Mommy's Big Butt in Tiny Shorts - Lady Aorta

Mommy’s Big Butt in Tiny Shorts – Lady Aorta

Mommy has a problem. Don’t laugh at Mommy, but… You see, I think Mommy’s ass has gotten a lot bigger. Mommy’s been putting on some weight and… I’ll just show you ok, don’t laugh. I’m wearing these shorts and they are extremely tight. They weren’t this tight last time I tried them on. They give me a camel toe which is a little uncomfortable. The back is the worst! Oh, what’s the matter? You think it’s funny, don’t you? Wait a second… You’re turned on by this. Mommy’s so silly. She’s just bending over in front of you. Of course you’re turned on by Mommy’s booty. You don’t mind that Mommy’s butt has gotten bigger. What do you think of Mommy’s butt in these teeny tiny shorts? You are so lucky to have such a hot Mommy… Well, Mommy does like showing off for you. You’re really turned on, baby. Imagine taking Mommy from the back. Rubbing your hard dick on Mommy’s big butt. These shorts don’t come off easily. You’d have to rip them off. Oh, Mommy’s big butt all to yourself, all that ass just for you… You would rip those shorts right off and get to the point. Fuck Mommy’s pussy from the back. Her big fat pussy is so juicy and so wet for you. Shoot your load inside Mommy’s pussy. Plant your seed in Mommy. Maybe we’ll get into trouble later about that but it doesn’t matter… You can’t stop cumming, Mommy’s pussy is so good!

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Your Busty Mommy Comforts You - Lady Aorta

Your Busty Mommy Comforts You – Lady Aorta

Hi baby! Is something wrong? You seem upset. It’s ok, you can tell Mommy. Mommy’s here to comfort you and listen to your problems when you need her. Mommy was feeling a little frisky, but of course your needs are the priority. Mommy even wore this dress for you… You always have time for Mommy’s boobies, isn’t that right? They always comfort you. I like squeezing my boobies for you, baby. Have they gotten bigger? Why don’t you come a little closer to Mommy… You wanna put your face between them? You don’t have a care in the world when you put your face between Mommy’s big tits. My nipples are so hard for you, baby. You’re really turning Mommy on. Mommy’s tits have gotten so big. They’re growing for you, baby. They’re going to get so big for you. That thought really turns me on. Mommy wants her boobs to burst out of her bra because they’re growing for you. I don’t want my boobies to fit any of my shirts if that means that you’ll like them even more! Mommy will be so, so happy with her huge boobies… and baby will be happy with Mommy’s big boobies.

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Summer Plans with Your Possessive Mommy - Lady Aorta

Summer Plans with Your Possessive Mommy – Lady Aorta

Mommy has something to talk to you about. Mommy has decided that this summer you are not going to play with your friends. I know you’ve been spending time with this girl at school but… you won’t be seeing her this summer. Mommy has decided that and I will not tolerate any arguing. You’re a good boy, aren’t you? You wouldn’t argue. You’ll be spending a lot of time with Mommy this summer. Mommy needs her baby just like baby needs her Mommy. I have prepared something for you today… It has to do with our plans together for the summer. Mommy knows that you love her big ass. I can see that your dick is all hard for Mommy’s big booty… You always know Mommy has something for you when she wants to sit down and have a talk with you. I spoil my baby way too much! This summer Mommy will teach you how to eat pussy, how to worship her ass and pussy correctly. I can’t wait for the summer break so that I can have my baby all to myself.

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Mommys New Panties JOI - Lady Aorta

Mommys New Panties JOI – Lady Aorta

Mommy went shopping today. You know Mommy really likes shopping on her days off! You wanna see what Mommy bought? I’m actually wearing it right now… But it’s not my shirt or my shorts. Yes, I got new panties! It’s a nice color, isn’t it? I believe these are called Brazilians. I think they’re quite flattering for my figure. You agree? I did try these on and thought “Baby’s gonna like these”… I know you. Mommy knows best, doesn’t she? You’re getting quite excited. Go ahead and take it out for Mommy. Admire Mommy’s big butt. I’ve been learning to shake my ass, you know, watching these videos online. I’ll show you something I learned! It really jiggles, doesn’t it? You like when Mommy does that. Keep jerking that cock for Mommy and Mommy’s big butt… And the jiggles, oh, the jiggles!

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Jerk Off to Mommy's Big Ass in Leggings - Lady Aorta

Jerk Off to Mommy’s Big Ass in Leggings – Lady Aorta

Hi baby! How was your day? I can make you a cup of tea, you sound quite worn out after all that… Hmm, what’s that? You don’t want anything? What’s wrong? You weren’t peeking at Mommy’s ass just now, were you…? You know, I feel like I might have been gaining weight lately. It’s so stressful at work so I tend to snack on something sweet quite a lot. These leggings are getting a little tight! Does Mommy’s big ass make you nervous? You really like your Mommy’s big butt, don’t you? It’s kind of funny how you get all nervous around me… I always notice! Maybe we should go to the bedroom? It’s just the two of us home today. Just you and Mommy… It makes Mommy’s pussy really wet, showing herself off for you. You like Mommy’s curves? The girls at school, they’re all so skinny, aren’t they? Way too skinny to your tastes. Wide hips and a big jiggly ass is what you like, isn’t it, baby? I know you do. I know my baby! Now jerk that dick for Mommy…

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