v403 Son Helps Futa Mom With Hard Cock - Brooke Dillinger

v403 Son Helps Futa Mom With Hard Cock – Brooke Dillinger

What happened to me!? All the sudden I woke up with a hard boner between my legs! Where did this come from and how do I make it go away! I need help figuring out how to fix my problem, but the only other person home is my son who’s in his room. I sneak into his room and wake him up and admitting how embarrassing it is to have a boner that wont go away. My son is amazing and agrees to help me out, he coaches me on how to jerk my cock off. I can tell that he likes watching his mom jerk off her new cock, and seeing his hard cock through his pants starts to turn me on. He pulls his cock out and starts jerking off with me, I can’t stand it anymore and I climb on top of him and start rubbing our cocks together! This makes me insanely wet so I climb on top of his hard cock and ride him while I’m jerking off my hard cock. He fills me with his sticky cum the exact same time when I bust all over him! I’m so thankful to have an amazing son who helped me with my hard cock!

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Mommy Creampies Her Sissy - Karabella XXX

Mommy Creampies Her Sissy – Karabella XXX

My twitter friend @ViviTrap and I began by just liking each other’s photos online. A flirty comment lead to another & soon enough we were sexting each other dirty pix. Vivi is a submissive young girl at the start of her transition and she seemed very eager and curious to please me. A few weeks later we met and we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. She mentioned she wasn’t very experienced so she was a bit afraid to take my fat cock, but after rimming her soft pink little asshole while she gave me the deepest parts of her throat, I loosened her up just enough to slide my throbbing cock all inside her newfound pussy. I grabbed her by the throat, spanked her and fucked her in multiple positions until I eventually squirted my creamy load deep up in her gut while she whispered “I can feel it, I can feel you”. Luckily, I brought along my 4K camera so you could join us… Enjoy 🙂 xoxo -Karabella

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Mom's Loving Tit Squishes - Tammie Madison

Mom’s Loving Tit Squishes – Tammie Madison

When Mom got the call saying that you had another rough day of being mocked, she hurried home to comfort you. She is so loving that you never feel the need to keep anything back from her, so you quickly reveal that you were being bullied and called a momma’s boy. Upon hearing that, Mommy admits that it might be a little true. You rely very heavily on her and she is a bit of an enabler. She loves taking care of her sweet boy and comforting you however she can. Perhaps it is time to change that. After all, you cannot be a momma’s boy forever. Mommy loves to pull you close and let you nuzzle into her breasts, but she acknowledges that this should stop. However, she thinks her nurturing boobs would be the perfect way to stop you from being a momma’s boy. If you are overexposed to their comforting power, that is, if you are covered by them instead maybe you will stop needing to bury your face in her cleavage every time you feel down. Clip contains: mom decides this is the last time she is going to comfort you with a squishy boob cuddle and decides to bury you with her tits instead – taboo mom and son – momma’s boy lesson.

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End of the World with Mom - Tammie Madison

End of the World with Mom – Tammie Madison

In the middle of the night you are awakened by the sounds of planes overhead and distant explosions. Mom runs into your room and drags you to a small closet in the basement. “We should be okay in here” Mom says with a worried look on her face. She does her best to comfort you, but even she is scared and jumps each time an explosion sounds to close. “I’m so sorry baby. I knew things were going downhill in, but I did not think we were already here. I think this is it, darling. This is the end of the world. We may not have much time, but I think we should make the most of it while we can. Is there anything you regret or wished you had done?” Without even thinking about it you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. You never wanted to go out as a virgin. At first, mom is shocked and a little saddened by this confession. She had just assumed that you were getting laid all the time. Then, her face lights up as realizes this is something she can do for you. Mom can make your last wish on earth come true by letting you lose your virginity to the woman you love more than any other.

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Mummy's Good Little Piggy - Dommelia

Mummy’s Good Little Piggy – Dommelia

Mummy wants you to be a very good piggy for her. I know that you want to be a very good piggy for Mummy because she will reward you with lovely sessions with her big round milk filled boobies, and you loooove Mummy’s boobies, don’t you? So you need to give Mummy all your pocket money, every single penny! That’s right, just put aaaaaall that money into Mummy’s bank account and then you can snuggle into this cleavage and have lovely soft kisses from Mummy’s big luscious lips and you can jerk your little tiny piggy penis!

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Stroke To Mommy's One Night Stand - Reya Reign

Stroke To Mommy’s One Night Stand – Reya Reign

You love hearing about mommy’s dates, so mommy’s going to tell you all about her hot one night stand! The very thought of mommy being pleased by a man makes your cock hard. Go ahead and stroke yourself as mommy tells you how her date took her home, spread her legs open, and fucked her on his bed. You’re sure to cum when mommy goes into detail about how she mounted her date and rode his cock until they both came- and how she even let him cum inside of her!

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MILF Craves Your Attention - Dirty Princess

MILF Craves Your Attention – Dirty Princess

This is our chance to be with each-other and All you can do is play your video games. So i decide to get dressed up to get your attention off the games and onto me. Dressed as a slutty school girl I am craving your cock I want to please you so I play with my self to get you hard and horny for me. Till I get you horny and hard so I can ride your dick. I cum on your cock and suck you so I can taste my sweet cum off your dick . Sucking you and gaging on your cock till you blow your load in my mouth.

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Face Sitting Punishment From Mommy - Reya Reign

Face Sitting Punishment From Mommy – Reya Reign

You’ve been a naughty, naughty boy. Naughty boys must be punished. Mommy knows how you look at her ass all day, you love it! So mommy’s going to sit and smother your face with her soft, perky ass- and you won’t be able to do a thing about it! You can’t touch mommy’s ass or your cock! All you can do is take the torture. You can smell mommy’s sweet, juicy ass through her panties, and the smell gets even stronger when she takes her panties off and smothers your face some more. Your cock is aching and throbbing to the feeling of mommy’s ass against your face, begging to be touched. But mommy doesn’t let you- only good boys get to cum to mommy’s ass…

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Fuck Mommy And Suck On Her Toes - Reya Reign

Fuck Mommy And Suck On Her Toes – Reya Reign

Mommy was just thinking about you in the shower… About how much she loves you… And how much she wants to share herself with you. It’s okay, you can look at mommy’s tits underneath this towel. You can see it all! Doesn’t mommy have pretty feet too? Mommy can tell your cock is getting hard, why don’t you let mommy have a little taste? Let mommy suck on your cock before she turns around and lets you fuck her from behind. Then spread mommy’s legs while she lays on her back so you can fuck her sweet pussy until she’s moaning and begging you to cum inside of her while you suck on her toes! This is a custom video but no names are used.

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