Spurned Wife Regresses Hubby - MoRina

Spurned Wife Regresses Hubby – MoRina

Her husband was leaving her. She flirted, she pleaded, but he wasn’t having it or her. Desperate time, desperate measures. She cast a spell on him to freeze so he couldn’t leave. Then she wielded a couple magic spells to start his age regression. If she can’t be the woman he wants, she will be the woman he needs. She flirts with him as he starts getting younger and younger. She tells him to stroke his little cock before it won’t work anymore and encourages him to cum for her. She gets naked for inspiration. When he becomes a baby, she nurses him and sings him a lullaby!

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Special Mimosa Gets You Mother's Day Sex - Miss Penny Barber

Special Mimosa Gets You Mother’s Day Sex – Miss Penny Barber

I am so lucky to have such a darling son who brings me breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day so I don’t have to put on clothes for brunch. The gift you got me is also lovely even if I am not sure what to do with this little, um, sculpture? These Mimosas must be going straight to my head because I am really feeling flushed and I don’t think I can wear this robe another second.
What did you put in this drink, sweetie? I am starting to feel a really strong need to take off this last bit of clothes I am wearing and I also feel much bolder about admitting that I know your “gift” is a butt plug. Does my special boy want to see me being naughty? Is that why you made your Mom’s drink extra special this morning? I have a feeling if I agree to put this plug in my ass then you are going to want put something in my pussy too. They do say a nice hard fuck always makes the best Mother’s Day present.

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Controlled Family Fun: Son Uses Remote Control on Mom & Aunt, POV - Forced Sex - HD 1080p - Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

Controlled Family Fun: Son Uses Remote Control on Mom & Aunt, POV – Forced Sex – HD 1080p – Whitney Morgan & Carmen Valentina

It was the perfect time to test out your new remote control. Your mom and aunt had been talking in the bedroom when you walked in with a big, confident grin. “Oh hey honey, how are you doing today?” Mom greeted you with a warm smile. “Whatchu got?”
You showed off your latest invention, which your aunt mistook for a TV controller, but Mom was thrilled. “Oh no, he loves to do these silly, little inventions. He’s going to be my mad scientist. He’s won first place in the science fair every single year,” she bragged to her sister.
You demonstrated how it worked by pressing a button on the controller, which caused Mom and Auntie to say naughty, filthy things immediately. “I want to suck your dick,” Auntie said seductively, then gasped in horror at what she had just said. “What just happened?” Mom’s eyes widened in disbelief and she shoved her sister, “Don’t say those things to my son!” But even Mom couldn’t control herself – she ranted on and on about how much she wanted your cock, then realized that she had been doing it, too.
“No, no, no!” they both yelled when they saw you bring out the control again. This time you had them do a sexy, little striptease for you. “Why am I moving? I can’t control myself…I don’t know what’s going on,” Auntie panicked. “He’s…he’s getting better with his inventions…” Mom lifted her shirt and groped her tits. They shouted at you about how inappropriate this was, and how you’d be grounded the moment they regained control, but you weren’t worried.
“This is humiliating,” Mom said as she danced provocatively and began spanking her butt. You continued to watch as they put on a very unwilling show for you, then hit another button. They fell to their knees and started masturbating right in front of you. They moaned, actually enjoying themselves, which made the situation even more mortifying for them.
And things only progressed from there. You had a throbbing erection, and you were going to make sure Mom and Auntie took care of it. You’d hit another button for them to give you a double handjob, then another for a double blowjob. “I don’t want to stroke it!” Auntie yelled. “What is wrong with you?!” Mom was appalled at how hard you were from family members touching your cock. “Do you know what this is? This is inc*st. A mother should not be stroking her son’s penis!” Mom explained.
But soon it’d be in their mouths…then inside their tight, mature pussies. After hitting a button to get them to lie back, you tried to decide who to fuck first – your aunt. The both of them were stuck in the positions they were in, and there was no fighting you as you fucked them. “Get out of your mother!” Auntie screamed as she watched you thrust in and out of her sister. “She doesn’t want to have sex with you! Stop torturing your mother and me!”
“No means no!” Mom yelled. When you had orgasmed, you left the two there as they threatened to take your remote. You knew they couldn’t move until you let them, so you gave them a cocky wave good-bye and left them there naked, spread, and exposed – your mother’s pussy full of your cum.

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Mom mesmerizes you to love stinky feet - Spoiled Mean MILFs - Lauren Phillips and Dacey

Mom mesmerizes you to love stinky feet – Spoiled Mean MILFs – Lauren Phillips and Dacey

Lauren and her Daughter Dacey sit on the couch excited after their workout together. Dacey tells Lauren she wanted to talk to her about something – and she admits her brother has been embarrassing her at school. You walk in to your Mom and Sister talking and they tell you it’s perfect timing. Your Mom Lauren tells you she has something special for you. She grabs a necklace and swings it back and forth… putting you deep into a trance. Your Mom mesmerizes you putting you under her control. Lauren tells Dacey she can choose what happens to you. Dacey tells her Mom she wants to make you like her stinky feet since you make fun of them all the time. Lauren snaps her fingers and tells you that you are obsessed with stinky feet. You smell Dacey and Lauren’s stinky workout feet and you cant control how much you enjoy it.

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Fully Devoted to You: Brainwashed Mom & Sister Fight for Your Love & Attention, POV - HD 1080p - Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

Fully Devoted to You: Brainwashed Mom & Sister Fight for Your Love & Attention, POV – HD 1080p – Nikki Brooks & Anastasia Rose

“Do me a favor and be home by midnight,” Mom was stern with your sister. “Can you do that for me?” You stood in front of them, waiting patiently and watching as the two of them bickered on what time was appropriate to come home.
“What do you need?” Mom finally turned towards you. “Do you have something else to add to the list?” Without a word, you placed your hand in front of your face. “What’s that?” they asked with narrowed eyes. But rather than respond, you blew the magic dust towards them, and they started to cough as it filled the air.
Their eyes fluttered and rolled, and once it had taken control of their minds, they looked at you in complete admiration and devotion. “Oh, I love you so much, sweetie,” Mom sighed. “Do you know how much I love you, bro?” Anastasia smiled sweetly.
In their minds, there was no one that could love you more than they did. They fought and competed for your attention…for your love, and they were willing to do anything for it. They stripped down, begged for your mouth around their beautiful nipples, then wrapped their hands around your throbbing cock.
They shoved and grabbed at one another to keep your full attention. They wanted to impress you, they wanted to pleasure you – they needed you more than anything or anybody. “Mommy loves you so much,” Mom continued, “that she wants to give you her pussy.” She stuck her big butt in the air and allowed you to penetrate her warm, wet hole.
When Mom was afraid you’d give into your sister, she offered Anastasia’s pussy to you. “I’ll even let you fuck your sister…” she said dragging Anastasia towards you, “that’s how much I love you.” But your sister fought back, “I’m letting you fuck me, bro,” and that soon became another argument for the two of them.
You went back and forth between your mom and sister, enjoying their flawless bodies while the magic dust still had them under its control. Your sister became so overwhelmed with jealousy as she grew aware that it would be impossible to compete with all the sexual favors that Mom had been offering you.
Once Mom offered her ass to you, Anastasia angrily left the bedroom. A big, happy smile ran across Mom’s face once she realized she had won. “My sweet, sweet boy…Mommy loves you so much…” she purred, then laid down for you to thrust her asshole. “Mommy loves you so much more than her…I let you cum in my ass.”
“How about I bring you more girls to fuck?” her eyes widened. “That’s how much Mommy loves you. You’ll keep fucking me, right? If I bring you more girls to play with? Maybe I’ll bring you your sister’s friends…we’ll fuck them all.” She let out a devilish giggle, then quickly got up and chased after your sister to get the contacts from her phone.

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Son Controls Mom's Body with Magic Wand, POV - HD 1080p - Ivy Secret

Son Controls Mom’s Body with Magic Wand, POV – HD 1080p – Ivy Secret

“Oh, what’s that, honey?” Mom smiled sweetly. “Do you have a new toy?” First off, it wasn’t a toy. You loved your new magic wand. It was a long wooden stick that had been smoothed out, and at the end of it was a pink quartz crystal wrapped in silver.
“A magical wand…oooohhh,” she pretended to be impressed. “I bet it really does work. You wanna try it? You gonna put a spell on your mom?” You held onto the wand, flicked your wrist, and Mom barked. Her eyes narrowed in confusion, “I don’t know what that was…maybe something was in my throat.” It was apparent that she was a little embarrassed by the sudden, uncontrollable act, so you went ahead and tried again.
Mom sat up on the couch, and her arms and hips started moving in a silly manner. “This is starting to get a little weird,” she mumbled to herself, but you were determined to give yourself a show. Another flick of the wand, and she was bobbing her head like a rockstar, her hair flying all over the place. “What is…” she started to say, but then it stopped, and she hurriedly fixed her messy red hair.
Some more flicks and she was groping her boobs, then swaying her hips from side to side as if she was dancing. Mom panicked as her body did things that she couldn’t control, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. She really had no idea it had been the wand the whole time.
Her hands started to undress her, “No, no…honey, don’t look, I don’t know why I’m undressing! Don’t look, this is so wrong.” She embarrassingly covered herself up as her eyes shifted towards the floor. Another flick of the wand and she was pulling her panties down, begging you not to look. “This is so inappropriate, I am so sorry. I really…I don’t know what’s going on,” she said nervously. “Where…where did you get that wand?”
She was starting to piece things together. The wand made her masturbate, then get down onto her knees and suck your cock. She pulled back after it wore off, ashamed of what she had done, but you didn’t stop there. She started spreading her ass for you, crying about how truly embarrassed she was to be doing it. She whined, “This is just awful…stop looking at me! I can’t stop doing this…”
Mom jumped in the air, her big, perky boobs bouncing along with her, and now she was furious. “Give me that wand,” she demanded, but you made her fall onto the bed instead, and she couldn’t move. She saw you pull down your pants to expose your big, hard cock, and a look of concern ran across her face. “Give me the wand…please,” she tried to reason with you. “Put your cock away. No, no…don’t, put it away.” But you roughly penetrated her, and she let out a soft, helpless moan.
“This is not okay!” her voice trembled. “Oh my god, I can’t move. Mommy is going to be sore on so many levels. You are going to be in trouble when I get out of this position!” She knew what you were planning next. “Don’t you dare,” she snapped at you. “You are definitely not cumming inside of your own mother. This is already so wrong on so many levels – there’s no way!” But you both knew that you would, even if she was begging you not to.
“Oh no, you did anyways,” she cried. The spell had worn off of her, and she was so mortified, ashamed, and disgusted that she couldn’t even look at you, let alone punish you. Perfect – an easy escape. After all, you were the one with the wand, and you could make her do anything you wanted.

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Son Gets a Private Show - Mom Finds Magic Ring & Can't Stop Dancing, Stripper - POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina

Son Gets a Private Show – Mom Finds Magic Ring & Can’t Stop Dancing, Stripper – POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina

When Mom came in to tidy up your room, she always made sure to do a thorough inspection of the place. She looked underneath the pillows, then opened your wooden drawers, and to her surprise, found a beautiful gift-box. “What’s this?” she asked curiously as she lifted the lid.
“Oh my god, cute!” she smiled examining the bulky, shiny ring. “He must be dating some girl. I wonder who he’s going to give this to.” Just then, you had entered your bedroom and caught Mom looking at the ring. “Ohhh…hey honey, I was just going through your room to see if there was anything bad in here…” she said, “I was just being a good Mom…and then I saw this ring, and the cute, little box. Are you dating a girl? You can tell me.”
You shied away from giving her any details about why you had it, which only intrigued her more, and she slipped it onto her finger. “She’s going to love it…whoever you give it to,” she said looking at it. The crystal ring began to glow and hum, and Mom’s hands moved up and down her body uncontrollably. “What’s…going on?” she said in disbelief. “What kinda ring is this? Why can I not control my body anymore? Where did you get this ring? Can you take this off of me?!”
Her body stood up, and she started to freak out as she struggled to get the ring off. “Why won’t it come off of me?!” Mom yelled. “Why are you watching? Why aren’t you doing anything?” Her hands continued to move along her gorgeous body, now groping and stripping her down for her son to see. Her perky tits were bare and exposed, her big butt was pushed out, and it started to bounce and twerk like it had never done before. It was as if her body was putting on a little strip show for you to enjoy.
“Why am I dancing like a stripper?!” Mom asked in utter embarrassment. Her hands played with her purple panties before taking them off, then her body threw her harshly onto the bed. “I don’t like this at all!” she cried, her big booty shaking obnoxiously. “This isn’t funny!” Her hips shifted up into the air in a very sultry and provocative manner, then her legs shook like a stripper trying to get tips.
She begged and begged for you to take the ring off, then threatened to ground you if you didn’t. Without your help, she would dance like a little whore all night long…and you’d enjoy every second of it. Of course, the ring was never intended for her, but somehow, this was far better than what you had planned to use it for.

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X-Rated Mom - Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control, POV - HD 1080p - Reagan Lush

X-Rated Mom – Son Makes His Own Adult Channel with Magic Remote Control, POV – HD 1080p – Reagan Lush

“I know what you’ve been watching…” Mom ranted. “You think I wasn’t going to see that? It went right onto my credit card, young man! No excuses!” She went on to explain, in great detail, what adult content you had been watching, which made the whole situation awkward and embarrassing.
“You haven’t been doing your homework, none of your chores – I am sick of this!” she continued, now finding other things to complain about. To save yourself any further humiliation, you pointed the remote control at her, pressed a button, and Mom rambled on, but there wasn’t any sound coming from her mouth.
Best part was that she had no idea that it was happening – she looked ridiculous. You pressed another button, which unmuted her, and her voice came back annoying and strong. Ugh, she still wouldn’t shut up. So, you had fun going back and forth between muting and unmuting her, then decided it would be more fun to try something else.
Since she wanted to bitch about the adult channel and the porn that you had been watching, you thought it’d be enjoyable to make her your own x-rated show. “I love all that Asian pleasure you’ve been watching…” her tone changed into a more sultry and seductive one. “And I just wanna whip out my beautiful titties for you, son. Look at how fucking huge they are – I just wanna put your cock between them. I know you wanna fuck me…don’t you?”
Her hands ran up and down her gorgeous, petite body, groping her exposed, perky tits as she said perverted, naughty things to you. You pressed another button, which caused her to go back to her bitchy, normal self, and she continued running her mouth as if nothing had ever happened. “And I am not going to let your father see any more of that going on. I’m going to be looking at all the credit cards bills from now on, your text messages…I’m gonna make sure that I’m aware of everything you’re watching, young man,” she said sternly.
Seemed like x-rated was the better choice. Once again you sent Mom back to her sexy, sultry mode, and she stripped down, telling you all the hot, dirty things that turned you on. Her pussy become wet as her fingers circled her clit, and it only made your cock throb more, which made you want more. You sent her into a further “x-rated” mode, and now she was on her knees sucking your cock, and you had your tongue on her perfect, pink pussy.
“You don’t need to watch porn anymore…you can just fuck this tight, little pussy right here. I want to feel your hard cock shoved deep inside of me…” she purred. “Show me how you fuck a woman.” You penetrated Mom’s pussy as she moaned in pleasure and told you to fill her with your hot cum.
Once you were finished, you returned Mom to her normal state, and she continued her big lecture. “And that is the last that I am going to speak with you about this, okay? I’m not going to have this conversation with you again…” she proceeded to say, then paused when she felt her pussy dripping. “Oh…my god…oh, that is wrong! This is so perverted!” she said panicked and disgusted. “I can’t believe this…I can’t believe that just happened!” Although she had no idea what really happened, she pieced together why she was naked and why her pussy was dripping with cum.
“You know what…you can watch whatever you want,” she said. “Just don’t tell your father about this – this is our little secret, okay?”

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Spanish Fly Makes Mom Take Your Cock in a All 3 Holes - Bettie Bondage

Spanish Fly Makes Mom Take Your Cock in a All 3 Holes – Bettie Bondage

Last month, you saw this ridiculous ad in the back of a nudie mag about “spanish fly.” The ad said, “guaranteed to make any woman need your cock, or your money back!” when you looked it up online, it sounded like people actually had really good success with it, so you figured what the hell. Of course, the one woman you would want to use it on it would the hardest person to get to fuck you, under normal circumstances: your mother. You’ve always had such a hard-on for your mother, and she made it totally worse with all the skimpy clothes, and how well she took care of her body. You decide that you’ll give it a try, dropping the colorless, odorless powder into a glass of water right before she comes in from the gym. She always goes and gets a glass of water, first thing, and she thinks its so sweet when you tell her you already poured it for her.
She gulps it down and, to your astonishment, within a minute, she is touching herself. She pours the last drops onto her body, rubbing her hands up and down her torso as she questions you about what was in that water. She’s obviously feeling it! She starts to flaunt her body, oscillating between horny abandon and horrified shock. She can’t control her body, she tells you, as she bends over and shows you her wet pussy, pulling her tight, white gym shorts down. You pull your cock out and watch as she grins at it, licking her lips before her normal brain takes over and she begs you to put it away. She can’t help herself, she confesses, as she gets on her knees and takes your cock into her mouth, then her throat, gagging on your dick before stroking you across her face, an expert cocksucker.
Of course, she is able to wrest control of her mind for moments begging you to stop this insanity, but there is no way that’s happening. You’re going to nut all over your mom’s face. She smiles as she strokes you to completion, taking a hot load across her pretty lips and cheek before rubbing your cum all over her pussy. Again, she begs you not to but the dirty slut in her wins again, and she sinks her hungry maw of a cunt onto your throbbing member, still hard with excitement over finally being able to fuck your mother. She rides your dick like a pro, like the slut you always dreamed she would be, until again you feel that familiar rumbling in your balls, and you let go with a huge load into your mother’s wet and messy cunt. She pulls out and lets your cum drip onto the floor, finger fucking herself until she squirts cutely onto the hardwood. She gets on her knees and you watch as she slurps up the mix of your juices.
You’re satisfied to end here, but your mother has another idea. She wiggles her ass against your still-upright dick, resting the puckered star of her asshole onto your member. The demure mom inside her begs you to stop this right now, but you know better than to mess with a good thing. You watch as the spanish fly takes control of her hips and she pistons down onto your cock, your mothers certainly virgin asshole now popped onto your rigid dick. You pump slowly into her, watching as her tightest hole accommodates your thick shaft. Within minutes she has you balls deep, and her hot asshole is milking you to an orgasm for the third time in under a half hour. You can’t believe this – you’re definitely buying more of this stuff – you’re going to fill your mother’s asshole with cum!!

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MILF Sex Trance Ends In Spanking For Perverted Step-Son - Miss Penny Barber

MILF Sex Trance Ends In Spanking For Perverted Step-Son – Miss Penny Barber

I was actually feeling proud of little Sammy for how diligently he has been working on his science experiment but then I discovered that he was motivated by something other than academic ambition. The dirty brat was trying to build a mind control device and he planned to secretly test it on me for his own entertainment. I knew from the way he was always trying to look down my top or up skirts that it was not going to be some cute show where he made me quack like a duck.
I was proved right when he finally snuck up and blasted me with whatever gadget he had been constructing. Too bad I had already sabotaged it. I pretended to be totally under his control at first and sure enough, he ordered me to strip within his first few commands. He barely even tested my obedience or awareness before he was grabbing handfuls of my tits and proclaiming himself to be a genius. I let him live his perverted dream of having his step-mom as a mindless sex doll for a little longer before I snapped him over my knee and into his nightmare. From thinking he had absolute power over my body to begging me to stop spanking his bottom in less than two minutes. At least he will have some memories of seeing me naked to comfort him during the long months of chastity ahead.

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