Fuck Mommy's Horny Pregnant Pussy 1080p - Rose Black

Fuck Mommy’s Horny Pregnant Pussy 1080p – Rose Black

Mommy is 8 months pregnant and about to pop any moment now. All of the pregnant hormones are making her so horny that she constantly sneaks off to masturbate and fucks daddy whenever she gets a chance. The non-stop fucking has left her milking colostrum all over the place whenever she cums.
Mommy thought she was alone when she took a break to masturbate and prop her feet up when you stumble in and catch her fingers deep in her pussy. Your erection pops up before you have a chance to think about it. Mommy notices and doesn’t hesitate to lay back and spread wide open, begging for you to fuck her pregnant pussy and fill it up with cum. As you fuck her, she moans, whimpers, and orgasms, dripping thick pre-milk from her large nipples as she quivers on your dick. Her pregnant hormones are relentless and she makes you fuck her bareback until you blow a massive load of cum right inside her. Just be sure to hurry away and clean up before daddy gets home so you don’t get caught and you can come back to fuck mommy again later.

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Visiting Mom at the Office - Kelly Payne

Visiting Mom at the Office – Kelly Payne

You just found out you’ve bee accepted into a great school! You can’t wait to tell Mom all about it and decide to visit her at her office knowing she’s likely to have a “treat” in store for you once you tell her. Mommy is so excited & can’t wait to show you what a proud mommy she is. Mommy decides she wants to celebrate right here in her office, she teases you a bit by showing you she’s not wearing any panty’s and then gets on her knees and starts sucking your cock telling you how much she loves your cock and just how proud she is! She knows mommy will always be your favorite and will always please you better than anyone else because we have a bond no one else will ever have, and of course mommy’s big tits are full of milk. She sucks your cock, covering it with breast milk, and then shoves your cock between her tits. Promising once she gets home well have even more naughty fun together…

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Lactating MILF Co-Worker wants your cock - Kelly Payne

Lactating MILF Co-Worker wants your cock – Kelly Payne

Your co-worker has been flirting with you for awhile and when you stop by for a hello, you notice she’s using a breast pump, you pause and linger without saying anything. She notices you eventually and talks casually before noticing your enticed by watching her pump, then she takes her nursing bra off and starts telling you how much she’s been flirting with you and flat out wants to be naughty right here right now in the office, basically on her knees taking out your cock… how can you say no, you can barely respond. She sucks your cock while talking dirty and starts spraying milk & sucking it off your cock, self-sucking and spitting milk & spit all over your cock. Once your cock is covered in milk & spit she puts it between her tits and tells you how she wants you to cum down her throat. After you fill her mouth with cum she casually goes back to pumping and asks if you’d like to go out this weekend? And maybe next time we could fuck in the office…

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Momma's sweet boy has to earn his breastmilk - Kelly Payne

Momma’s sweet boy has to earn his breastmilk – Kelly Payne

Mommy tells you very sweetly how you’re her big boy now, and big boys don’t have breastmilk anymore, and how some people already think you are to old to nurse. But mommy knows how much you love it and how good it makes you feel so she has an idea. If you want to enjoy mommy’s sweet and warm breastmilk your going to have to make mommy feel good first, your old enough and mommy can tell you exactly how she wants you to make her feel good. Starting by licking her pussy and making her cum, then taking out your cock and fucking mommy in different positions, mommy even sucks your cock while she plays with her pussy. Mommy wants you to cum inside her, and entices you even more to make mommy cum, because the more mommy cums the more yummy milk fills up in her tits. After you cum inside mommy, mommy wants you to do one more thing before you have as much milk as you want… Lick mommy’s pussy again, taste both of us, she encourages you throughout. After you make mommy cum again, she then rewards you with as much breast milk as you’d like.

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Sucking Mommy Hucow Cowgirl's Big Boobs - Gwen Adora

Sucking Mommy Hucow Cowgirl’s Big Boobs – Gwen Adora

You come into your family’s stable to try to get some milk from your cow. She knows you’re not supposed to be alone out on the farm, and finds out that you’re there because you’re curious about suckling some milk straight from the source. She lets you suck from her nipples (implied/simulated lactation) before sending you back to your house.

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Mommy's Little Vampire - Kelly Payne

Mommy’s Little Vampire – Kelly Payne

Mom finally comes home early next morning; she went out last night for a Halloween party having no idea the night would end this way. She looks sad, and as though she’s been crying. She tells you a woman bit her at the party, she thought it was simply playful fun, but she soon found out vampires are actually real, and now that she’s become one, she has to change you. She can’t live without you, and she knows you couldn’t survive without her being just a young boy. Mommy promises to protect you & care for you always, encouraging you to nurse from her breasts after biting you. She somberly speaks to you as you nurse, and eventually tells you how you are now hers and you both belong to them, the vampires that made you. She demands you allow her to place a collar around your neck, that is connected to nipple clamps. Mom struggles with the thought of you changing and continues to comfort you trying to keep you awake as long as possible before the change begins, awaking as mommy’s little vampire concubine.

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Anatomy lesson with Mom, Exploring the Female Body - Kelly Payne

Anatomy lesson with Mom, Exploring the Female Body – Kelly Payne

Mom’s noticed you catching her naked a handful of times, and feels it’s time to have the talk, or at least a talk. She sits you down, confronts you, and explains how she is going to show you her body and how everything “works,” She closes the door and undresses reassuring you not to be nervous. She starts with her breasts explain the nipple & areola and talks about breastmilk & how the milk comes out, showing you and spraying & self-sucking her own milk from her breasts. She encourages you to try some, you hesitate at first but then decide to try some. Mom then decides to show you her pussy and explains & shows the different parts of her vagina and asking if you’d like to see how it looks when a woman cums. Encouraging you to get a nice up-close view she talks about getting wet, how playing with your ass is also arousing for some. Deciding to show you what a butt plug looks like, while masturbating by fingering herself & then using a vibrator. After mom cums for you, she shows off playing with her own cum and how it can be different for each woman.

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Being Sinful with Mommy PART TWO - Kelly Payne

Being Sinful with Mommy PART TWO – Kelly Payne

After nursing from mommy for awhile you start to share some, “inappropriate” truths with your Mom. At least she feels they’re inappropriate for a boy of your age. Trying to reach you hand underneath mommy’s dress and feel her. Admitting you’d like to have sex, … with your mom. Eventually allowing your hand to please her, and in her aroused state she decides to play with your cock and eventually inviting you to get on top of her and fuck mommy just the way you’ve been wanting to.

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Being Sinful with Mommy PART ONE - Kelly Payne

Being Sinful with Mommy PART ONE – Kelly Payne

Mommy has noticed you’ve been trying to get attention when she’s nursing, she wants to talk to you about it… but discovers it has little to do with wanting extra mommy time, and more to do with you enjoying watching her take out her tits and milk them. She tells you privacy is important and that from now on she’ll be pumping & nursing in private. But she catches you spying on her again, and decides to talk to your father about the matter and decides to reluctantly show you how the breast pump works, hoping to evade your want to watch her. Except as she’s showing you how the pump works she starts to catch on, your really enjoying watching her and you talk her into letting you nurse directly from her breasts. Mom has you cuddle up close, and shows you how to nurse… noticing that you’ve become aroused mom pulls away and continues to try to talk you out of being turned on by your mom.

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Mommy's Here ... Shh - Kelly Payne

Mommy’s Here … Shh – Kelly Payne

Most sweet loving, and naturally naughty mommy role play style VS hand job. Mommy wakes up before you and takes care of her need to orgasm pulling out a vibrator and enjoying herself when you wake up she comforts you but doesn’t stop the vibrator, she even shows you exactly what shes doing. you watch awhile before mommy notices your excited and mommy comforts you, reminding you your hers, she made you, let mommy take care of both of us… once your body does as it needs, mommy continues to enjoy herself after shes done she cuddles up close with you…. Shhh,,, it’s ok… mommy’s here.

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