Wet Spanking for Splashing - Kiki Cali

Wet Spanking for Splashing – Kiki Cali

Its bath time! and Im making a big mess all over the floor with all my splashing. I can’t help it hehe there’s not enough bubbles so I make more! …Mommy Erin Faye was not thinking of my bubble bath the same way though. In fact, she’s furious I made such a dangerous slippery mess. She scolds me before yanking me out of the bath tub and bending me over her bed for a very wet hand and bathbrush spanking!

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Kiki Cali - My Little Girl Panties

My Little Girl Panties – Kiki Cali

Im 20, chatty and bratty, and yes, still living at home. …And ohmygosh, you’ve been watching me accidentally show off my embarrassing little girl panties?! Why didn’t you tell me?! ..Well do you like them at least? hehe. I know they’re Little, but theyre still cute! I know I risk getting a big hard spanking if my Mommy and Daddy caught me showing off my undies to you, but I kinda really wana show you more of my Little girl undies hehe.. and yes, it’s true, even at your age, my Daddy and Mommy still give me spankings all the time! Anyways! Let me give you a little panty show hehe, changing into several different pairs. I have several different pairs to show you, and yes they are ALL little girl panties, from vintage to new-school. My Daddy and Mommy insist on treating me like a little girl and this is why I have all little girl undies to show you! I even have a couple of special undies to show you, that Daddy and Mommy make me wear for a reason actually.. I wet the bed still sometimes and so I have special training undies with a built in pad. But theyre cute cuz they have stars! I’d still be so embarrassed though if any of my 20-something year old friends found out!…… Well I’m getting sleepy now after all this modeling for you hehe and its right around my nap time too! So excuse me while I change into my night diaper, that yet again, Daddy and Mommy make me wear!

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Kiki Cali - Elf on the Shelf Self Fuck

Elf on the Shelf Self Fuck – Kiki Cali

This year, Santa asked me for help hehe help with watching over my big brother and reporting back to Santa! And oh gosh, big brother, I’ve seen that you’ve been naughty. While watching over you from high up on my little shelf, this little elf has caught you jerking your big cock to thinking of your little sister! So naughty! You can’t even lie to me big brother, because I’ve watched that cock of yours get hard after saying goodnight before bed to me. And since you’ve been a naughty big brother, I think its only right to tease your cock a bit before I decide wether or not I’m gona actually tell Santa on you hehe. Its been such a long time since you’ve actually gotten to see my princess parts brother, does my pussy look as little and pink and tight as it you used to? Let me show you just how tight it is hehe with my glass candycane dildo. hehe. Oh big brother, how much do you wish it was your big cock throbbing inside my tight little pussy while I cream all over you, instead of this candy cane hehe.

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New Mommy New Toy- lush trial - Kiki Cali

New Mommy New Toy- lush trial – Kiki Cali

Mommy has caught me playing with my new Lush toy before our bedtime routine, without her! Like a good Mommy though, she just takes over control of my new toy and shows me how to really use…before she diapers me for bed of course! And Mommy is soo good at diapering me, she has the most delicate touch while she rubs diaper creams around my tight little bootyhole and sweetest hands when rubbing in my baby powder! And she even keeps my Lush in while diapering me for extra spoils hehe while warning me not to lift any of my tabs even if I squirt! What a good Mommy to put me to bed with a Lush, a diaper and a kiss!

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Mommy Diapers Better - Kiki Cali

Mommy Diapers Better – Kiki Cali

Daddy is away and left Mommy Sophie Ladder to diaper me. Mommy doesn’t diaper me too often so I’m a little bit skeptical but she assures me that not only can she diaper me, but she diapers better than Daddy. I ask how and Mommy pulls her cock out and slips it in my tight wet little pussy. Mommy fucks my little pussy right on top of my diaper hehe and before closing it up, she gives me her cummies! Mommy was right, she does do a better job at diapering! *This is my first sex scene ever* TAGS: mdlg, mommydom, first fuck, little space, abdl, ab, dl, diaper fucking, transgender

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StepMommy Shames and Spanks Me - Kiki Cali

StepMommy Shames and Spanks Me – Kiki Cali

Its a beautiful summer day and I’m ready for the pool! But Step-Mommy Ondrea Lee doesn’t think I look ready enough. She thinks I look too slutty for a pool full of older men in my very short jean shorts. So step-mommy spanks me for trying to leave the house like this even if t is to the pool. And as if the long spanking wasn’t enough, she scolds and shames me the entire time about how skimpy my outfit is. She even insinuates that Daddy doesn’t fuck her anymore because I’m so distracting with the way I dress lately. She makes fun of how my fat pussy lips poke out from the crotch of my shorts. How embarrassing she’s pointing all of this out! And it all just gets worse when she finally pulls down my shorts and finds my bikini bottoms are a thong and spanks me on my bare butt for it even harder. When she’s finally done, of course Step-Mommy makes me go change into appropriate clothing before being allowed to go to the pool now.

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Learning to Eat Mommy's Pussy - Kiki Cali

Learning to Eat Mommy’s Pussy – Kiki Cali

I wana learn how to please my step-mommy in the best way possible and I know how much she loves it when Daddy eats her asian pussy, So I ask my step-mommy if she can teach me how to eat her pussy like a good girl till she cuts. And Mommy directs me on exactly how to do this hehe.

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