Brian does my homework - Maddie Money

Brian does my homework – Maddie Money

My Step-Brother Brian gets great grades at school! So maybe he can help with my issues. I’m failing! I asked the teachers assistant if he could up my grades… in a seductive little way… & That fucker gave me more homework! I Told my teacher, I would do… absolutely ANYTHING to get my grades up…. and he said there was nothing he could do! & I finally went to the principle, who is always eyeing me down… and he even refused…. but thankfully for br0ther Brian and his great grades and being so willing to be seduced…i think my failing grades have come to an end.

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rewarded - Maddie Money

rewarded – Maddie Money

Step-Mommy rewards you with a little edging session. Gets your cock throbbing and aching in ways you did n’t know possible while calling you her good boy. Don’t you love stroking throbbing aching for M-mmy? Don’t you need to do every single thing m-mmy says? Join me in this sexy step-mom edging video, let m-mmy help you get your rocks off.!

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Step Mommys Floor Humper - Maddie Money

Step Mommys Floor Humper – Maddie Money

Extreme humiliation. have lipstick handy. Look at you, filthy horny POS… Aching for m-mmy. You disgust me, and I will remind you endlessly how gross you are, how gross that worm between your legs is, how fucking pathetic & gross as a human you are. This video will end with you licking cum up off m-mmys floor.

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Step Mommy Ruins Your Date - Maddie Money

Step Mommy Ruins Your Date – Maddie Money

Step-Mommy catches you getting ready for a hot date, all dolled up with a tie on. But I know you didnt ask me! How dare you think you can go get laid, fall under another womens grasp… you are a M-mmys boy afterall! You need to end what you are doing, pull out your cock… stroke, obsess, and repeat after me. Who is a good boy? Who needs to ruin their date? You.<

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Ruined for step mom - Maddie Money

Ruined for step mom – Maddie Money

Step-Mom comes in and sees how achy you are, crawls on your cock and starts to fuck you. Having you thrust into m-mmy deep and hard, about to burst… Then I get off your cock and give you the most shocking information of your life. This has been filmed! Oh no, what are the lengths you’ll go to.. just to make sure video footage of fucking m-mmy doesn’t make it around your social circle? (blackmail fantasy!)

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Step-Moms Date - Maddie Money

Step-Moms Date – Maddie Money

You come in Step-Moms room as M-mmy is getting ready for a date with your [email protected] Thats when I notice how bad you want me, you need me. So I tell you to pull out your pecker.. as you stroke I use my looks to seduce you and my words to mesmerize your little brain. I have you stroke and repeat making you my “good boy” making sure you can’t ever jerk your cock alone again. Making you mine, all mine, I use my seduction to overwhelm you and make you cum… all before I go out on my date.

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Piggy Man - Maddie Money

Piggy Man – Maddie Money

*heavy humiliation* Step-Mom is SO disappointed in how DISGUSTING you are, so M-mmy will put you in place. Naked on your knees, Snorting like a disgusting pig, gagged with a dirty sock and humping yourself. You get off on being a LOSER and a fucktard… Be careful where you cum because m-mmy makes you clean up your own fucking messes.

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