Mommy's Rubber Lover 2 - Sophia Sylvan

Mommy’s Rubber Lover 2 – Sophia Sylvan

Are you ready to do more for your mother, my little collared slut? Suck on mommy’s nipples while I hurt yours. Maybe I should I’ve you hormones so you will grow baby A cups. You have ask permission play with your sister, don’t get any crazy ideas, would you like to have a sister to play with, sweet sisters, the sister and the sissy? I always wanted a girl, so that’s why I punish you and make you my sissy bitch. Someday I’ll make you suck dick for mommy, I want my own son’s spit on black dick, to get it wet for us. Let’s share, baby. Let’s suck this long black double ended dildo together, maybe someday we will share a black cock like this, wouldn’t that be nice? Good boy. Be a good whore like your mother. I’m going to teach you everything I know. A good family shares everything. I have to beat you for being a boy and not the girl I wanted. Stand at attention, let me slap that cock. Want to earn the right to take this big dick in your sissy hole? Lube up your hole while I whip your dick. It’s going right in your ass, you sissy faggot. Want to get your whore ass filled faggot? I will punish it first with my riding crop. I want to get fucked but you don’t deserve to fuck me today, you need to remember your place. Put the chain of the clamps in your mouth and don’t drop it til you cum. You caecum with mommy. Lay down missionary like a good sissy and share this big dick with your mother. I put it inside me then work it into your hole deeper and deeper, making you take it painfully deep, you take the most of this cock, trying to get your body closer to mommy’s beloved pussy, working for it, pushing your faggot ass into me hard to get me off. Rub your slitty while you take this dick. I love you son now take that 10 inches while I cum! I’m so creamy, you creamed yourself too so nicely. Now suck my cum off this black cock, it’s so white and thick, let’s share again, licking my cum with a mother son goodnight perverted kiss.

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Mommys Rubber Lover 1 - Sophia Sylvan

Mommys Rubber Lover 1 – Sophia Sylvan

Hello baby, it’s time to submit to your mommy, I made the bed for us all in black rubber. Do you love mommy’s outfit? And you’re wearing the latex thong I told you to, very good. Kneel for mommy and lick my thigh high boots like a good sissy. You’re going to submit to me like a good boy and suck my black heel and lick the bottoms, I don’t care if it’s humiliating, you’ll obey your mother in all things. Rub your sissy clitty, while you kiss your way up the vinyl shaft. That’s a good slut. Now rub in the polish on mother’s red rubber shorts with your whore tongue. Now to worship mommy’s breasts, oops I forgot your pink puppy collar! I shove my tits in your face as I latch it around your neck. Mommy made you, and mommy owns you. lick my rubber, then make mommy extra aroused by licking my nipples. I’ll even motorboat you, my special boy. You used to suckle these, but you don’t remember. Perhaps I’ll train your sister to be a bitch like you too? She’s getting to be old enough. Would you like to be a sissy with your sissy? Now worship mommy’s dirty place like a good slut, get right in my hole, assholes before pussies, always. Mommy is horny, now it is time to get me off. I want to get my juices all over your slut face before I get something in both of our holes. Lick mommy’s clit til I cum, faggot!

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Mom Inflicts Misery On Small Dick Son - Butt3rflyforu

Mom Inflicts Misery On Small Dick Son – Butt3rflyforu

Mommy is bored today! You know what happens when mommy gets this way. I haven’t had a real huge cock in awhile and now I need you as my play thing!!! Mommy can see your neck tie isn’t tied properly. Here…let mommy make sure that it is tied securely around your neck! haha! When are you going to bring home that blonde boy for mommy? You know the one with the huge cock? Your little limp dick will never satisfy me or anyone else! You know mommy likes to play rough with you!? Taking your breathing to the limit. It makes mommy’s pussy so wet to see you gasping from your neck tie being too tight! But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to loosen it in time, before you lose your mind!! Just in time for Mr. Bag to be put over your head! And you will let mommy s mother you with my wet pussy!!! You will see first hand that you make mommy soooo very wet from seeing you struggle, jerk and gasp for air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Playing Doctor With Mommy - Delphoxi

Playing Doctor With Mommy – Delphoxi

You catch mommy playing with herself with a strange tool in her pussy while dressed as a doctor. You’re young and curious so you observe mommy as she continues ! She notices you watching and winks at you. “Don’t be shy baby, I best that you learn all these things from your mommy”. She spreads her legs and starts telling you about her lady parts. “Do you want to play doctor with me sweet boy?” She puts her speculum in her pussy and lets you look deep into her pussy, showing you her cervix! Mommy is so excited to teach you!You happily agree and mommy starts examining your cock for you like the naughty doctor she is! She teaches you about your cock and gets its nice and hard before she sucks it and then tells you to put it inside her and cum! Mommy just loves playing doctor with her sweet boy!

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