StepMommy Ignores you - Goddess Stella Sol

StepMommy Ignores you – Goddess Stella Sol

Step-Mommy ignores you as you sit there so eager to rub your little pecker and maybe get to cum for Her again. Don’t you dare spurt without permission tho. All you get to do is stare at My beautiful face and body and beg with your eyes for mercy. I hardly even notice and certainly don’t care about your aching blue balls. HAHAHA!

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Stepmom Reverse Handjob Cum On My Butt - Carrie Moon

Stepmom Reverse Handjob Cum On My Butt – Carrie Moon

Carrie comes downstairs to kiss her stepson goodnight. She asks him if he needs anything first.. and he indicates that he wants the bedroom window closed. It’s just a ruse she realizes after she turns around to find him jerking off under the covers while he stares at her butt.
She only realizes this when she leans in to kiss him goodnight and practically falls on his hard dick. At first she’s shocked.. but then she feels responsible since she is dressed in lingerie that she intended to surprise her hubby in… and she offers to help him get it out of his system so that he can sleep soundly.
Carrie rubs her tits on his cock and puts his cock in her mouth.. and then since he was actually enamoured by her butt she turns around to let him slide his cock between her buttcheeks. He seems to be enjoying this immensely but then she takes her hand and reaches around to grab his cock and without turning around squirts his cum all over her ass!
She then lovingly cleans him up and gives him a maternal kiss goodnight. One very happy stepson.

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Mommy Will Give You Everything - Bettie Bondage

Mommy Will Give You Everything – Bettie Bondage

You’ve been planning on moving out for a while now. Your mother has always been very attached – it only worsened when your father passed away, but now it’s time to move on. She’s been so sad, and even angry sometimes, but your girlfriend tells you that she’ll get over it. Today, you come home from work and your mother is sitting on the couch. She wants to talk.
She tells you that she knows you want to move out and have your own place, to give your relationship the attention it deserves. “But, honey,” she says, looking nervous, “I want to be the one to give you everything. Everything you need.” She can’t be saying what you think she is, right? Is your own mother suggesting that she could be your…girlfriend??
“I know what I’m saying. I’m not joking. I’m being serious. I mean this. If you agree to say, I can give you everything. Everything,” she says, pulling down her dress. Your mother is wearing red and black lacy lingerie, thigh high stockings…and she’s teasing you. Her body is gorgeous, and you can’t help but get hard. She notices, crawling over you, pressing her breasts against you, touching your cock. It’s no use pretending, you know that. And as the excitement mounts, as your mother straddles you, her wetness quivering over the head of your cock, you know you’ll do anything to have this. To have her.

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Mommy Is Your Personal Pornstar 4k - Xev Bellringer

Mommy Is Your Personal Pornstar 4k – Xev Bellringer

I knew it would take something special to motivate my son to get better grades. Nothing really worked, not like this did. All I had to offer was… oh dear. I couldn’t believe he would ever want this… want me… dressed in slutty red lingerie, for him. But what kind of mother would I be if I backed out now… I would have to let my son do anything he wanted to me. Just like I promised.
But I couldn’t believe my eyes when he took the camera out. Was he really planning on recording me like this… us together doing unspeakable things? My son wanted to make his own mother into his personal porn star! I shouldn’t have liked the idea but… I did. The moment he told me to sit down on the bed and show my body for the camera, I wanted him to see me. I wanted him to want me. I did everything my son wanted – my fingers obediently slid down to my pussy, under the panties… into my wet slit.
Did he really want me to cum for him… right here, right now? But the only way I could orgasm is if I looked at a cock while I touched myself… and, oh dear… before I knew it my son whipped it out! And it was SO HARD!! For… me. He thought his own mother was sexy. I was so flattered, so ready to give him anything he wanted… and his big cock was just waiting for me… for my lips. There would be no taking this back… once my son and I did this… once I lowered my warm mouth onto his cock… and made him cum.

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Your Aunt Pegs You On Your 18th Birthday - AJ Jupiter

Your Aunt Pegs You On Your 18th Birthday – AJ Jupiter

This video is an installment in the “Mom fucks your ass” series. That’s the way it usually is in the family, going back generations. Every son that turns 18 gets his ass fucked by his mother. But this time it’s going to be different. Your aunt has begged and begged your mom to let her be the one to break you in, to turn you into a man. Finally, your mom relented. and now your aunt sits on the bed in front of you, telling you how she’s waited for this moment, and exactly what she wants you to do next… She wants to loosen that ass and get her strap on inside you more than anything in the world.

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Mom Sells Daughter's Virgin Body to Perverts, POV - HD 1080p - Carmen Valentina - Fifi Foxx Fantasies

Mom Sells Daughter’s Virgin Body to Perverts, POV – HD 1080p – Carmen Valentina – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

“So, I see you were interested in the ad…” Carmen started to say, “seems like you’re a little pervert.” Beside her, she had a number of dirty panties that belonged to her young, pure daughter. “A nice, young, wet, bald pussy was on these – don’t you want to sniff them?” she asked.
She laid out the stained panties for you, letting you examine each one before deciding which ones to buy. “So, you can fork up the cash if you want some of these,” the woman said bluntly. Being a single mom, Carmen needed some extra cash, and what better way to make some by selling her daughter’s panties to some sick pervert.
“Look at those pussy juices,” she pushed the different colored panties towards you. “I’ll make sure to put them in ziplock bags so you can savor the scent.” And that wasn’t all she was selling. “For an extra fee, you can fuck me,” she said exposing her perky tits, then penetrating her juicy, pink pussy with her fingers.
And if you wanted her daughter? Twice the price. Carmen knew what type of guy you were – what you really wanted. She knew that you wanted to take advantage of her innocent, naive, virgin daughter. You constantly fantasized about all the twisted things you would do in a situation like that. And seeing her mom give her up without a care in the world was too arousing – Mommy was pimping out her little, sweet girl to be someone’s dirty whore.


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Fulfilling Your Hottest Fantasy on Cam - Tara Tainton

Fulfilling Your Hottest Fantasy on Cam – Tara Tainton

Mmmm, there’s nothing like a hot cam session with a sexy woman. And that ability to be anonymous as you like, indulge in all your fantasies, confess all your dirty thoughts… how fulfilling. You’ve selected a sexy MILF to play with tonight. She’s an extremely hot older woman and doesn’t even mind that you’re too shy to turn your cam on. With voice only, you ask her to describe herself to you. You love the tease, the build up, the sound of her sensual tone. She even encourages you to tell your favorite fantasy of all: how you actually fantasize about your own mother. And your chat partner says she’s actually fantasized about her own son as well. How perfect. You’re both excited, all worked up, and you’re ready to turn your webcams on to see each other and discover… she IS your mother! But you’ve just heard her confess; the secret’s out now, that secret you BOTH have. Now, the REAL fun begins…


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How I got your father MP4 - Danielle Maye

How I got your father MP4 – Danielle Maye

Its date night tonight, for me and your father. Why don’t you take a look at what I’m wearing? You can let me know what you think, I’m sure your father will love it.
I was wearing something like this when me and him first met, a very short tight dress. Shows off my long legs perfectly doesn’t it? Not to mention how tight it is around my breasts.
One day you’ll get a girlfriend and if you play your cards right she just might be a sexy and as a talented as your step mother here. This is definitely how I got your father.
Tight dresses, sexy heels, perfect makeup, long blonde hair. My persuasive voice, it’s important to be able to control you men, Make you do whatever us women want, whenever we want.
Would you like to take a look and my lingerie? See if you think daddy will approve when I get him back to this bed later…?


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JR Fills Daddies Boots MP4 - Danielle Maye

JR Fills Daddies Boots MP4 – Danielle Maye

Every time your Father and i fuck, i CATCH you watching, i can see you out the corner of my eye SPYING.
What is wrong with you? do you want to FUCK Mommy?
Do you want to be Daddy?
You think you can fuck me like daddy does? did you not see how hard it fucks me? how much i cream all over Daddies big cock??
Your growing up, boys your age always have sex on the brain, you should have seen Mommy & Daddy at your age!!! WOW
Well i cant lie to my own Son, you look just like Daddy did at your age, & when i see you watching us, i think about you being underneath me as i ride that big hard cock.
Come to Mommy, Touch Mommy, Touch Mommies BIG HUGE BREASTS.
I can see in your trousers how excited you are, but don’t get to excited. Do you like what i am wearing? i got this for your Father for Valentines day, but we are a Family so we should all share.
So why dont you come here and feel Mommies tight little pussy, i want you to stroke for me, SHOW MOMMY how you wank that cock, think about your cock deep inside Mommies wet pussy.
Cum all over Mommy & Daddies bed so i can see that huge load.
GOOD BOY, that looks amazing, i need to have just a little taste. mmmmmm that tastes so young and fresh.
Now go to your room let Mummy clean this mess up.


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Happy St. Patrick's Day Son - Naughty Nevada

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Son – Naughty Nevada

Eagerly awaiting his St. Patrick’s Day surprise my son is already naked and laying across my bed. In cute green lingerie I lean over and begin to lick and suck on his cock getting it nice and hard. I ask if he is ready to fuck Mommy and get up on the bed in doggystyle position. He slides his cock into me from behind and begins to pound my tight little pussy. When he cums he pulls out and shoots his nice big load all over Mommy’s ass.


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