - Lovely Lilith

Mother’s Day Massage – Lovely Lilith

You’ve grown up with a mother who dresses provocatively. She has the curvy body of a goddess and wants everyone to know it. Even you.
Ever since puberty, you’ve found yourself obsessed with her cleavage. You’ve always felt so naughty about it, but it was almost like she teased you on purpose with those low-cut shirts!
You’ve been haunted by your mother’s body for so long. But… you know something of value. She hasn’t had a man in YEARS. And now that you’re grown, you have the perfect plan to get your hands on her voluptuous body.

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Mom Massages the Tightness Out of Cock - Miss Behavin 26

Mom Massages the Tightness Out of Cock – Miss Behavin 26

You play the mother. A male actor plays your son. You son is really sore so you tell him you will give him a massage. You are in a black yoga pants and he is in boxers. You have him lie down and sit on his lap and start grinding on his cock. You ar stacking away from him and your as sis facing him. He doesn’t really understand what you are doing but you tell him it’s important and to trust mommy. He gets uncomfortable but you continue reassuring him. This goes on for a bit until you decide it’s not enough and tell him you need to use oil to really release the pressure. You have him strip naked and you do so also. You then rub a ton of oil all over your ass and his cock and stomach, and resume the grinding. Again your ass facing his face, and his cock smashed between his stomach and your ass cheeks. He is really complaining now how this is wrong and your are his mother etc but you continue. Finally he can’t hold it back anymore and starts humping back, saying how busty mommy is and how he can’t take your ass anymore. You talk naughty encouraging him to show mommy how much he’s got and to shoot it out for mommy. He then cums between your ass cheeks while you grind on him as much as possible. Groaning ohh mommy with each shot and you encouraging him throughout.


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