Babies Enema - Lindsey Leigh

Babies Enema – Lindsey Leigh

Hello my little baby boy. Mommy is not very happy about what happened to her strap on the last time we fucked. It got all dirty. We need to clean that butthole out so its nice and perfect just the way mommy likes it. Pull down your diaper and grab your enema kit, its time to clean baby up!

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Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk - Lindsey Leigh

Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk – Lindsey Leigh

You are heading to college and there are a few things we need to go over. One, I am too young to be a grandmother. Two, risk of pregnancy. Three, disease. Need I say more? These are all things you will encounter in college if you are not smart and just jerk off. All of those things are distractions and I do not approve. Mommy wants you using and cumming into your hand not some coed. If you follow my instructions properly you will not need a partner for the next 5 years which is just as long as we need. Stroke for mommy.. just as I say..

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Mommies Baby Boy - Lindsey Leigh

Mommies Baby Boy – Lindsey Leigh

Mommy is back and pushing your limits even further. I want you to be my baby. Sucking a pacifier, using a diaper and letting me change you. Mommy always knows whats best for her son, come suck on mommies titties. “I am going to take care of you and take complete control baby” I say it over and over like a nursery rhyme. I want your potty privileges to be up to me. I want that ass to belong to me. Dont you want to be a good boy for mommy?

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