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You wake up to your bratty Sister, complaining how your’e supposed to drive her and her friends to the rave today. They’ve already given you money to drive them and you forgot. Now you have to deal with her attitude. You’re so tired you keep dozing off.. She takes the blanket off you and sees your boner. Her outfit is so slutty you can’t help but get aroused. She’s embarrassed and tells you to get rid of it before her friends come over. You want her to touch it, but she says no. You tell her if she wants a ride, she has to touch it. Reluctantly she agrees, she just wants you to hurry up. She still acts like a brat while jerking your dick off. Now you want it in her mouth. She licks and sucks it, but you quickly decide you want it in her pussy! She knows you are taking advantage of the situation but goes along with it. It seems like your Sister is enjoying your cock now. She likes the way it feels inside her. You cum in missionary and then she turns around doggystyle. She rides your cock and you unload all your cum, filling her entire pussy with your cream pie.

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Virtual Fuck Your Sister - Lilcanadiangirl

Virtual Fuck Your Sister – Lilcanadiangirl

PART2 from Sibling Truth or Dare. This is a continuation. I come to visit you and your girlfriend this time. I just get there and your girlfriend is leaving for the gym, she’s dressed pretty slutty like I can see her buttcheeks hanging out. I talk down on her and start to tease you with my shorts and my butt. Don’t you like your sisters more? I want you to FUCK me … Come on.. I know you want to. If you don’t, i’ll call her and tell her we did it anyways, so you better take your pants off and fuck me. You’re so hard already! I knew it!!! I convince you so good to fuck me. I spit on your cock and let you slide it inside of me. We fuck hard, fast and slow. I pull my bra down so you can see your sisters tits. I cum all over your cock and let you keep fucking me until you give me a deep creampie that I cant push out. That felt so good. We better wash up so we don’t smell like sex, I don’t want to ruin your perfect relationship.

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Fuck Your Sister First - Lilcanadiangirl

Fuck Your Sister First – Lilcanadiangirl

You walk past your sisters room and see her doing her makeup in a tshirt and underwear. Why is she doing her makeup so late at night? Shes looking extra pretty tonight. She must be trying to sneak out when everyone goes to bed. You decide to sit in her room for a bit and see whats up. Shes extremely annoyed and aggravated that you wont leave. Someone keeps texting her and she gets all giggly. She becomes really bitchy so you stay even longer, you know she is definitely going to sneak out tonight. She finally caves in and tells you she is going on a date tonight and begs you not to tell on her. You get kind of jealous and decide you need to fuck her first before some random guy gets his way with her. You say you wont tell on her if she fucks you. She likes this guy so much and wants to go out so bad she actually does it. Shes pissed off but if thats what it takes she will do it. First you make her put on the dress she is going to wear tonight. She spits on your cock and jerks you off a little. Then she gets on top and slides her pussy onto your dick. Her pussy is so creamy! Then she turns around and bounces up and down your cock. You love looking at your sisters ass. She keeps riding you until you give her a huge cream pie. Now that you fucked her first that guy can have your sloppy seconds.

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