Stepson's BBC - Katie71

Stepson’s BBC – Katie71

My stepson has a nice BBC and I love fucking him when his dad leaves. This particular day I was headed to play tennis when I walked in on him watching some porn. After getting a closer look I noticed he was watching my porn which I had no idea he knew about. Anyways, that really got me in the mood after seeing he was jacking off to me so I made my move on him and had some really good sex riding front and back on his huge BBC. After we were done I told him to keep watching my porn and smelling my panties until I get back when I want him to give my ass a good beat down. I love my stepson.

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Caught My Son Jerking Off His Friend - Katie71

Caught My Son Jerking Off His Friend – Katie71

I work as a cocktail waitress in a upper class bar uptown and after work I walked in on my son and his friend watching porn. This was shocking but what really got my attention was they were jerking each other off. I was not sure at first about it but when they started buttoning up there pants I started to feel turned on and asked them to not put those dicks away please as I wanted to watch and maybe get involved if they didn’t mind. The started sucking on each other and I took my dress off and had them take turns sucking on my pussy while they suck and stroke each other. We all sucked on each other and then I told them to start fucking each others ass and then I really got horny. I had my son’s friend fuck me while my son watches and strokes his cock and then he cream pied my pussy. This was so hot and I asked them if we could do this again tonight.

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Coach Does My Mom POV - Katie71

Coach Does My Mom POV – Katie71

My son has one hot coach and i seen him limping the other day so i decided to swing by his house and bring him a bottle of wine. Well soon as I got there I turned up the heat and got him all hot and bothered to where he was super horny and wanted me really bad. I could tell cause his cock was huge and bulging out of his shorts. Once I got him in the living room i went down on him and started sucking him for awhile and then I started stripping and making him lick my pussy. We were both just overwhelmed with sexual energy and i couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. I rode him from the front until he busted his nut the first time then I turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl and got him cumming again. After that I got down on my knees and started sucking him until I was gagging and cleaned all our mixed cum off of his cock and balls. I love fucking this young coach, he is amazing in bed.

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Motherly Love - Katie71

Motherly Love – Katie71

I was in the kitchen baking a cake for my son while he was working around the house and taking a shower. I started reflecting on the things we have done sexually in the past and oh my I started to get wet and horny. After awhile I decided it was way to hot so I got the ice cubes out and began rubbing myself to cool down. I decided it was just to hot for cooking and went in the living room to relax and wait for my son to finish with his shower. He came in and was naked and still wet from the shower and i got crazy hot n horny for him and started asking him to look at me as i started touching myself and peeling my clothes off. One thing led to another and his hands were on my breasts and inside my pussy so I told him we needed to take this to the bedroom. We went upstairs into my bedroom and we made love for hours and he came deep inside me a couple times and I am hoping I am pregnant cause I want his baby so bad.

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Mom's Best Friend - Katie71

Mom’s Best Friend – Katie71

When I was younger I always had a huge crush on my mom’s best friend and when I would go to her house I would go to her bathroom and get her dirty panties so I could jerk off to them. Once I smelled her I was hooked and have always wanted to fuck her. Well fast forward to me much older and I was at my mom’s party when she showed up. OMG she was as beautiful as ever and my mom asked me if I could talk to her about doing some projects at her house since I am a contractor. I came over to her house a few days later and she was mostly wanting to talk about us and catching up so she invited me into her living room and started expressing how much she missed me and even told me she remembers how I would steal her panties. It wasn’t long and she was showing me the panties she was wearing and we started making out which lead to full fucking and she wanted it to end with me cumming all over her face.


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Mom Sneaks In - Katie71

Mom Sneaks In – Katie71

Me and my girlfriend were crashed out when I noticed my mom sneaking in my room and sliding her hands under my covers and touching my cock. I just laid there and let her do her thing and she actually started stroking, sucking and then fucking my hard cock. OMG my mom really knows how to fuck and suck a dick. She was whispering to me telling me to be quiet and how good my cock felt on her pussy and so I informed her that my girlfriend was out on pain medication and that’s when things really got hot and sexy. My mom really fucked me hard and then called the uber to come pick up my girlfriend so we could continue fucking all night long.


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My Sons Virginity Taboo - Katie71

My Sons Virginity Taboo – Katie71

I came home one day and my son was not looking so good. He was very bummed out and I asked him why. He said that he was afraid he would never lose his virginity so I told him to come into the living room and have a talk with me. I told him it was perfectly fine to be a virgin and that if he wanted to learn some things that I was all for showing him things I have learned about sex. I started having him touch my breasts and had him kiss me. Things started getting hot and I seen his cock growing in his jeans. I leaned over and unbuttoned his pants and started sucking it. After sucking his cock and stroking it real good I told him that I wanted to have sex with him but he can’t cum inside me. We went to the bedroom and my son put his cock deep inside me and we had hot passionate sex until he came deep in me. It felt so good I told him to leave his cock in me as he cums.


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Mom and Sons Forbidden Love - Katie71

Mom and Sons Forbidden Love – Katie71

I came home from work and my son was home and upset because it wasn’t working out with his girlfriend. I related to him as I have been having problems with men because i work to much like he does. I told him that maybe we could help each other and I think it would be a good solution to both of our problems. I told him that I was aware he spies on me and that I know he is sexually turned on by me and that we could help each other out sexually and keep it a secret..nobody needs to know. Then i spread my legs and exposed myself as I slowly bent over and unbuttoned his pants and started sucking his cock. We went to my bedroom and had the most amazing sex I ever had.


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His Mom Took My Virginity - Katie71

His Mom Took My Virginity – Katie71

I went to my friend Ronnie’s for the weekend and his mom picked me up at the bus stop cause Daniel had to work. When she picked me up she looked sexy as ever and she started asking me about my life and my girlfriends. I explained that i am struggling cause I am a virgin and not really sure about how to act with girls. She started coming onto me and said that she could help me out and give me some pointers. On the way to the house she wanted me to fondle her breasts and she said it would be a good idea for me to get use to getting my cock felt up in the car. When we got into the house she started touching me all over and dropped to her knees and started pulling my cock out. I was amazed how good it felt and after a few minutes of sucking my dick she lead me to her bedroom and stripped off all of her clothes and we had hot passionate sex. After the sex she told me she knew all along that I was not a virgin as she was aware of other older women that I fucked.


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