Fucking My Friend's Son Creampie Blowjob - Larkin Love

Fucking My Friend’s Son Creampie Blowjob – Larkin Love

This is a real life creampie and bj sex tape! I can’t believe I got creampied by my best friend’s son and filmed the whole thing. If she knew I did porn, she would have a complete meltdown. But fucking her son? I can’t even contemplate. Oh, well. Sometimes the dick is too good to pass up! I loved every second of his throbbing young cock in my mouth and pussy. Enjoy this 15 minute long suck and fuck fest with big creampie finish. Sometimes my private life is just too good to keep to myself!

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Shy Teacher Craves Cock JOI Striptease - Larkin Love

Shy Teacher Craves Cock JOI Striptease – Larkin Love

I asked you to stay after class today because I have something very important to tell you. You have to keep it secret, ok? Just between us. I’ve had a crush on you all year while you were in my class. Now that you’re about to graduate, I know we probably won’t see each other again. I’ll give you something to remember me by. Watch me take off my clothes, stripping slowly for you as I play with my tits and pussy. Stroke your cock to my body as I finger myself. We’ll cum together, right here in my classroom. Just make sure you keep your voice down and whisper.

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Pregnant Dirty Talk Son Impregnates Mom - Larkin Love

Pregnant Dirty Talk Son Impregnates Mom – Larkin Love

Here, Son. Mommy is feeling lonely. I miss how close you and I used to be. As much as I love seeing you so grown up and independent, I remember what it was like to be pregnant with you and carry you inside my body, feel you growing inside my belly. It’s impossible for two people to be closer than that. It’s the most intense intimacy on the planet, don’t you think? What was it like? I’ll happily tell you everything you want to know, son. I don’t keep secrets from my darling boy. It’s not weird to be interested in my pregnancy with you. After all, it was an important time in both our lives. Every detail is fascinating – from the sensation of your movements against my organs to the hormone flushes that kept me aching for orgasm 24 hours a day. When I was pregnant with you, my breasts were so sensitive, always full of milk with perky nipples begging to be sucked. It makes me wet and horny just thinking about it, having you deep inside my womb like that. It makes me want to have you inside me again. I can tell that you’re curious. You don’t have to be ashamed. Touch me, Son. Suck Mommy’s tits and get my milk. I want to feel your mouth so badly. Your throbbing cock can’t hide your intentions, no matter how you try. Slide it deep into my pussy and feel what it’s like to just let go and let Mommy take care of you. Fuck me as deep as you possibly can!


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Get Mom Pregnant Size Queen Creampie 720p - Larkin Love's Fetish Theater

Get Mom Pregnant Size Queen Creampie 720p – Larkin Love’s Fetish Theater

Did I fall asleep on the couch? Looks like your mom had a few too many at the party. Mmm, but I’m fine, son, really. I feel great. Why are you looking at me like that? Never seen me in a sexy dress before, eh? Well, back in the day, Mommy used to be quite the party girl. I don’t wear these low cut dresses around the house, but they still fit as well as they ever did!
You’re still staring at my chest, aren’t you? I can tell. Look at that growing bulge in your pants! You’re sexually frustrated. Silly boy, creeping on your mom like that. I’m just teasing you, honey. I don’t mind if you look at me. Here, take your hand and feel my body. I know you want to play with me.
The room is spinning a little, but I don’t give a damn. Let Mommy touch your cock. Mmm, it’s gotten so big, hasn’t it? A little bit of stroking from Mom’s soft, talented hands would make you feel really good. Your thick dick is making me horny, Son. Put in inside me right now!
Yes, slide your thick hard cock inside me, Son! Fuck me deep! I need you to pound me as deeply as you possibly can, every inch of your huge tool sliding deep into my unprotected womb. Fuck me raw and fill me up with your hot seed! Mommy wants your cum inside her!


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Mommy Aunt Pregnant Twin Milf Taboo - Larkin Love

Mommy Aunt Pregnant Twin Milf Taboo – Larkin Love

It all started innocently enough. Now that you’re a grown man, your mom wanted a new baby to take care of. Fair enough, you said. You told her she should go for it, that she should get pregnant if it makes her happy. Next thing you knew, she was on your dick, morning, noon, and night, begging to be filled with your hot young seed. What’s a loving son to do? I mean, it’s not like you don’t enjoy cumming bareback inside her warm wet pussy. Now, your mom’s twin sister (your aunt!) wants in on the baby-making fun, and she won’t take no for an answer! With two identical brunette milfs begging for your sperm, your balls are in for a thorough draining. These scheming twin sisters are more than “in the family way,” – they’re your family!


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Cum In Mommy's Eager Mouth Taboo Blowjob - Larkin Love

Cum In Mommy’s Eager Mouth Taboo Blowjob – Larkin Love

Some people would think my parenting methods are unorthodox, or even worse. I say, your perfect report card is all the proof I need that we’re on the right track. All you needed to get good grades was the right motivation. What does a boy your age want more than anything else? Blowjobs, of course! You can’t bribe a young man with candy or toys anymore. He needs something to satisfy his hormone-driven needs and fantasies. Time to make good on my promise, son. Mommy’s eager, wet mouth is yours for the taking. I’ll make it an extra special wet and sloppy bj for you, too! You can even cum right in Mommy’s mouth and coat her long tongue in your hot young seed. Mmm!


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