Creampie your stepmother - Nicole Belle

Creampie your stepmother – Nicole Belle

Your stepmother arrives home with a shopping bag.. she just bought some new lingerie! it is a surprise for your dad.. but she needs to know if u like them because she is not so sure about her choice.. She tries all the new lingerie in front of you (she tells you to turn around sometimes but u dont listen to her).. then she realises that u are hard rock! omg this is not so comfortable! she feels guilty and tries to make you feel better the only way she can.. She gets down on her knees and blows you.. then she tittyfucks you.. but u still dont cum! so you agree she will have to fuck you.. So she does.. First doggystyle, then missionary and you cum inside her!! But.. you tell her you still have more cum!! she cant believe it.. she blows you again and you cum on her mouth and face.. Shhhh this must be our secret or you dad will be angry at me.

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Mommy Sucubus - Annabelle Rogers

Mommy Sucubus – Annabelle Rogers

The clock has struck midnight as it is now your birthday and you are officially a man. Your mommy is there to wake you up near your bedside to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday. This time she looks a bit different as she is in full Succubus form. Her gift to you this year is that you are able to experience the best orgasm of your life. Her perfect wet, warm and tight pussy will suck every last drop of semen out of you. Only…that’s not the only thing that will leave your body. While you are cumming your life will also be drained from you. Mommy has a deadly pussy and she is eager to not only feed off of a young cock but also her own flesh. Once you accept, she strips for you to prepare your hard cock for the process. After that she will ride you and feed you her tits as your last meal. Until finally you fill her with your load and she watches your life fade away. Happy Halloween ! Love – Annabelle Rogers xo

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Naughty Sister JOI - LegendaryLootz

Naughty Sister JOI – LegendaryLootz

I heard you had a stressful day at work so I came over to hang out and cheer you up. I know what realllllly makes you feel better.. your sisters hot little body. It’s ok it’s not like we’re fucking, can’t I just show off for you while you stroke yourself? Lots of ass teasing, pulling pants and panties up and down to watch my butt squeeze in them. Tease-heavy, cum countdown. Dirty/slutty.


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