Sharing a Bed With Your Sister 1080p - Kitty Leroux

Sharing a Bed With Your Sister 1080p – Kitty Leroux

After your cousin’s wedding and party, you and your sister stumble back to the hotel room you were supposed to share. When you get inside, both of you discover there is only one bed. A quick call to the front desk proves unhelpful because your cousin’s wedding has the hotel completely booked and there’s nothing you two can do. “You don’t mind sharing do you?” You don’t mind- you and your sister shared a bed as , so she’s not surprised you’re cool with it. She stumbles around and is so far gone from a night of partying, she forgets you are in the room. She peels off her tight dress and collapses into bed. Her boobs are huge, her body is so voluptuous and you can’t help but just stare. It’s enough that she was dancing with you so much, but seeing her naked brings all sorts of ‘wrong’ feelings into your brain, and into your swelling cock. You accidentally make a noise and she wakes up, still trashed. She’s being oddly flirtatious after seeing your hard-on and mentions how horny she gets when she’s had a few too many. One thing leads to another and she’s on her knees in front of you, loving the size of your cock, wrapping her red lips around and sucking it. You think it’s all going great until she has second thoughts and gets up and changes into pajamas. That night, she wakes up feeling your hard-on poking her thick ass and levels with you that you should fuck so you can both get some shut-eye. Realizing your parents are in the rented room right next door, she covers her moaning mouth with her hand as you plow your cock into her. Were you supposed to know she wasn’t on birth control? “You didn’t pull out??? I could get pregnant! UGH!” The next morning, you realize she’s left the bed before you, and believes you aren’t awake when she comes back into the room, dripping wet from the shower. You watch her wet body pace around looking for a towel and sneak up behind her for a quicky before your cousin’s breakfast for the wedding party. You bed her over the bed and go at it again, fucking her, watching her tits bounce, making her writhe and clench the bed sheets. You’re so turned on from grabbing her huge hips, that you’re too distracted to remember to pull out again. You’re worried, but then again- you just fucked your sister twice and even though it was so ‘bad’…it felt so good to finally fuck her.

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Mommy Got Ghosted: Taboo Halloween - Kitty LeRoux

Mommy Got Ghosted: Taboo Halloween – Kitty LeRoux

You’re having a lame Halloween night, and it just so happens that so is your mom. When you get home early, you unexpectedly find her dressed in a barely there bikini, with late night coffee and a cookie. Turns out she’s having a lame night too and her date ghosted. She’s shocked your home early and tried to cover up with a laughably small pot holder and dish towel. She looks so good that you’re glad you’re standing behind the counter because her tits and curves are making you inappropriately hard…was she wet before or after your showed up? You try to quietly compliment her when she explains that her date, the asshole, must’ve not liked her. Shockingly, she responds well to your compliments. When she asks you to go grab her a robe, you realize you cannot move or else she’s going to see your boner. She can tell something is wrong and moves towards you to check on you. Maybe it’s the caffeine (yeah, right.) but before you know it, her hand is on your cock. She can’t remember the last time she’s had one of those in her hand (or inside her). You mention how this could really help both of you feel better, and you ask if you can do more. “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking me?….aren’t we not supposed to do that?” She’s so needy it doesn’t much convincing to get her up on the counter with her legs open. You’re about to fuck your mom and hear her moan at the pleasure her own son’s cock is giving her. She doesn’t really care if it makes her a bad mom- she just wants your cock and your cum- and she wants that cum all over her face.

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Risky Business: Anal Fuck Friend's Mom - Kitty LeRoux

Risky Business: Anal Fuck Friend’s Mom – Kitty LeRoux

You’re visiting your friend because Borderlines 3 just came out and you’re going to marathon it like you did when you were in high school. You haven’t seen each other for a while because college happened and you’ve been away. On day 2 of the marathon, you’re in the kitchen. His mom is making you two rice krispie treats and reminiscing about how you used to be over all the time, how she hopes your sleepover is going well because the floor isn’t very comfy. The truth is you had trouble dozing off- because she came in his room last night and was doing unmentionable things while you gave an Oscar-worthy performance of “totally not awake best friend who totally doesn’t have a boner”. You cheekily tell her you had a dream about her! She jokes that she hopes it wasn’t a nightmare. Your friend gets bored waiting for the treats and goes to look up some strategy. “Omg! I can’t believe I got caught.” Your heart is racing. “I’m so wet.” . Turns out your best friend’s mom is super kinky and into risk taking. Now that she knows she’s caught, she’s even more wet. She climbs up on the counter and shows you she’s been using anal beads the whole time she was making treats for you two. While pulling them out slowly-one by one- she confesses to being an anal slut. She desperately tries to not moan too loudly in case her son hears. She pulls out her tits and fingers herself, until your friend yells for an energy beverage. “We should go so we don’t get caught.” Later that night, you wake up to her sucking your cock! Omg, in front of your not awake friend/her son? Kinky slut! But you don’t want her to stop. She figured you wouldn’t mind and you DO NOT. It’s been hard to play the game when you’ve been thinking about her stretching her tight little ass with your cock. The tension is intense. You could get caught at any moment, but that doesn’t stop either of you from fucking. That perfect huge ass of hers is yours. Can you fuck her as hard as you want without getting caught?

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Mommy Is Your Personal Porn Star - Kitty LeRoux

Mommy Is Your Personal Porn Star – Kitty LeRoux

Your mom doesn’t think you’re home when she gets back from her self-proclaimed “side gig”. You know she’s been working hard, but you know her secret too- and there’s no hiding it anymore when she walks in wearing slutty lingerie and there’s cum in her hair.
She brushes it off, until you bring them out- all of the dvd’s you’ve collected of her work. HELL YES you have porn of your own mother- it’s fucking HOT. You’ve never seen this side of her before. You want to hear about every dirty detail of what your mother has done in her new job because holy fuck, it makes your cock hard. She thought you’d be mad that she’s an up and coming porn star, but you OBVIOUSLY aren’t.
When she sees your hard dick in your pants, she’s relieved and…her new personality starts showing through. She didn’t get to cum on set and she wants to see your cock…and maybe stroke it a little….Her eyes roll back in her head in ecstasy. “You’re really not mad sweetie?” You’re not at all, and in fact, after hearing about the money she needs and seeing how great she is at porn- you ask her if she’s ever thought of opening up her own clip store.
“I don’t really know anything about doing that sweetie, that’s why I just show up, get fucked and get paid.” You suggest you could both work together. “Oh my god, everyone who watches wouldn’t know it’s REALLY my real son…god that makes mommy feel like such a horny slut.” She loves the idea of you being in charge of her. “When do we start..Mr..Director.” The 2nd feature in this clip is actually your first clip together! She oils up her big tits and wraps them around your cock, talking to the camera as though it’s you. You know every single word that she says is for you. Please baby, please cum for mommy! you explode because mommy is your personal porn star!

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Mommy Sucks Cock for Writer's Block - Kitty LeRoux

Mommy Sucks Cock for Writer’s Block – Kitty LeRoux

Your mom comes in your room to tell you that your editor called your house because you’ve turned off your phone- You reveal your deadline is coming up but you have writer’s block! Does your erotica character choose his childhood best friend…or his mom? “You can’t just quit because you’re all blocked up!” Your mom definitely has a suggestion. “Well of course I read it! My son wrote it!” She’s even a moderator on your fan forum. She wants to help, because everyone is waiting after that last cliffhanger- including her!! Your mom’s gorgeous tits are swelling out of her top and you’re getting a bit distracted. “Well…maybe he gets with the mom then.” That doesn’t help- you have NO reference for how to write that! “Well..take off your pants.” Your sexy mom is somehow resting between your legs with your cock in her hand helping you get inspired, telling you how she sees things the story of course…”Maybe…he’s not the only one who has been having these taboo fantasies for a long time.” Her lips are sliding up and down and you definitely are getting some great ideas because HOLY HELL your mom is being filthy. She’s practically writing the both of you into an erotica- narrating all the sexy details while she’s performing them. “What happens next sweetie?” It’s your turn to create your own narrative and at your suggestion, “your character’s mom” gets on top of you with her tits out. She can’t even wait to stretch her tight pussy on your cock. “Sorry sweetie, I just couldn’t wait!…yes…a suggested line.” You can’t believe it, but she’s telling you to cum bare in her! Mommy is such hot inspiration. Creampie her…for the good of your deadline.

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Pancakes & Pegging For The Birthday Boy - Kitty LeRoux

Pancakes & Pegging For The Birthday Boy – Kitty LeRoux

It’s your birthday! When you wakeup your girlfriend is already in the kitchen and when you get there, she’s taking out ingredients to make you pancakes….in nothing but retro high heels and a retro apron. She knows you love taboo roleplay, so she’s playing “Mommy” this morning and she’s going to make her sweet boy his favorite! She teases by bending over to grab bowls so you can see her pussy from behind. She shakes her ass and pulls down the top of her apron as she mixes up the batter. You are…very hungry for Mommy. She serves you and tells you she’s been doing research to get you the perfect present, but you’ve been a bad boy- using incognito mode to try to hide your favorite kinks- but Mommy found them and your present is right here. Where? Under her apron. Mommy got a strapless strapon and she wants to give her birthday boy a pleasureful present right on the breakfast table after you finish your pancakes. You inhale them and about to have some wild dreams come true. Your “mommy” has never pegged you before, but she is LOVING it- and you can’t help but feel SO good with the toy inside of you and seeing how much it turns on Mommy to peg you! Time for the birthday boy to cum!

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