Ivy Dominates - Step-Daddy Takes That Sissy Ass

Step-Daddy Takes That Sissy Ass – Ivy Dominates

Hey, being your step-sister and all, I kinda know everything about you. I’ve heard you in your bed at night, dreaming about someone in particular… STEP-DADDY! I know you fantasize about step-Daddy all the time. I know you think about him. You love to fuck strangers who look like him, I’ve seen those guys. You even go to glory holes with his picture, admit it! And he says you call him all the time and he hears noises… I bet you call him when you’re with those guys! You call dudes “step-Daddy” and beg them to fuck you – “fuck me, step-daddy!” Well, we’ve got a little surprise for you. step-Daddy wants in on this. He wants you to service him. And I’m going to help. Oh, it was just a fantasy? Well, not you’ll be servicing step-Daddy forever. I’m going to hold you down and make you take his dick until he fills that sissy asshole full of his hot, creaming spunk! If you resist, I’ll just have to hold you down even more, maybe even sit on your face. So sit still!

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Family Affair Of Fistting And Fucking 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Family Affair Of Fistting And Fucking 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

You know that your cousin loves slapping you with his huge 12 inch cock. He doesn’t know any better since he has Asperger Syndrome. You have graduated to taking his big cock in your ass while me and your aunt suck and fuck his 12 inch cock!!! Now I think it’s time to make it an entire family affair!!! Let’s include your other female cousins in on this too! They can all line up to shove their forearms and whatever us into your tight, young ass! It will be a family reunion!!!!!!!!!

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Mom Finds Your Stash 1080p - Butt3rflyforU

Mom Finds Your Stash 1080p – Butt3rflyforU

Custom video-Name Jason used occasionally-Mom walks in to find you watching porn on your laptop and while she was cleaning she found your dope under your bed!!! To make matters even worse, the porn she found was make me bi and cock loving porn!!!!!!!!! So to put it lightly, mother is extremely pissed!!! I am going to teach you a lesson!!! You know you shouldn’t be smoking dope! Pick up this spliff….do it!!!! Now , you hold it in for as long as I say and do not exhale until I tell you. Pull your zipper down too. Take out that cock. I will jerk you off while my tits are out and you can also watch your freaky porn too!!!! Do not cum until I tell you. We are going to fill those lungs to capacity and have your mother tell you when to cum!!!!!

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Mommy Knows Best 1080p - Tammie Madison

Mommy Knows Best 1080p – Tammie Madison

What is this all about, sweetheart? I hear there has been some trouble between you and your friends. The boys have been calling you all sorts of names, like fag, sissy, pansy cocksucker, and you have been embarrassed by it. Now, honey, the thing is, they only call you these things because they are all true. You are a little sissy cock craver.
But, you see sweetheart, I need your friends to call you these names. It is all done with good intentions. They just want to help you figure out who you are. I want you to admit that it is dick that your desire, not pussy. Stop pretending that you are into girls. You are mommy’s little fag and this all for your own good.
I know what is best for you and will do whatever it takes to make it clear for you that you are gay. You are not like all of your straight friends. You like boys. Even if I have to fuck all of your friends just to show you that you are different from them, because you will never fuck mommy, then that is exactly what I will do.
So, what is it going to be? Will you accept you are a fag and start sucking cock, or is Mommy going to have to be passed around between all your mates?

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Mean StepMommy Finds your GAY Porn - Olivia Harper

Mean StepMommy Finds your GAY Porn – Olivia Harper

Your stepmom was cleaning the house today, and while she was going through your room she found something incredibly interesting…. she knew you were some kind of pervert, but a FAGGOT? She is not pleased. She berates you and tells you how disgusted she is by your perversions. If you don’t want anyone else to know the nasty homosexual porn you jerk off to, you’re going to do exactly what she says.

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