Made to Worship Stepmom's Big Ass - Miss Mallory Driver

Made to Worship Stepmom’s Big Ass – Miss Mallory Driver

Your evil, seductive stepmom Mallory draws you into a trance with her shiny, skin tight leggings, and tells you that before you’re allowed to go anywhere you have a job to do: worship her PERFECT, ROUND, BIG JUICY ASS. You can’t help but to get a boner when she caresses her thick thighs, and you can’t help but to feel weak as she turns you into a gooning, stroking idiot. It’s humiliating and dehumanizing to be talked to and treated this way by her, but that’s probably why it turns you on so much, huh? lol Mean StepMommy Mallory is going to put you in your place, and tease you mercilessly. *Listen with headphones for an ASMR experience*

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Jerk Off to Mommy's Big Ass in Leggings - Lady Aorta

Jerk Off to Mommy’s Big Ass in Leggings – Lady Aorta

Hi baby! How was your day? I can make you a cup of tea, you sound quite worn out after all that… Hmm, what’s that? You don’t want anything? What’s wrong? You weren’t peeking at Mommy’s ass just now, were you…? You know, I feel like I might have been gaining weight lately. It’s so stressful at work so I tend to snack on something sweet quite a lot. These leggings are getting a little tight! Does Mommy’s big ass make you nervous? You really like your Mommy’s big butt, don’t you? It’s kind of funny how you get all nervous around me… I always notice! Maybe we should go to the bedroom? It’s just the two of us home today. Just you and Mommy… It makes Mommy’s pussy really wet, showing herself off for you. You like Mommy’s curves? The girls at school, they’re all so skinny, aren’t they? Way too skinny to your tastes. Wide hips and a big jiggly ass is what you like, isn’t it, baby? I know you do. I know my baby! Now jerk that dick for Mommy…

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