Mom's Pregnancy Bribe - KimberleyJx

Mom’s Pregnancy Bribe – KimberleyJx

I’ve found out that your grades have been slipping, are video games to blame? I find out its something else… my cleavage, if I’m such a distraction to you then maybe whilst your father is away you can give me something I need.. I need to get pregnant! & you are going to do that for me, I find out you’re still a virgin, which actually turns me on so much ! So be a good boy, let mommy suck and fuck your cock until you cum all inside mommys pussy. Just don’t tell dad, this can be our little secret. This video contains: Taboo, Mom, Son, Fantasy & Role-play. – This was a custom video and I use the name ‘Dominik’ occasionally but mainly ‘Son’ & ‘Mommy’.

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The Teacher and the Virgin Student - KimberleyJx

The Teacher and the Virgin Student – KimberleyJx

This is a custom video – no specific names were used during. I am not getting enough sex at home, I’m frustrated and being a teacher in an all boys College is turning me into such a nympho. My husband has turned into a boring idiot so I see this equally frustrated boy I can tell he’s a virgin which is TURNING ME ON! I made up a lie to get him alone after class which worked! I told him how JOI really helps increase your grades, well – it kinda does, the more he turns me on, the better I’ll mark his work. I figure out its probably better I strip out of my uniform, stripping then covering myself with oil. I can’t help it! I can’t just give him jerk off instructions. I NEED to do more. I’m too frustrated. I suck his cock, which makes him cum into my mouth! Thats super hot but as its his first time so it’s only fair I let him fuck ALL of my holes! Starting with my pussy in the reverse cowgirl position then into my ass. He shoots multiple loads into my ass & pussy. I also rub that cock in between my ass cheeks and he shoots all on my ass too! He had SO MUCH cum built up he filled ALL of my holes! I Love Virgins, I love being the first they fuck! I need more!!

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Step Moms Sexual Secrets - Part 2 - KimberleyJx

Step Moms Sexual Secrets – Part 2 – KimberleyJx

The pantyhose step-mum returns this time in even more nylon… I come home in my usual secretary work uniform but this time I have a second pair of gloss nylon pantyhose with a pair of white stockings in between them. I couldn’t help myself but rip the middle out so I’m ready for fun as I’ve been super horny all day. I notice that you; my step son are peeping on me playing with myself. It’s so hard to stop these urges, you know we cant be doing this!? These nylons just make me unbelievable horny! I don’t know what it is about them! Fuck. Your father has booked for me and him to go out for a meal so I really can’t be long but I tease you with rubbing my nylons along your cock, whilst fucking you (my step son) I get messages from him telling me he is going to come in if I don’t hurry up, I don’t care. I just need you cock & I’ll take as long as I want! We fuck, then I make you fuck my pantyhose until you cum in them and all in my pussy. I’m not going to take these off when I go on the dinner date with your father… *** This is a custom video – this was directed by the user. The pixelation is for trailers only.

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Getting Mom Pregnant - KimberleyJx

Getting Mom Pregnant – KimberleyJx

This video is a sequel to “Mom-in-Law Cum Whore” this takes a cum expansion pregnancy twist. Storyline: A few months after the last encounter, my daughter has mostly forgiven our bad behaviour and things have carried on as normal until today; she is going away for a business trip for the weekend leaving us alone again. Despite my promise, I simply cannot resist trying to seduce you again. However this time you’re more reluctant but with a little charm and teasing I manage to persuade you but this time I want more, using my expertise I entice you into having sex with me and in the heat of the moment we forget about the condom. Everything goes as normal until we both reach climax, I start to feel strange sensation in my stomach, a few seconds later it starts to feel painful until suddenly I feel myself slightly inflating with hot cum. While unfamiliar, the rush I get is addictive, I need more so I demand you to cum again which, after a while you do and I feel the same sensation only this time much more intense as I start inflating a lot this time, the pressure causing a few specks of cum to drip out of my pussy. But now I cannot stop, I need more so after admiring my new cum filled stomach for a few seconds I grab your cum covered cock and start to suck on it completely addicted, you’re so turned on it doesn’t take long for you to cum one last time and sure enough a few seconds later I’m already big, my cum filled belly starts to inflate even more, I am getting huge now…as the pressure builds, my stomach is getting more painful due to the strain of all the cum. Suddenly, I cannot take anymore pressure and your cock bursts out of my mouth. As I recover I begin to get flustered as I know we are going to be in deep trouble when my daughter comes home. *** This is a custom video – No names were used during this.

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