Primal's Taboo Sex - Karly Baker - Slut Training My Sister 720p

Slut Training My Sister 720p – Karly Baker

Part One:
Karly is your younger sister and she always needs something. She comes in the living room where you’re hanging out and she comes in saying her friends want to go out and she spent all her money on make up. When you abruptly ask if she wants you to help her find a job, but of course that’s not what she wants. This time, you decide you’re going to get something out of her. You tell her since you were going to go to the strip club and spend your money there, she could just get naked and you could jerk off to her. Find out if she’s desperate enough.

Part Two:
I barge into my slut sister’s room because she’s been avoiding me. I tell her she owes me money and she has to pay me. I tell her if she wants another 2 weeks, she knows what she has to do.

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