Lovely Lilith - Invasion Of The Babysitter 1080p

Invasion Of The Babysitter 1080p – Lovely Lilith

When you first met your babysitter, she was a cute innocent looking blonde cheerleader. Apparently, your neighbors had been using her for a while, which is why your wife hired her. She seems interested in you… a little too interested. She gazes at a picture of your family and asks if you prefer brunettes because your wife is one. She appears irritated when you say “yes.” Before you leave for work, she asks if you have a SnapChat. She assures you that it’s the best way to communicate with her, so you agree to downloading the app. While at work, she starts sending you messages… Each one more promiscuous than the other. She’s clearly trying to seduce you. Your wife comes home early and ends it before it can go further… Until… you have to hire her as a babysitter again… And this time, her hair is dyed brown. Now you know you’re in for it.

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Motherly Obsession 1080p - Lovely Lilith

Motherly Obsession 1080p – Lovely Lilith

Your mother is a busty goddess, and you’ve been obsessed with her forever! She’s always pranced around the house in super revealing clothing because she wanted to please your father. She didn’t realize it would have the same affect on you.
One day, you sneak ANOTHER photo of her cleavage as she’s bent over. In your excitement for getting such a good pic, you send it to your friend– telling him your mom’s tits are better than his… But you made a mistake…. You texted the image of your mother’s breasts to YOUR OWN MOM!!!
As soon as she sees it, she comes barging in on you, wondering what on earth is going on! She takes your phone from you and begins to scroll through the photos. She’s completely shocked to find your massive collection of photos of her busty body.
You’re surprised when she doesn’t get angry. In fact, she seems touched. She looks at you and understands completely. She’s accidentally aroused you in all her skimpy attire. Now you’ve become obsessed with her!
This is an obvious problem that needs to be fixed ASAP! She doesn’t want you to go back to college thinking about her sexually after-all! So, she decides that tonight she’ll help you out. You NEED to get her out of your system.
She’s going to allow you to indulge in your deepest fantasy… for one night only….

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Daddy's Cam Whore - Lovely Lilith

Daddy’s Cam Whore – Lovely Lilith

It’s been half a year since you found your daughter online doing adult camming. At first you were shocked! It didn’t take long for you to become obsessed, however. Your daughter’s body is just what you’ve been craving. Unable to withstand temptation, you go to her camming website and take your daughter into a private session. What better show to ask for then some dirty taboo daddy/daughter role play? The show is more intense than you expected, and you find yourself completely turned on! Unfortunately, you just can’t help but show her your cam… and your rock hard cock! It’s about time she knows what she’s been doing to you!

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Mother's Day Massage - Lovely Lilith

Mother’s Day Massage – Lovely Lilith

You’ve grown up with a mother who dresses provocatively. She has the curvy body of a goddess and wants everyone to know it. Even you.
Ever since puberty, you’ve found yourself obsessed with her cleavage. You’ve always felt so naughty about it, but it was almost like she teased you on purpose with those low-cut shirts!
You’ve been haunted by your mother’s body for so long. But… you know something of value. She hasn’t had a man in YEARS. And now that you’re grown, you have the perfect plan to get your hands on her voluptuous body.

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