Blackmailed by my Brother - Lexi Dollface

Blackmailed by my Brother – Lexi Dollface

I come home to find you in my room and my sex toys sitting out on my bed. You threaten to tell mom and dad about what you found if I don’t do what you want. To my surprise, you want to watch me use the toys! What a pervert! I reluctantly strip and begin showing you how I use my toys. You start to get hard and begin jerking off while you watch me, and when you’re ready to cum, you want to cum inside my pussy!

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Teaching My Virgin Daughter - Lexi Dollface

Teaching My Virgin Daughter – Lexi Dollface

My daughter is getting married tomorrow and has absolutely no idea what to expect for the “big night”. She is a virgin and has never even seen a man naked. I sit her down and explain what she is to expect for her wedding night. This is going to go into a lot of explicit detail with lots of outdated overtones and norms, including me telling my daughter about her new ‘duties’ as a wife, which are all about sexually pleasing her husband, and which have nothing whatsoever to do with her own pleasure, because sex is 100% for the man. My daughter’s job is to spread her legs every night and allow her husband entry into her body for his pleasure.

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Stepmom Makes You Cum - Lexi Dollface

Stepmom Makes You Cum – Lexi Dollface

You walked in on me, your stepmom, giving a blowjob to the pool boy while your father was out of town for work. I beg you to keep it a secret, but you want something in return for your silence. You ask me to strip off my clothes and show you exactly what I was doing to the pool boy. I desperately don’t want you to tell your dad, so I comply and get on my knees to suck your cock. You shoot your load into my mouth, but you are far from done with me. Now that you’ve cum, you want to make your stepmom orgasm, and proceed to eat my ass while I masturbate. You get horny again and I hop on your cock and ride you with my bouncing ass. I can’t believe I’m fucking my own step son! When you’re ready to blow load #2, you shoot your cum all over my ass and asshole.

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Stepmom Makes You Submit - Lexi Dollface

Stepmom Makes You Submit – Lexi Dollface

It’s time that you learn the house rules of your new Stepmom. You are going to be my good little submissive stepson and do exactly as you’re told. First house rule is no more masturbation. That’s right, from now on, my hands are the only ones that are allowed to touch your cock and bring you sexual pleasure. Is that understood? Good boy. But don’t worry, I’m a good step mommy and will take good care of you. Let’s get a load out of those full balls as we begin our submissive training. I stroke your hard cock while you beg mommy to let you cum. After edging you for several minutes, I give you a 10 second countdown and give you permission to spurt that load of sperm all over. Now, clean it up!


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