School Girl Spanking - PrettyAndSmol

School Girl Spanking – PrettyAndSmol

I’m sorry I failed my test… I stayed up SO late studying, too. I’ll do better next time, I promise. Please don’t tell Mom. You’re the parent now, too… why can’t you just punish me? Huh? You want me to spank myself? …Yeah, I guess it would be weird if you spanked me… you’re my step-dad now after all…. Okay, I’ll learn my lesson!

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MILF Mom Teaches You To Please A Women - Dirty Princess

MILF Mom Teaches You To Please A Women – Dirty Princess

I have the best Idea to prepose to you. Since you are a virgin and I am very lonely and horny, I decide to tell you I think I should be the one to take your virginity. I can teach you how to please a women I can show you how to rub and play with my pussy. Let mommy teach you how to make my pussy cum, your so horny for me you agree to it. So I start to instruct you on how to rub my clit and my pussy lips. then slowly i teach you how to finger me and find my g sot. You do such a good job at it and your really getting into you make me cum. We are both super horny so I want to return the favor and have you feel the inside of mommys pussy for the first time. I ride you and stroke your cock with my tight pussy. It feels out of this world good for both of us, we get caught up in the moment and we dont care about anything so I beg you to cum inside of me not caring if I get pregnant from it.

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Stepmom Caught Watching Porn - Dirty Princess

Stepmom Caught Watching Porn – Dirty Princess

Your dad is out of town and I am having a little alone time while you are away. Watching some porn in my room dresses in sexy lingerie touching myself starting to get into the video im watching BAM it happens you walk in the room without knocking. We are both shy and embarrassed but i decide to have a talk with you and tell you its ok its no big deal. Girls watch porn all the time, can tell you shy but liking seeing my sexy body dressed in strappy lingerie. Still horny because I didnt have my orgasm yet I see your cock in your pants. I want to show you its no big deal so i invite you to watch me watch porn and touch myself. I encourage you to take your cock out and stoke your dick to me pleasuring myself. I have you so hot and worked up I get you to blow a huge load right on my face… heheheeh now you love your HOT MILF

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Daddy Takes My Anal Virginity - Mystie Mae

Daddy Takes My Anal Virginity – Mystie Mae

I wanted to make a really sexy video for my boyfriend who I haven’t seen in awhile. I have to go into my bathroom though because my daddy is in the other room and I don’t want him to hear me. I undress for you and masturbate standing up, I want to be more comfortable so I sit down and continue to masturbate. I want something that feels more like you so I get my dildo, suction it to the toilet and start riding it. As I’m riding it I don’t realize my daddy comes in and knocks on the door and surprises me. I’m so nervous because I know he’s going to tell my mom what I’m doing and I’m going to be in so much trouble. I beg him not to tell mom but he will only keep my secret if I please him the way he wants me to. I get on my knees and suck his dick for a few minutes. He then asked to be taken to my bedroom for more fun, I think he’s about to have sex with me when I realize he wants to go in my ass. I’m shocked, I’ve never had anal before and I don’t think it will fit inside of me. He assures me it will and shoves his dick and my ass. He fucks my ass in doggystyle, off the bed, and then I ride him in reverse cowgirl where he cums in my ass.

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Caught Watching Mommy Porn - Dinkybum

Caught Watching Mommy Porn – Dinkybum

I know what kind of porn you watch, and it’s okay. It’s only natural that you think about these tits so often, you grew up with them. Mommy wants you to follow her every instruction, I already know how much of a naughty boy you are so don’t be shy. Play with your cock for me, be a good boy. Do you want to fuck me hard and cum all over your mommy’s tits? I know you do.

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Mommy Son Creampie POV Sex - Ryanxoxo

Mommy Son Creampie POV Sex – Ryanxoxo

Mommy is dressed in stilettos and a short dress while teasing my son I whisper naughty things in your ear while lifting up my dress, showing you my lingerie and panties while being extra sneaky. Touch my pussy while daddy is in the other room, hope we don’t get caught. On my knees I tell you how much I missed that cock and pull that throbbing erection out to deep throat it. Mommy’s pussy is getting so wet while sucking you off. I wanna fuck you so good, your so much bigger then your dad. Daddy is snoozing while I have you all to myself on the bed sucking your cock like a bad mommy. You have been begging and wanting to cum inside mommy, and now you finally can. Your Mothers shaved. pierced pussy, is ready for son to bust his cum load in my little cherry hole. You fuck me way better then daddy, as I sit on your big 9 inch cock and ride you like a filthy mother. I slip it in and fuck you frontal and doggie.. My ass bouncing everywhere and you can barely hold it in, as You creampie mommy and fill me up with you cum, for the very first time. One last thing, Don’t tell daddy.

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