Skinny-Dipping With Mom - Kylee Nash

Skinny-Dipping With Mom – Kylee Nash

You’ll feel like you’re watching your own homemade vacation video in this POV roleplay. Mom has taken you to the beach for one last special trip before you’re off to college, but today she has something quite naughty in mind – skinny dipping! After teasing you by having you help her oil up her perfect body, Mom seduces you into running into the ocean with her – as naked as the day she was born!
A very natural-feeling and realistic tease from Mom.

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Nuru Massage for Mom - Bettie Bondage

Nuru Massage for Mom – Bettie Bondage

Oh, honey, I’m so happy for you, going back to school like this! And to be a massage therapist? You’re going to help heal so many people. So, what did you need help with? Oh, well, I’d love to help, but wouldn’t it be weird for you to see me naked, to touch my body like that? Ok, well if you’re sure, honey. I mean, you are the professional!
So, should I just get up onto the table? Ok. So, what did you say this was called? Nuru self-massage? No, I’ve never heard of that. Oil? Um, ok sweetie. All over my…breasts? Honey, are you sure you’re ok with this? Ok…mmm, it does feel nice. My butt? Well, if you’re sure…mmm, yes it does feel good. Wow, I didn’t realize how relaxing self-massage could be. This does feel great. Lower? Um, are you sure? That’s…oh, wow. Uh, this is feeling very exciting, honey I don’t know if…mmm, that feels so good sweetie!
Hey, honey…what’s that? It feels like your…oh my. Are you sure? I mean, my butt against you like this, isn’t that a bit inappropriate? Ok, if you’re sure…mmm, it does feel nice. What uh…what body part is that, that I”m rubbing against? Mmm, it does feel good. Oh, sweetie, oh hold on that’s about to go into my…oh, goodness…mmm, that…wow. Sweetie, I don’t know if that’s….oh god, it feels so good. That’s it sweetie, deeper. You’re making mommy feel so, so good!!

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Step Mom's Belly Button - Asian Darling

Step Mom’s Belly Button – Asian Darling

Ur father remarried a super attractive young woman. She is almost about your age- Lately you have been noticing her cute deep belly button. You cant help staring… One day your father is on a business trip Leaving you guys alone. She comes talk to you sweetly, but then finally confronts you about your POSSIBLE Belly Button FETISH… things turn out a bit odd dont worry shes just ur step mom!

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Mommy Says Touch Her Butt - Kates Kurves

Mommy Says Touch Her Butt – Kates Kurves

Mommy has been giving me lessons about her body each week, we have so much fun and its our little secret which makes it even better. Daddy never has to know about this as he wouldn’t understand it anyway.
In this weeks lesson mommy is gonna show me her butt and let me spank it put lotion with oil all over. Isnt that gonna be fun? I can’t wait to see mommy show me her butt.

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